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Bhringraj Powder

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Bhringraj oil is a common product advertised by various brands. This is because the herb is excellent for enhancement of your hair and scalp health. Bhringraj powder is another product that can be used topically as well as orally. It is an all-natural herb that provides various benefits for your skin, hair, and overall wellness.

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What is Bhringraj Powder?

Bhringraj, or Eclipta prostrata, is commonly known as false daisy, and is a plant that falls under the sunflower family. It is popular for its benefits for hair and overall health. The herb contains essential proteins, vitamins as well as antioxidants that bring about multiple health benefits. Bhringraj powder is a form of the herb that facilitates easy application to avail all health benefits that it has to offer. Use of the same is common if your goal is nourishment of hair as well as scalp. It promotes hair growth, helps prevent dandruff, and aids the treatment of skin infections and allergies.

Benefits and Uses of Bhringraj Powder and Oil

There are multiple health benefits that Bhringraj powder or oil have to offer. Some of these may include:

1. Promotion of Hair Growth:

Biotin tablets are well-known when it comes to hair growth. However, Bhringraj is an all-natural alternative for the same. Studies have shown that massaging Bhringraj oil on the scalp and roots of hair enhances blood circulation. This activates the hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth. You can also use Bhringraj powder for hair growth.

2. Hair Fall Prevention:

Bhringraj hair oil and powder can help reduce breakage of hair, and act as a natural therapy for prevention of hair loss. You can apply Bhringraj oil at night on your hair to avail this benefit and pair it with a good scalp massage. This will also help reduce stress-related hair fall by relieving you of the unnecessary stress.

3. Immunity Boost:

Bhringraj possesses rasayana property that gives it the ability to boost immunity. Continued use of Bhringraj powder can bring about noticeable changes by enhancing immunity as well as vitality.

4. Skin Infection Treatment:

Minor skin allergies can be treated with the topical application of Bhringraj powder on your skin. Its antimicrobial properties help fight common skin infections as well as certain allergies. You can also avail the rejuvenating properties of Bhringraj powder with consistent use.

5. Slowdown of greying hair:

Bhringraj oil for hair growth is a known remedy now. However, use and application of Bhringraj oil on hair can help maintain the natural colour of your hair. This is facilitated with the prevention of premature greying.

How to Use Bhringraj Powder and Bhringraj Oil

The most common way to use Bhringraj powder and Bhringraj oil is topical application. Following are some points that you can follow for the same:

  • You can create a paste by mixing Bhringraj powder with water, and applying to the roots and strands of your hair. Allow it to sit for some time before washing it off using a shampoo.
  • Using a mixture of Bhringraj powder and coconut oil to massage your scalp can also be beneficial. Leave it on for some time before washing it off.
  • Apply a lukewarm form of pure Bhringraj oil on your scalp and massage it well. Leave it on overnight to avail the best results.

Topical application seems like the most logical way to use Bhringraj powder and oil. However, Ayurveda suggests oral use of Bhringraj powder for maximum health benefits. You can mix ¼-½ tsp of the same with honey and consume after a light meal. This will help detoxify your liver, improve digestion, and provide multiple other health benefits.

How to use Bhringraj Oil for Hair?

Now when you know about the amazing health benefits of bhringraj, you must be willing to know about the ways to use it. Most of the scriptures suggest a topical use of brhingraj rather than oral consumption. Read below and know the right ways to use bhringraj oil or bhringraj powder for hair.

  • So, if you want to use bhringraj powder for hair growth, you can mix it with water and make a paste to apply to your scalp and hair strands. Allow it to sit for at least an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.
  • You can also mix bhringraj powder with some coconut oil and massage your scalp well. Leave it for 1-2 hours and then rinse it off with a shampoo.
  • You can warm up the bhringraj oil and massage your scalp well. Leave it overnight and shampoo your hair the next day.

Precautions and Side Effects of Bhringraj Powder and Oil

Bhringraj is a completely natural product and is possibly safe for most individuals. However, there are certain points that you should know before consumption:

  • Topical application of Bhringraj products that contain carrier oils (such as heat-extracted vegetable oils) may cause a burning or tingling sensation. Therefore, you should read the ingredients mentioned on the label and then choose the product with the list of suitable ingredients.
  • The bioactive ingredient Eclipta Alba may undermine the effectiveness of blood thinners or anticoagulants.
  • Bhringraj powder may have diuretic effect when consumed orally. Those consuming diuretics should use the same with caution.
  • If you want to use aloe vera capsules or any other form of natural herb along with Bhringraj, you should consider consulting an Ayurvedic professional.

Top Selling Brands in India for Bhringraj Oil and Powder

There are multiple brands in the market for Bhringraj oil, powder, capsules, and other variants. These include:

Himalayan Organics: Himalayan Organics offers Bhringraj oil that can help cool the scalp and reduce inflammation. It comes with the goodness and benefits of authentic Indian herbs and 10 natural oils. It will help you achieve the growth of long and lustrous hair. The brand can also offer the best Bhringraj hair oil price.
Planet Ayurveda: Planet Ayurveda offers Bhringraj in powder form that is excellent for hair care. It is useful in curing asthma, cough, and also strengthens the body. The product is also a good choice for maintaining digestive health.
Trivang: The brand offers herbal and organic Bhringraj powder that repairs damaged hair, enhances shine, and helps in the rejuvenation of kidney and liver. It also purifies blood and aids the prevention of fungal infections.
Billion Cheers: The brand offers Bhringraj extract in the form of capsules that helps strengthen hair roots, prevent greying of hair as well as hair fall, and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.
INLIFE: INLIFE Bhringraj capsules are an excellent option for healthy skin, hair care as well as nail care. It can be used by both men and women.

All of these brands offer the best Bhringraj powder price for high-quality products. You can rely on these if your goal is to better your hair and skin, and avail the other benefits that the herb has to offer.

How Much Bhringraj Oil Should I Use?

How much Bhringraj oil you need depends on things including your hair's length, thickness, and your own personal taste. A good rule of thumb is, to begin with a low quantity and increase it if necessary.

Use a teaspoon or two of Bhringraj oil for short to medium hair. If your hair is really long or thick, you may need to apply up to a tablespoon.

Using too much Bhringraj oil might have the opposite effect and leave your hair oily and weighed down. If you find that you need more later on, you may always give yourself more. In addition, your Bhringraj oil brand may have additional recommendations for use, so be sure to read and follow all included documentation.

Precautions Using Bhringraj oil

It is vital to take specific care while using Bhringraj oil, despite the fact that it is typically safe for topical usage. Here are a few safety measures to take into consideration:

  • Perform a patch test before applying Bhringraj oil to your whole scalp or hair. Start with a tiny area of skin, like the inside of your forearm, then apply the oil. Check for signs of irritation, redness, or itching after waiting 24 hours. Do not use the oil if it causes any kind of response.
  • Make sure you're getting pure Bhringraj oil of good quality from a reliable supplier. This might lessen the likelihood that your skin will be irritated by any pollutants or impurities.
  • Those with known herb, plant, or essential oil allergies should talk to their doctor before taking Bhringraj oil. They have the ability to determine the likelihood of an allergic response and advise you accordingly.
  • Some people have very sensitive skin or hair. Stop taking Bhringraj oil and see a doctor if you've ever had an allergic response to it or if you're experiencing any pain or unusual symptoms.
  • Bhringraj oil should not come into contact with the eyes. In the event that it gets into your eyes, flush them out with water.
  • Bhringraj oil, due to its dark hue, may stain textiles such as garments and bed linens. If you don't want the oil to go on your pillow or sheets, cover them before applying the oil.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should talk to their doctor before taking Bhringraj oil to be sure it's safe for their unique circumstances.

If you have any questions or worries about your health or if you have a particular medical condition, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist before taking Bhringraj oil. Based on your specific situation, they may provide tailored guidance.

Where to Buy Bhringraj Powder and Oil

If you are looking for a place to buy Bhringraj oil and powder, you can rely on HealthKart. All products available on HealthKart are 100% authentic and genuine, and can be delivered right to your doorstep. Moreover, you can get the best Bhringraj oil price as well as discounts on other products. This ensures the purchase is not too heavy on your pocket.

HealthKart has its own website,, where you can buy Bhringraj powder online. You may also visit any of the offline retail stores across multiple cities in the country. The store not only sells Bhringraj products but multiple other health and fitness supplements including but not limited to protein powders, multivitamin tablets, omega 3 capsules, neem tablets, ashwagandha, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bhringraj Powder

Q1. Does consistent use of Bhringraj help regrow hair?

Ans: Bhringraj is an excellent choice if you want to regrow hair. Both Bhringraj powder and Bhringraj oil possess antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. These help fight hair fall as well as greying of hair strands.

Q2. Can I use Bhringraj to thicken hair?

Ans: The use of Bhringraj oil or other forms of the herb can help you boost hair volume and thicken hair. It is also great to enhance hair growth and maintain scalp health.

Q3. Does the use of Bhringraj cure baldness?

Ans: Bhringraj oil and extract can be considered as a remedy for hair loss caused due to stress. It can help you prevent baldness and thinning of hair.

Q4. Which Bhringraj powder can one eat?

Ans: There are different forms in which Bhringraj products are available. Every product may have different uses and ways of consumption. You can refer to the product packaging for whatever information you require.


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