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Experience Comfort At Its Best With These High End Athletic Shorts

Shorts are easily the most comfortable type of gym wear for both men and women. Today, you are spoilt for choices with so many brands of sportswear and designs available online and in stores. Getting the perfect pair of gym shorts is harder than you would imagine. You need to think about so many things like your comfort, the type of exercises that you normally perform and of course, the designs that are currently trending.

When you are working those legs, especially, the right pair of shorts will give you better range of movement to get the most out of each repetition. However, the wrong pair can leave you feeling uncomfortable and conscious. That means all your focus is on what you are wearing rather than your workout itself.

What to Look For in Gym Shorts

Browsing through the million designs and options available, you are probably aware by now that something as simple as buying gym shorts men can be extremely confusing. That is when you just need to break it down to the basics and understand what makes a great pair of shorts. Here are some things that you need to look for:

  • The Material Used: With men’s sports shorts, the first thing that you should consider is the material or the fabric used. You have so many options like cotton, lycra, spandex and more that have a unique function based on the type of activity that you are engaging in. What you need to ensure is that the material allows your skin to breathe. When you are training, you are most likely going to sweat. So, fabric that breathes or has layers that absorb sweat is most comfortable. The fitting is also necessary to note. Do you want the shorts to be fitted or loose? Again, this depends on the activity. If you have to perform exercises that include changing levels and larger ranges of movement, fitted shorts are great. Otherwise, you can choose looser shorts made from fabric like cotton. Look for shorts that come with an added layer or mesh or compression inners for maximum comfort.
  • Weather Compliance: Who says that sports shorts should be part of your wardrobe only in the warmer months? There is no denying that shorts are the best option for summers in comparison to full length track pants during summer. They let your skin breathe and keep you ventilated. However, this does not mean that you have to do away with shorts altogether in the winters. Even if you live in a place where the temperatures really drop, you can opt for special cold weather shorts that come with multiple layers and specially constructed fabric that is able to trap air between layers to keep you comfortable even when the weather is much colder.
  • The Elastic Band: The last thing you want is an elastic band that is cutting into your waist when you are performing a lunge or a squat. Broader waist bands with thicker elastic are the best option as they do not dig into your skin. If comfort is what you are looking for, you can also choose adjustable waist bands that you can tighten or loosen as you work out. Of course, getting the right size determines the fit of your shorts around the waist. If it is too tight or too lose, you will certainly be left wishing that you had chosen an alternative.  
  • Pockets and Compartments: The more the pockets, the merrier. There are designs that come with zipped pockets that are best to carry your keys, some change or other smaller items easily. However, you cannot do without your huge smartphone when you are training. After all it is your music source when you are training. The best sports shorts for men come with a large pocket at the back or in the front especially for your phone. They are also placed perfectly for you to use your earphones without the wires getting in the way.
  • The Design: This, of course, is a very important factor. You have several designs that you can choose from based on the type of activity that you perform. The cut, the length and the fitting matter the most to ensure that you are able to work out easily and perform all the movements efficiently to get the most from your training.
  • The Length: Again, the activity determines the length of your shorts. For instance, a shorter length is recommended if you want running shorts. This reduces friction and allows you to move faster. For comfort, choose shorter options if they come with a layer of compression shorts underneath. Longer shorts are great for movements like the leg press or a squat.

Types of Shorts to Choose From

As mentioned before, the type of shorts online that you choose should make the movements necessary for the type of training that you have chosen much easier. Here is a list of different design options that you can choose from when purchasing shorts:

  • Compression Shorts: These shorts are very similar to spandex shorts. The material that is used is extra stretch and fits your skin closely. It actually wraps tight on your body to give your muscles added support. These shorts are meant to support the thighs, the groin and the hamstrings for certain types of physical activities. They are ideal for endurance sports like marathons and even cycling where it is extremely important for you to keep your skin protected from chaffing and rashes. Some athletes also recommend these shorts because they can prevent any strain to your muscles, reduce soreness, improve blood circulation and oxygenation. This helps you work out for longer hours without feeling tired too soon.
  • Biking Shorts: Most biking shorts make use of compression fabric. However, the two varieties are quite different from each other. These shorts are meant for recreational cycling. However, compression shorts are specially made for serious athletes. Biking shorts are most often made from spandex. With compression shorts you have fabric option like neoprene that hug the body more closely. The main feature of biking shorts is the added padding in the saddle area to make longer rides more comfortable.
  • Basketball shorts: Like specific bottom wear for specific sports, basketball shorts are also specially designed for basketball. However, they are different from most sports shorts because of their length. Most other sports shorts end at the knee while basketball shorts are longer. They also tend to be looser and roomier than other sports shorts. They are made with special performance fabric which is heavier in comparison to polyester that is used in making other types of sports shorts.
  • Running Shorts: Men’s Running Shorts should be light and should allow your skin to breathe. This is the most important feature of these shorts. In addition to this, they come with a layer of wicking that helps absorb the sweat more effectively. This keeps you comfortable even when you are running for longer distances. The next thing you should note about running shorts is their fit. They should be designed in such a way that bouncing and chaffing is completely prevented. This can distract you from enjoying the sport thoroughly. These shorts may even come with a compression layer underneath. That way, you feel more comfortable when you are running and making those longer strides to improve your performance and movement. These shorts usually come with reflectors to keep you safe when you are out on a run after sun-set.
  • Multi-Purpose Shorts: As the name suggests, these shorts can be used for different activities. They work as running shorts and are also ideal for activities like high intensity interval training or a regular gym workout. These are possibly the most comfortable type of shorts available. They are looser in their fit. The material used to make them is either cotton blend or pre cotton. These shorts are perfect for the gym once you have found the right fit and length.

These are the best workout shorts that are usually made with synthetic fabric. They also have wicking that helps get rid of any sweat during your training. These shorts are also very easy to wash and do not require extensive care.

They allow the best range of movement. Choosing multipurpose shorts with a draw string makes them easier to adjust and also keep you more comfortable. The right length for these shorts is mid-thigh or lower, allowing you to perform a larger variety of activities.  

Best Gym Shorts For Men

There are certain brands that have mastered the art of designing gym clothes for fitness enthusiasts. Two such brands are Fitnic and Rocclo. They design clothes that are trendy, comfortable and extremely affordable. Here are some types of shorts introduced by these brands that have shot to popularity quite fast.

Fitinc N S Lycra Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets

  • These shorts are semi stretchable and are among the most comfortable men’s gym clothes.
  • Fitinc N S Lycra Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets is made with high quality fabric that keeps comfort and fit in mind
  • These Fitinc shorts are easy to adjust as they come with drawstrings. This means that you can adjust the looseness and tightness based on the activity that you are performing.
  • These shorts are made with a highly absorbent material that helps soak up all the sweat when you are training. These shorts are comfortable for daily wear and to wear to the gym as they keep you dry always.
  • The best thing about these shorts is that they are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wash them with mild soap and let them dry.

Rocclo Shorts-5103

  • Roccolo which specializes in gym wear for men has created the most durable and comfortable gym shorts for men.
  • These sports shorts for men are made from nylon and spandex blend which is extremely stretchy and comfortable.
  • For you to keep smaller belongings or carry your phone with you, you also have two side pockets.
  • To make them more durable, flat lock stitches are used so that you do not have to worry about rips and tears.
  • Rocclo Shorts-5103 comes with silicon leg grippers that prevent it from riding up when you are training.

Rocclo Shorts-5104

  • Rocclo Shorts-5104 comes with a special 3D cut design to give you better fit.
  • There are two side pockets for your phones, making this the best gym wear option.
  • With this Roccolo design you have the advantage of fabric that is extremely stretch. It is made with specially weaved spandex to give you all round stretch.
  • The 3D tailoring design gives you better stability for the muscles that you are training.
  • The chamois design with varying thicknesses gives you maximum comfort and protection.
  • The anti-slip fiber used in spandex helps keep the garment in place when you are exercising.

Fitinc Melange Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets   

  • These mid length shorts allow you to be comfortable with any workout that you are following.
  • You have zippered side pockets that help you keep your mobile, keys and other belongings with you during your training.
  • With Fitinc Melange Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets, you have premium quality material that is durable and also very comfortable against the skin.
  • The drawstrings in the design can be used to change the fit of your shorts based on the activity. This comes with an elastic band for maximum protection.
  • The material used is highly absorbent to keep you dry through your training.

Where to Buy

You can buy shorts online on HealthKart. Whether you are looking for track pants, joggers or other types of gym wear, you can find the best brands like. If you purchase a product and feel like it does not fit you well, you also have the advantage of a 14 day return policy.

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