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Calcium/Magnesium: For Your Various Bodily Functions

Calcium/Magnesium is the most important minerals to maintain various bodily functions. These are essential to maintain healthy bones & cell growth and also supports the body's immunity system. An anti-inflammatory property of these minerals helps in aging, obesity, and other chronic diseases.

Benefits of Calcium/Magnesium:

  • Keeps bones and teeth healthy
  • Keeps bones denser and strong
  • Helps to retain minerals in bones
  • Creates energy, also boost athletic performance  
  • Improves muscle movement 
  • Maintain Gene and repair DNA & RNA
  • Improves contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • Creates new proteins from amino acids 
  • Regulates neurotransmitters
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Helps in metabolic process and aids in weight loss
  • Manages premenstrual stress which is common among childbearing women
  • Improves mood swings and reduces water retention in women 
  • Manages in pH Level
  • Fights against depression and anxiety
  • Promotes brain health
  • Protects cardiac muscles 
  • Transport vital nutrients in cell membranes through blood 
  • Helps to prevent migraines, nausea, and vomiting
  • Prevents sensitivity to light and noise

Top Selling Calcium & Magnesium Brands

There is a list of the best calcium-magnesium supplements available in the market.    

Healthkart: Healthkart has come up with calcium and magnesium supplements to strengthen bones which are the foundation of a good and healthy physique. Both structural components of bones help to repair the wear and tear of muscles and tissues. This also includes zinc which improves the quality of sleep. Vitamin D3 helps to improve Vitamin D deficiency if you are not getting enough from sunlight exposure. 

Truebasics: Truebasics is the best calcium-magnesium supplement brand with the goodness of herbal extracts such as Moringa, Alfalfa, and Acticissus which help in bone strengthening and mineralization. Along with that essential minerals like zinc, copper, boron, manganese, selenium, and boron play a vital role to maintain bone and teeth health by increasing bone density.

HealthVit: HealthVit comes up with the best calcium and magnesium supplement which helps to raise pH level that reduces the acidity. These are highly effective to relieve acidity problems by neutralizing and absorbing stomach acid. These are also helpful to prevent blood clotting and maintain proper contraction of muscles. It normalizes the heartbeat in the body and maintains overall health. 

Inlife: Inlife is packed with essential nutrients that promote healthy skin, nails, and hair. It metabolizes fats, amino acids, and carbohydrates and turns them into energy. It also helps to fight against free radical damage. It also safeguards and revitalizes the skin to prevent acne, wrinkles, and infections.

Tara Nutricare: Tara Nutricare provides elemental calcium which is derived from a vegetarian source, magnesium hydroxide & vitamin D3 which help to support muscle and nerve function, which makes this multivitamin supplements the best calcium-magnesium supplements.

Fast & Up: Fast & Up fortifies calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3 cholecalciferol which helps to build strong bones. It also promotes the brain as well as cardiac health. 

GNC: GNC is a leading brand which provides highly absorbable calcium, which are essential for building and maintaining strong and healthy teeth and bones. 

Nature's Bounty: Nature's Bounty comes up with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals which include Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Calcium to support stronger and healthier bone-building by proper bone mineralization.

Direction and Dosages: 

Adults can take one to three capsules with meals or you should consult with your doctor. 

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