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  • The best whey protein that you can get.

    Let me tell you, that I am reviewing this whey protein, after consuming it everyday for 1.5 years now. At first I used to buy it from bodybuilding.com . This is the first time that I ordered this from Healthkart, and I am pleased to see that the product I received was 100% genuine. Now, coming to the product, this is the best whey protein that you can get. If quality and effectiveness is something that matters to you more than quantity, than you should look for buying this protein. This whey protein is made from cold temperature processing which means that the protein is not denatured. Ion exchange process of filtration ( which uses high temperature to separate fats, carbs and lactose ) damages the quality of protein, and also takes out many of the fractions that whey has. Optimum Gold Standard Whey, MP Combat, Dymatize ISO- 100, etc. are made from ion exchange process. If you compare ON Gold Standard and the likes of such, to this whey protein, you will find that you get 25 grams protein per scoop from many such other brands, while Universal Ultra Whey Pro gives only 22 grams of protein per scoop. But, this 22 grams of protein per scoop is 100% undenatured protein. Regarding the gains, well I must say that as a protein, it did what it was suppose to do. I was 68 kgs 1.5 years ago Now I am 105 kgs, with 10% body fat. Protein had to do it's part in it, but mainly the work was done by carbohydrates. My daily nutrient consumption is like: Proteins - 115 grams per day. Carbohydrates - 800 grams per day. ( 30 bananas a day = 600 grams of carbs + 250 grams of oats + 500 grams of white rice ). Fats- 50 grams a day. Total Calories: 4110 per day. I take 4 scoops of this protein per day. Drink nearly 6 litres of water everyday. 10 grams of creapure creatine monohydrate. This protein is also light on the stomach (though I am not lactose intolerant at all). One thing to note would be the taste. If you have ever tasted something that had artificial sweetener, than you know what taste I am talking about. Vanilla Ice Cream tastes like chemicals when you take it with water. With milk, the taste is a bit better, but you could still taste the artificial sweetener. Go for it with your eyes closed, if all that you want from it is quality and permanent gains. Also, check out the Universal Nutrition official channel on Youtube. They have some cool videos, and the sponsored athletes have no ego problems. Keep gaining. Peace.

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  • General review to a post here

    Saw that one person has posted here a reply saying against healthkart service. I'm from one of the extreme corner of india and the person who wrote that review doesn't even have the slightest idea of how much of a blessing is healthkart to the extreme sides of indian geography where shops are less and so are genuine products. Most of the times health is damaged just going for fake products and not genuine ones while trying to save a few bucks. The pricing, if someone can go around in market they can easily see how much cheap the international products are available in here. Please see to the facts before criticizing such a good service.

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  • Exellent Product

    I bought this product from HEALTHKART because they offer the best price and the products are Genuine. Delivery was fast. Now coming down to product. Universal is amazing as a brand and this protein is very good. The smell and the taste is amazing. I can already see the results of this one. This is the 2nd time i am using universal and i always went for the 10lbs one. :-) Recommended to all.

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  • 1 of my favourite, awesome delivery by healthkart.

    Am training since 1 and 1/2 year and I can say this protein is pretty good. Right now am cutting and I can see there's ain't no muscle loss. I ordered 2 pack of it 1 is CAC and another one is vanilla which is still packed, CAC tastes average but I buy protein for my muscles not for my tongue so 5* from me.

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  • Best Whey Protein

    Just One Word ........Awesome !!

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  • vanilla flavor

    The quality of the whey used is of very high standard. They use ultra filtered whey which is better than the ion exchanged whey ( used by all popular brands available in india like ON, muscletech, etc) . The taste is not so strong but it's okay as long as the quality is good.

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  • Awesome product

    This is my first whey ever. And i got noticeable results within a span of a month. Miixes well, good taste, light on your stomach.

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  • All Over better then ON(optimum Nutri)

    Taste Good. Protein Quality Good. Low calories. Low Sugar. AND Last Low price. Thanks Healthkart.

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  • Good Product.

    Awesome product. Please add more stocks pls hk

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  • good product

    the taste and the effect have been so good. I will always buy this

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