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  • very positive result

    i have brought for my mother which she is suffering from 12yrs when we started giving this tablet we are getting better result and even sugar level is balanced

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  • Simply extraordinary

    I ordered this for my mom she was tired of 10 different ayurvedic medicines along with doctors medicine None of them really helped they did keep her sugar level normal but her fasting sugar always used to be so high even 3 different doctors were confused why I ordered these and she takes two tablets after dinner and now her fasting sugar is never above 110 She slowly discontinued other ayurvedic medicines and still same result Saves a lot of money and mom is happier now...thank you healthkart

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  • good stuff

    started taking for two weeks. sugar under control.

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    its works for my grandma , i love it , but now lack of stock . when will u sell it again? i want it ASAP

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  • Effective like no other

    this one little tablet by organic india is a life saver for any diabetic ...i ordered these for my mom and results are surprising..

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  • It is good !! And NO SIDE EFFECTS !!

    Few months ago,I was diagnosed with " Impaired Glucose Tolerance "(IGT- is a pre-diabetic state of hyperglycemia that is associated with insulin resistance). I used to take alopathic medicine.Also I used to exercise regularly & watch my diet. But after 5-6 months, I started to have acidity problems due to the tablets I was taking. So I stopped taking the tablets. Then while searching for alternative medicine, I got stumbled upon Organic India's Sugar Balance Capsules.After looking into what it contains, which is all organic and so no side effects like acidity problems. I thought I'll give it a try. After taking it for a month I checked my glucose level,which I myself do at home,my glucose level had reduced .The 2 hour postprandial blood sugar level was 145mg/dl (earlier it was 165mg/dl) and fasting blood sugar was 98mg/dl(earlier it was 117mg/dl).I was so thrilled and happy to see those figures!!Now my glucose levels are in control and no side effects!! More important thing I want to add, you have to take tablets with meals that is, you eat some portion of the meals and then take the tablets , then eat the rest of the meals.

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  • good for sugar

    if use it then check sugar regularly because it fall sugar quickly , good for sugar

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  • Review for Organic Sugar Balance Cap.

    I am new to this product but it's good for use.

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