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HealthKart Protein Cereals,  Unflavoured  0.350 kg

HealthKart Protein Cereals, Unflavoured 0.350 kg

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      1.How HealthKart Breakfast Cereal is different from other commercially available cereals?
      HealthKart Breakfast Cereal is everything that other cereals are not. It is rich in protein, fiber & is fat free. A serving of HealthKart Breakfast Cereal offers 17g protein, 5.5 g of fiber along with a healthy dose of antioxidants & omega 3. The best part is that you can even have HealthKart Breakfast Cereal without milk anytime of the day in place of unhealthy snacks
      2.What are the premium ingredients in HealthKart Breakfast Cereal?
      The premium ingredients used in HealthKart Breakfast Cereal are oat rings, wheat flakes and soy flakes. These ingredients lend rich texture and make it rich in protein and fiber. Additionally, the presence of black raisins in this cereal gives it an antioxidant boost.
      3.Who can use HealthKart Breakfast Cereal?
      HealthKart Breakfast Cereal is for anyone who is looking for a healthy cereal at breakfast and consume healthy mid time snack instead of junk.  Busy executives, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes get to benefit from the protein and fiber rich combo of HealthKart Breakfast Cereal.
      4.What are the benefits of HealthKart Breakfast Cereal?
      HealthKart Breakfast Cereal helps you save more than 700 calories in a day and provides 17g protein along with 5.5g dietary fiber. When you make this cereal, a part of your weight management plan, along with HealthKart SlimTea, SlimSoup and SlimShake you increase your chances of success in losing/maintaining weight.  
      5.How to consume HealthKart Breakfast Cereal?
      HealthKart Breakfast Cereal can be had with or without milk. With milk, a serving gives 17g protein  and 5.5g of fiber which makes it is an ideal breakfast & mid time snack. The crunchy texture mixed with raisins make it a tasty any time snack, that you could carry to work so that you stay away from unhealthy temptations.

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