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  • Ultimate Product !!! Worth the money...

    First of all a suggestion for all those who ain't buying this product because of its expense, a small note, if you compare its price to protein ratio its not at all expensive. Secondly, I can see the visible result in around 3 weeks time, all my veins are visible indicating not only does it built muscle mass but also metabolizes fat if consumed round the clock in right proportion. Thirdly, about the flavor i have tried "Cafe brazil" and "Chocolate fudge". I would say Cafe Brazil is exceptional if taken with cold skimmed milk with water only if you are a great cappuccino fan . Chocolate doesn't taste that good with milk tastes like bournvita :p, but is decent with cold water. In the end i would say, a great product if you are serious about your body.

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  • Must Read

    If you are using any other product. Use this just once and you will never go back to other products. Best whey Isolate in the whole world. I could see the difference in just one week. Amazing Product. Need more discounts to encourage people to busy. Health Kart, please make sure all flavors and sizes available.

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  • Best of products at at maximum discount

    I recently brought ultimate nutrition ISO sensation 93 And it arrived in half time as promised by healthkart and it is in perfect condition fully sealed and packed and all the details about its official indian importer and MRP and mfg date and best before date are clearly mentioned on the product and it is fully fresh and it shows 2 month back mfg date so thanks to healthkart for great service.And in my personal opinion it is the best whey protein one can buy in india as of now.

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  • 2 lb Strawberry
    Pure Isolated Whey Protein...

    The Main Key Factor of this Product is 30gms Protein out of 32gms.The Protein content in Iso Sensation is one of the Highest in the Industry.Iso Sensation is the Best Isolated Whey in terms of Price,Quality & Protein Ratio. With combination of Creatine Monohydrate & BCAA 12000 Powder its simply Awesome. Amazing Protein for Lean Muscle Building and Fat Reduction. High Quality Taste,No Bloating,Easy to Digest,Mixes Well and Produces Awesome Results.Just Go Ahead and try it out.Iso Sensation 93 Rocks.

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  • 2 lb Chocolate Fudge

    This product is good.. easy to digest, high protein content. Go 4 iso sensation

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    patience is the key for positive nitrogen balance

    First thing about the money i calculated per 1 gram of this protein cost 3.5 rupees and that of muscle blaze per 1 gram is 3.1 rupees so around that logic this cost 800 rupees more for 2 kg of protein (do take into account that 33gm scoop has 30 gm protein and later has 37 gram scoop with 26 gram proteins). Now the use part, as i am doctor my review of this product is the way logic dictates after reading truck load of medicine. First this product is very effective, how i know? protein in excess is broken down to nitrates which will cause lot of sweating more u sweat more u lose weight, taking this protein 60 to 90 mins before work out 2scoops results in heavy sweating then not taking this protein, hence i know it gets in the body and muscle and is being used, post work out taking one more scoop helps in good recovery cause i have seen increase in stamina, so yess this protein does do its job very nicely, now mechanics of whether u want to use it for weightloss or bulk up depends on how u use it. plus i have seen to come into positive nitrogen balance which mean my body has good load of protein, seen faster with this then any other supplement that i have used so far, u should have patience when u work out for effects, otherwise u will be jumping protein to protein without result.

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  • Go 4 Iso sensation 93

    Easy to digest,high protein content 30g protein out of 32g. Taste 5/5 Solubility 5/5 protein content 5/5 value for money 5/5...!!iso sensation 93 is the best.

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  • two thumbs up healthkart

    First I'd like to mention ultimate nutritions iso sensation 93 is most underrated isolated whey rite now ..the taste is amazing most Delicious whey I tasted ever ... N now abt health kart ...although I am almost new to this supplement thing but a total online buff ...I buy almost everything online ...n health kart is the best between its competetiors ....I bought iso93 the cheapest availaibe almost 1000 rs cheap then other website with the flavours I prefer ...the shipping is excellent ..healthkart u r the best :)

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    2 lb Chocolate Fudge
    best whey isolate

    the price ultimate is asking for this is worth it its not that expensive for a isolate compared to its rivals. as far as taste is concerned this is the best tasting and i would say adicting taste protein. i have the strawberry and cookies and cream both are equally good. i have tasted on, san, nitro, muscle blaze and this is the best one period.

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  • Rajat walia

    gud protien

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