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  • Recommended - Lost 14kgs in 1 month

    Very Good product it actually works combined with light workout it can bring visible results I lost almost 14kgs in just one month but with proper dedication and work .

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  • Awesome product!

    I've seen marked differences with this product combined with running, weight lifting and strict dieting.

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  • Astonished

    Hi All, Wanted to share my thought about the product, Amazing results combined with Proper diet yielded weight loss and ripped abs.

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    No Side effects and can live just regular lifestyle. It is Amazing !!

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  • uday

    Amazing product i have ever seen.almost it reduces 4-5kgs of body weight with in 1 month with proper diet.excellent and worthy product

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  • very good

    very good progress on the regular use with cardio and heavy workload with explosive energy and positive mind

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  • amazing

    This i called a insane fat cutter, truly amazing.... cutter as well as energy booster, and too in such a low price

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  • Awesome salt I ever seen

    Tried everything else but was stuck with stubborn tummy fat and friend suggested this one, seriously i was not expecting what i got in terms results, it's way longer than what we expect, obviously diet should be on point

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  • good

    you get a good rush of caffeine..suppresses appetite that is good..and motivates you :)

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  • Double edged sword(read review for details)

    I had bought this product thinking that most of these products(fat burners) are ineffective and basically play a psychological role more than any physiological role in the body .I bought this product and have been using 6 tablets in 1 day, 2 in intervals of 4 hours starting from 7 am in morning and no tablets after afternoon(3-4pm onwards no pills) Now geting to ingredients this has coffee (vasodilator and stimulant )300 mg means it has high dose of caffeine 100mg would be considered safe and normal while 500 will be overdose and deadly so its more on the deadly/fatal side)then it has green tea which safe mostly it has a variant of adrenaline but in low dosage(name is changed but same function ) then it has grape fruit extract (hindi name chakotra available locally in mumbai atleast) grape fruit induces satiety and has a high bio availability effect(meaning it makes you feel not hungry and also makes certain chemicals in your body stay in your body for a longer duration so remember i said coffee in 500mg dosage is lethal and you are taking 300 mg (in 4 capsules) so this makes coffee which has a half life of 1 week stay longer in your system and this is a added effect so be cautious plz this can kill you if you dont use proper(it stacks due to the grape fruit)evrything else in it is more or less not important. Now i dont know if they really use these ingredient but if they do this is the effect and i personally can vouch for stimulus and not wanting to eat effect.My father who is a good doctor does not recommend this stuff ,i am also a doc in training but have wanted to try this so i am but do so with caution and if you guys are diabetic or have any other medication do take care as this grapfruit does react with other medications also so just use caution. And when you stop using these pills it makes you feel horrible for 3 days ( i felt like sleeping all the time and tired and headchey) This is due to lack of caffeine which leads to muscle pain and tiredness and headache due to low carbohydrates (body needs carbohydrate if all it breaks down is fat and proteins you go into ketoacidosis. In essence use this with a good diet all will be well be cautious and this is just a supplement what needs to change is your diet (mostly protein little carb and fat)

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