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  • Review - Strawberry flavor

    Taste (10/10) : Tastes like strawberry milkshake, you domt get that yucky taste that most whey protein brands have. Mixability (5/10) : it always has some clumps, but vigorous mixing makes it creamy, try it with a blender. Cost (8/10) : i think 25g per 30g..for the price is reasonable. Effectiveness (9/10) : Noticable changes..it also helps in reducing fat..seriously!!! Whey protein supplements are really safe..no adverse effects, I am a doctor myself and i saw some pathetic reviews about its safety..any food or supplement in excess will cause harm..excess protein might cause kidney stones,,but not always(prevented if you intake lot of water)..taking two servings apart and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is essential for muscle growth..it also depends on your workout schedule..people underestimate the importance of rest for muscle growth..lifting weights for 3-4 days per week not more than one hour a day are essential..youngsters who are so crazy about doing bicep curls every day, are giving extra stress to their muscles, without giving them time to recover.. Finally...right exercise, right diet and right supplements are essential for muscle growth I recommend UN prostar whey :)

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  • Very good Whey Protein at affordable price

    I have been using Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein for a month now. I would like to highlights few things. 1. Taste:- Vanilla cream has a superb taste. You don't get any unwanted burps after drinking it. 2. It blends very well with water / milk. 3. It has maximum protein contents in one scoop intake. You can easily complete your protein requirements of the day with 2-3 servings a day along with well balanced diet. 4. BCCA profile is also well balanced. 5. Results are astonishing and I have seen increase in my muscle growth. 6. I think it is very well priced So overall you are getting best whey protein at the best affordable cost. Go for it guys and keep pumping the iron!!! All the best :-)

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  • super duper product

    Big thanks to healthkart, very fast delivery.. Only in two days.. And about product... Its taste is very goood.. Fine taste and final. I will give review about product result after some day.... Bt its amazing... Thanks ti healthkart once again

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  • 100% Whey

    Excellent product to buy with 25g protein out of 30g per serving,the taste is amazing,it has great mixability,value for money,Just go for it.

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  • If you want result just go for it...

    Its the only whey protein which contains 25 grams of 100% whey protein in just one serving of 30 grams.It will definetly give result if you are working hard in the gym.Is one of the best product I have used.

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    This is the best protein in this price range.Tastes awesome, mixes well and produces good results, contains 25g of protein out of 30g scoop size,Excellent protein to buy.

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  • Genuine Product

    I bought this product once again and I am completely satisfied with it...for great result no doubt product seems genuine!!

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  • 25g of protein out of 30g scoop size!

    Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein contents 25g of protein out of 30g scoop size!It provides instant energy . . .excellant recovery...it also has very less fat.So i recommend this product to all.

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  • Like To Buy Again & Again

    Its one of the best whey protein product,100% whey protein is Awesome.25g of protein out of 30g,Superb product by Ultimate Nutrition..

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  • Good One To Buy

    Prostar 100%whey protein just gives you protein which ur body needs,it also has very less fat.Improves stamina during intense workouts and reduces cortisol levels.Contains 25 grams in just one serving of 30 grams.I would recommend this product to everybody...

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