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Specialty Shampoo

Everyone dreams of having lustrous healthy hair. But, with all the chemical laden products and shampoos available today, it is hard to find a shampoo that is actually beneficial for hair health. Fortunately, there are specialty shampoos that are formulated with ingredients that are safe for your hair. These shampoos also address specific hair related issues to give you the best possible results.

A good hair care regime is a must. After all, your hair is one of the several signs of good health. Of course, great hair means that you feel even more confident and beautiful.

How to choose the right shampoo?

The best shampoo for hair is the one that suits your hair type. If you pick a shampoo that does not suit your hair type, then the beneficial ingredients that are added to the formula to address a specific issue will not be able to get through your scalp to provide the nourishment that is needed. This is the most important of all hair care tips. Here are some details on choosing the right shampoo for yourself:

  • Understand your scalp and hair type: Make sure that you understand your hair type and scalp type before you look for the best shampoo for instance, a dry hair shampoo will not be able to clean your scalp if you have oily hair.
  • Learn about the nourishment and moisturization properties: The active ingredients in the shampoo will determine whether it is a good dandruff shampoo, shampoo for dry hair or any other specific hair issues. Choosing a herbal shampoo with natural ingredients is one of the most recommended hair care tips
  • Choose for oily hair: If your hair is oily, then the best shampoo would be one that helps maintain the pH balance of your scalp. The shampoo must not be too harsh as oily hair needs to be washed more often than other types of hair.
  • Choose for normal hair: For those who have normal hair but still experience issues like hair fall, a medicated shampoo is a good idea. This is because hair loss may be caused by other factors like scalp infection.
  • Choose for dry hair: If you are looking for a shampoo for dry hair, make sure that the ingredients have the best moisturizing properties. It is best to avoid shampoos with any chemicals.

What shampoo is good for hair growth?

When buying shampoo online for hair growth, here are some tips to find one that is will help you find the best shampoo:

  • Check all the active ingredients of the shampoo. The ones that aid hair growth are Vitamin E, B Vitamins, amino acids or ginseng.
  • Choose herbal shampoos with healthy ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and essential oils to give your hair the nourishment that it needs.
  • Find pH balancing shampoos to help your hair grow faster.
  • Make sure that the shampoo is free from harmful chemicals like sulfates that hamper hair growth.
  • Find a shampoo that targets your hair related issue specifically. For instance if breakage is preventing your hair from growing, make sure that you pick a shampoo online that addresses this issue specifically to make your hair healthier and stronger.

Which shampoo is best for hair loss?

Hair loss is one of the most common complaints today with most people. Here are some tips to choose the best shampoo in India for hair loss:

  • Make sure that the shampoo that you choose does not contain any DTH Blockers. One of the most common causes for hair loss is a condition that is known as Follicle DTH Sensitivity.
  • If poor nutrition is the cause for hair loss, you must choose shampoos that provide your hair with the nutrients that it requires and also follow a diet that is balanced. These shampoos increase blood circulation to the scalp and help nutrients make their way back into your follicle.
  • Avoid 2-in-one shampoos altogether. You cannot have a dandruff shampoo and a hair loss shampoo rolled into one. Instead, choose a shampoo that targets your specific hair loss issue.
  • Only choose products relevant to your hair care needs. Never choose products primarily based on the marketing and from what you see on media. A shampoo that does not address your specific hair related issue is of no use.

Specialty Shampoos on HealthKart

For overall health benefits, HealthKart also brings to you a selection of the best shampoo in India along with Hair Serum, Hair Oils, Biotin and other Hair Treatment products. You can choose from leading brands like Jain, Healthvit, INLIFE, Biotique, Khadi Natural, Jeevan Ras, Econature, Catalysis, Indulekha, Sixtee9 and Zindagi. These products have several beneficial features as follows:

  • They contain natural active ingredients
  • The special formulation helps maintain the pH balance of your hair.
  • They are mild and prevent any loss of natural oils in your hair.