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Citrulline Malate: Improve Overall Athletic Performance

To ensure faster recovery and better endurance, nowadays fitness enthusiasts look forward to the best Citrulline Malate supplements. Here, we introduce the top citrulline malate brands in India, which are quite popular among athletes as they ensure product quality and genuineness. But let's understand the Citrulline Malate first.

Citrulline is an amino acid which the body can produce its own naturally. It plays a very important role in the body but unlike the many other essential amino acids, it is not used to build proteins.

In urea cycle which rids harmful compounds, Citrulline plays an important role by removing ammonia. It also widens blood vessels and helps in muscle building.

Malate is another compound which plays an important role in energy production.

Benefits of Citrulline Malate:

  • Improves ammonia elimination
  • Detoxify liver
  • Helps Liver to function better
  • Removes the deposits of Fatty acids
  • Helps in onset of fatigue
  • Supports metabolism
  • Good blood circulation
  • Improves oxygen flow to muscles
  • Improves endurance and strength
  • Fastens muscle recovery
  • Improves volume of muscles
  • Makes muscles stronger
  • Increases vasodilation
  • Improves blood flow
  • Helps in muscle building
  • Increases nitric oxide
  • Improves energy
  • Help blood vessels to widen
  • Improves heart health
  • Rise in growth hormone after exercise
  • Best pre workout supplement

Let's Have a Look the Best Citrulline Malate Supplements.


MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate contains beta alanine, creatine, and L-Arginine which are good for endurance, power, and pump respectively. This is citrulline malate best brand and can be used as pre workout drink which is a potent precursor to arginine and helps to promote nitric oxide production.

Kaged Muscle

Kaged Muscle Citrulline comes with nitric oxide and pure pharmaceutical grade L-citrulline which improves blood flow to muscles. This product is 100% vegetarian hypoallergenic dietary supplement which assures the maximum muscle pump with better blood circulation and makes it the best citrulline malate.

Nutrition Planet

Nutrition Planet Citrulline Malate is a pre workout Supplement which consists of citrulline malate and sucralose and reduces ammonia, lactic acids from liver. It increases ATP production and muscle recovery which results in better athletic performance.


INLIFE Micronized Citrulline Malate promotes nitric oxide production and decreases onset muscle fatigue while your intense workout session. A compound of Citrulline and Malate is with INLIFE in 2:1 ratio. It is the best pre and post workout supplement which also increases blood flow in the muscles while heavy weight-lifting workouts.


GNC L Citrulline provides 3 grams of L-Citrulline which provides better energy production in the body. It is one of the best citrulline malate bodybuilding supplements which helps in fast recovery, widens blood vessels, and muscle building.

Natures Velvet

Natures Velvet is one of the best citrulline malate powder supplements which is a combination of arginine precursor, amino acids, and L-Citrulline powder and Malate in 2:1 which helps in better endurance and recovery and enhances human physique.

Direction and Dosages to consume:

Mix 3 scoops of citrulline malate with 300 ml of water or beverages of your choice and consume 30-40 minutes before starting training.

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