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Protein Blends: For Better Muscle Growth and Strength

If you are into an advanced level of rigorous training, your protein requirement is a lot more than people in general. One doesn’t only need a good protein intake but also needs to have a balance of all the nutrients in the body in order to facilitate better muscle recovery post a heavy-duty workout. Try out the best whey protein blend for the right supplement for a good muscle build-up and quick recovery post-workout. It is specially formulated to give you a good dose of proteins, amino acids & other essential nutrients.

Benefits of Consuming Protein Blends :

  • Helps build lean muscle physique
  • Enriched with pure quality protein
  • Speedy & effective recovery of muscles post-workout
  • Blend of vital nutrients
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Inhibits muscle breakdown

Let Us Now Have a Look at Some of the Top Protein Blends Brands in the Market:

  • BSN Protein Blends

If you are looking for the best protein blend for good muscle growth and strength,  BSN Protein Blends is just the right choice for you. It plays a vital role in increasing the strength and stamina of the body to sustain long hours of training.

  • Ronnie Coleman Blends

Ronnie Coleman Blends are one of the most recommended blend protein in India. Enriched with pure quality protein, BCAAs and other essential vitamins and minerals, it makes for one of the best protein blend supplements in the market.

  • MuscleTech Protein Blends

MuscleTech Protein Blend are specially formulated to enhance muscle recovery and strength. It also boosts testosterone and ATP generation in the body.

  • MusclePharm Protein Blends

This whey casein blend supplement is a sure way to better muscle growth, recovery and strength in a shorter period of time. It also keeps your immunity level high to fight off infections.

  • Protein Scoop Protein Blends

Protein Scoop Protein Blends is a specially tested and formulated protein blend which is enriched with pure quality whey protein, Glutamine and Creatine for better muscle growth and recovery. Whether you are into hardcore training or a lightweight training session, this protein supplement is sure to increase your workout performance.

  • Rule One Protein Blends

This whey blend plays a vital role in achieving one’s fitness goals like lean muscle building and speedy recovery post a heavy-duty workout.

Directions to Consume & Prescribed Dosage

Mix one scoop of Protein blend with 150-200ml of water and give it a good shake until it is thick and a protein-rich drink. One can consume 1 serving each day. However, do consult your nutritionist for the right dosage depending upon your level of training.

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