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Gear Up For Your Training With the Right Pair of Track Pants

Your workout attire is most important for you to get the best from your training routine. When your gym wear fits your perfectly and helps keep your body temperature regulated, you are able to focus better and also perform your exercises easily.

There are so many options when it comes to gym wear for men today with the demand for good fitness attire increasing steadily. Companies have collaborated with sportspersons, celebrities and the best designers to bring to your some extremely stylish options for your wardrobe. However, with even the best brands and designs, it all comes down to one thing. How comfortable is the gym wear that you choose?

Besides Gym T-shirts and vests, paying attention to your bottom wear is extremely important to be able to increase speed and range of movement for different activities. If you are browsing through track pants online, there are some features that you should look for.

Finding the Right Gym Tracks

The best thing about gym track pants is that they are extremely versatile. Once you have found the right pair, you can use them when you are travelling, for a casual day out or even when you are just lounging around in your home on a day off.

There are some very important features that you should look for in gym tracks, irrespective of the brand:

  • The Fit: You have tight fitted compression pants or loose fitted options like fleece tracks that you can buy. It is often misconstrued that leggings or tight fit pants are limited to gym tracks women. But, depending upon the activity that you are performing, even men can choose compression tights that hug the body to give you great range of movement. For activities like running and high intensity training, these tracks are the best option as there is no chance of them getting in the way, causing you to trip or fall. One the other hand, for a regular gym workout, the looser fit pants work well because they are more comfortable when you are performing exercises like dead lifts or clean and press. However, you need to make sure that your pants do not flare at the ankle as they will get in your way or even get entangled with equipment at times. The fit around the waist is the next factor to consider. Usually tights or compression leggings come with an elastic band. The band should be thicker so it does not leave marks around your waist or dig into your skin. When choosing track pants men, the best option is to look for drawstring pants as they can be adjusted to your requirement. So, if you are someone who constantly transforms between lean and bulky, this is just what you need.
  • The material: Unless you get the right sports track pants material, you will find that there is always some discomfort. The first thing about the material is that it should be absorbent. As you sweat, the fabric should be able to soak it up and also let it evaporate faster so that you stay dry and comfortable even after long hours of training. This brings us to the next important feature which is the ventilation provided by the material. Choose fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. While cotton seems like the best option, the only disadvantage is that it does not dry up fast, leaving you with a pair of pants that cling to your legs after some time. Getting a pair of cotton pants with a mesh lining is the best option because it keeps the fabric free from any sweat while giving you a comfortable option for warmer days. Most track pants today are made with polyester, nylon or special dry fit fabric like neoprene. These pants are perfect for rough use and daily use as they are completely wrinkle free. They also stretch better, allowing you to improve your range of movement faster. In addition to this, they also dry up much faster in comparison to any other type of fabric that is available. For colder days, look for layers in your track pants. There are some special kinds of fabric that help keep you warmer while letting your skin breathe when you are training.
  • Convenience: This is usually the last thing that you think about when you are buying your track pants. It is not just about finding that perfect pair of black track pants that go with any gym vest or T-shirt. These pants should also be convenient for you to use.

The best ones are the kind that require minimal to no maintenance. Track pants made with fabric like polyester or neoprene are the easiest to maintain as you just need to hand wash or machine wash them with mild soap. They dry faster as well which means that you don’t have to plan well in advance about what you will wear to the gym.

Make sure you have enough pockets in your gym wear bottom. You will be surprised at how many things you actually carry with you when you are working out. Most importantly, you need a place to keep your smartphone or ipod when you are working out. Pants with zipped pockets are the best because you do not have to worry about things falling out when you are moving faster or changing levels when you are working out. Pockets should have a water-proof lining as well in order to keep your belongings safe.

Various Gym Track Designs To Choose From

The best design options to choose from when it comes to men's gym clothes depends upon the activity that you choose to perform. The good thing is that there is something out there for everyone as brands are coming up with newer designs and fits regularly to match the demands.

  • Compression Leggings: These are the perfect choice when you are into activities like running or kick boxing that demand faster movement and a larger range of motion. This fabric stretches well and also prevents any chaffing. Normally, most compression leggings are made from fabric like neoprene that fit closely. The added advantage of compression pants is that they provide added support to the muscles of your leg when you are training to prevent any strain. They can also improve blood circulation to make it possible for you to endure long hours of training.
  • Fleece Sweatpants: Sweat pants are designed to keep you warm. They are looser in their fit and are ideal for weight training and similar activities because you are able to change movement levels easily with these pants. The only disadvantage with these pants is that they are heavier than other types of track pants men. You must make sure that they have a quick drying mesh layer underneath so that you do not find your clothing clinging on to your body by the end of your training session.
  • Joggers: These are undoubtedly the most stylish type of track pants for men. When you buy track pants, you will notice that this is the most popular style available as it is versatile and trendy. Joggers fit closely around the ankle and are loose around the leg. This is perfect for all kinds of activities as your track pants will not make you trip or get caught on equipment. You have different fabric options with these pants such as polyester blends, cotton, fleece etc. The drawstring design is the best type of joggers because you can adjust them easily.
  • Two-in-One- Tracks- This is for people who simply cannot decide between shorts and long gym pants. They come with a zipper that lets you switch from one style to the other. When you want more range of movement, switch to the shorts With this, you have two designs in one which means that your wardrobe gives you more styling options when you hit the gym.
  • Cargo Tracks: These tracks are also extremely fashionable and cool. The best thing about choosing cargo tracks during your next track pants sale is that you have so many pockets available. Some of them even come with a special loop to carry your water bottle. This keeps your hands free when you are training and you do not have to constantly look for a place to keep your belongings. When it comes to convenience and versatility these pants are the best option. However, the fabric used is normally not very stretchy.
  • Slim Fit Tracks: These are everyday track pants that you can use for multiple activities. While they fit the body well, they are not too tight for comfort. You can use them for running, cycling, cross fit, regular weight training and even yoga depending on what your favorite activity at the gym is. The best part about slim fit tracks is that they are light and easy to maintain. Usually, they are made with fast drying fabric like nylon and polyester which is perfect for the gym.

Best Gym Track Pant Designs

Here are some of the latest styles and designs available with the two most fashionable brands of gym wear for men:  

Fitinc Dobby Lycra Trackpant with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • This is one of the best track pants as it is versatile and useful for different activities like weight training, yoga, Zumba and more.
  • It comes with a slim fit design that is made from Dobby Lycra.
  • Fitinc Dobby Lycra Trackpant with Two Side Zipper Pockets stretches well and allows you to perform larger ranges of movement quite easily.
  • The two zipper pockets on the side are placed extremely stylishly. They also keep your belongings in place as your train.

Rocclo Track Pants-5076

  • The Rocclo Track Pants-5076 design comes with an elastic band and a drawstring for added comfort.
  • The slim fit of these track pants keeps you comfortable and allows you to move better as well.
  • There is a special type of stretchable design that keeps you comfortable around the calf muscle.
  • It is made from a blend of 40% polyester and 60% cotton for better sweat absorption and comfort.
  • The reflective logo print also makes it suitable for running and cycling after sunset.

Fitinc Track Pant with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • These track pants double as workout wear and the perfect casual bottoms for a day out with your friends.
  • The fabric used is a mixture of polyester and lycra for maximum absorption and comfort.
  • The design is casual and comfortable letting you move better when you are training.
  • Color options like black and navy blue are available for you to choose as per your taste.

Fitinc Men's Lycra Slim Fit Track Pants with 2 Side Zipper Pockets and Logo

  • These tracks are made from 100% lycra which is the perfect combination for gym wear for men.
  • They come with a slim fit design which gives you free movement range and great comfort.
  • The two zipper side pocket look very stylish and also keep your belongings safe as you perform different exercises at the gym.
  • The lycra used in this design is extremely stretchable and is also highly absorbent. This means that you stay dry through your training and are able to move better.
  • The attractive logo print on Fitinc Men's Lycra Slim Fit Track Pants with 2 Side Zipper Pockets and Logo adds to the design detail of the product.

Where to Buy

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A size chart lets you choose the perfect fit and size. Of course, if you are not happy with the product you buy or want a different size, the 14 day return policy is a hassle free option available to you. All the details of the product are mentioned along with high quality pictures so that you can choose the design and the style that is perfectly suited for our needs.

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