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HealthKart Peanut Butter 100% Natural Unsweetened, Crunchy 0.5 kg

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HealthKart Peanut Butter 100% Natural Unsweetened,  Crunchy  0.5 kg
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HealthKart Peanut Butter 100% Natural Unsweetened, Crunchy 0.5 kg

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Product Details

  • Nothing other than 100% fresh, roasted peanuts go into making the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy 0.5 Kg.
  • It is ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and gym goers as a satiating and energy boosting, post-workout food spread.
  • This is an all natural, organic, and vegan product. It does not contain any trans fats, cholesterol, or hydrogenated fats.
  • The HealthKart Peanut butter is a rich source of Proteins, Vitamin E, and Dietary Fibre.
  • An oily residue on top of the unused can is an indicator of the product’s purity. Simply mix and stir well to regain original texture.
Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by HealthKart.
Manufacturer: United Foods

Product Info

General Traits Family Nutrition
Quantity 0.5 kg
Price per Unit 450  Rs/Unit
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Brand Origin India
Packaging Jar
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Well Being
Gender Unisex
Lifestage Adult
Flavour Crunchy

HealthKart Peanut Butter 100% Natural Unsweetened, Crunchy 0.5 kg

Peanut Butter is a delicious food spread that is very popular for its nutritious goodness world over. The past decade has seen it gain popularity in India as well. More and more people have started realizing its innumerable health benefits and have incorporated peanut butter into their daily diet. 
The HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy .5 Kg is made from the crunchiest and freshest peanuts that are roasted to perfection to lend this spread its characteristic nutty taste. Coarsely ground, this 100% peanut spread comes textured with chunks of peanuts that add to the joy of eating it. The HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy is popular among bakers, kids, moms, fitness enthusiasts, and weight trainers alike for being an all-natural, super delicious, sugar and salt-free composition that is vegan and organic as well. 


In addition to the best quality, 100% purely roasted peanuts that make the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy .5 Kg, nothing else goes into our product. It contains no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and absolutely no cholesterol. It is a 100% natural, organic, and vegan product that focuses only on the consumer’s good health. That is why there are no preservatives, flavours, or colours added to this peanut butter. 
Benefits of the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy 0.5 Kg
If you want to learn some more about the many peanut butter health benefits, here are some you must know about: 
  • Great energy booster - As per the peanut butter nutrition fact label, one serving of Peanut Butter offers instant energy equivalent to 189 Kcal. This makes it a must-have for athletes, gym goers, and trainers as it works wonderfully as a pre- and post workout energy replenishing intake. 
  • Offers goodness of peanut butter protein - Peanut butter is rich in proteins, which are vital for muscle growth. Proteins are also required for muscle recovery. The HealthKart   Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy offers 30 gms of proteins in every 100 gms serve. If you are an active gym goer you are sure to benefit from this spread.
  • Helps curb binge eating - As it is rich in proteins, the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy is a very filling intake. When you consume it, it satiates your desire to eat and prevents you from mindless binge eating throughout the day, as the body remains full for a longer duration. It, therefore, aids weight loss efforts.
  • Rich in dietary fibre - Every serving of the HealthKart Peanut Butter contains 1.8 gms of dietary fibre. The body for normal digestive function and regularized bowel movement requires fibre. Daily intake of peanut butter aids this function and improves overall health. 
  • Rich source of essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre - The HealthKart Peanut Butter contains Essential minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. All these play a vital role in bone and muscle health. Magnesium helps to strengthen the nerves as well. Peanut butter also is a rich source of Vitamin E and B-6.

How to Use HealthKart Peanut Butter?

Enjoy your can of the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy at as a sandwich spread or salad topping at breakfast. It works well as a crunchy smear on cakes, muffins, and cookies. You can also use it to enhance your desserts and ice creams. Kids love peanut butter toppings in their tiffin elements as well.

When To Use HealthKart Peanut Butter?

If you are looking to shed some weight and still stay satiated through the day, the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy is perfect for you. It also works well as a pre and post workout intake. The elderly with muscle pains and compromised nerve function can benefit from regular intake of peanut butter, as do those with diabetes. Studies have proven that regular intake of peanut butter reduces the risk of diabetes as well. 
You can consume one or two servings of peanut butter in a day. Having more can add to your weight. Therefore, it is perfect for people who want to increase muscle mass. Team it with exercise and healthy diet to get a fit body. 

Where to purchase the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy 0.5 Kg?

You can buy the HealthKart Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy .5 kg easily from the online portal of HealthKart. Select your favourite variant from the comfort of your home or workplace. Compare it with other brands in the category for details on peanut butter prices, peanut butter nutrition facts and more. Select any of the easy pay options at HealhKart.com and get your product delivered to your doorstep with just the click of a few buttons. 

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  • crunchy 1 kg

    very genuine replacement of alpino and pintola ,Taste is better than pintola

    Was this review helpful? Yes 1
  • ordered because its healthkart products

    i have ordered on the launch date waiting for the product to get and test this product i hope healthkart doing awesome as its other products

    Was this review helpful? Yes 1
  • best quality

    vest peanut butter in market as it has lowest sugar it it no additives and made from only roasted peanuts . as if we compare prices with other brand then it it chepest and best . go for it

    Was this review helpful? Yes
  • cheap and best

    taste is good,low price soon gonna order next combo

    Was this review helpful? Yes
  • superb

    great quality

    Was this review helpful? Yes

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