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Make Thick and Creamy High Protein Drinks with These Protein Shaker Bottle

Having the right accessories can make every training session a lot more convenient. While you need a great nutritional plan and a good workout routine, it is these accessories that help you stay as efficient as possible. One of the most important training accessory for any individuals who is training on a regular basis is a protein shaker bottle. You can make sure that you have your protein shake on the go when you have a good gym shaker in your kit. They also help you make your protein drink smoother and ensure that the powder is mixed well without any lumps. When you choose your shaker, you need to make sure that you choose a high quality one to ensure that it is free from toxins or other harmful chemicals since you may be using it on a regular basis.

These shakers are designed specifically to help you avoid the use of a blender while making your protein drink. Most whey protein powder & whey protein isolate brands manufacture protein shakers with several features that make it easier for customers to use their products. There are some brands that are highly recommended because of the quality and the ease of use of these shakers.

How to Choose the Right Protein Shaker Bottle?

It is extremely important to choose the right protein shaker so that it is more convenient for you to use. There are so many designs and sizes available that it can get a little confusing to choose the right gym shaker bottle. However, there are some simple tips that you can follow to make sure that you invest in the right bottle for yourself.

  • What material is it made of?

There are different materials that the shakers are made of. The most common one that you will see is shakers that are made of plastic. The plastic that is used should be sturdy and high in quality. You also have some options that are made of stainless steel. Needless to say, the steel varieties are a lot safer and sturdier as well.

  • What is the size?

The standard size of the shaker bottle available is 500ml. You can get a smaller or a bigger one depending upon how much liquid you need to consume. Some of you may require a shaker for a mass gainer which usually requires more water in order to prepare and consume. No matter what your requirement is, you will be able to find the perfect shaker that you can carry with you for your training sessions.

  • What type of lid does it have?

The type of lid that comes with the shaker determines how convenient it is to use. There are typically two kinds of lids that all shakers come with. One is the flip cap and the other one is a screw on lid. The flip cap is certainly easier to use as you can just flick it open with your thumb each time you want to use it. A screw on lid works like any other jar. You have to unscrew the lid each time you want to use it. The advantage of this type of lid is that you do not have to worry about the liquid spilling.

  • Does it have any added features?

The protein shaker bottles that you get these days come with several added features to make them easier to use. The more the features, the more expensive they are. However, these features allow you to whip up your protein shakes easily and even make different varieties of drinks. For instance, some of them come with a whisk ball inside them which helps make a smoother shake. You also have some shakers that come with an ice wand so that you can keep it in the freezer before you make the shake. This keeps the shake chilled throughout the work out. You have options with a separate compartment to carry the protein powder so that you do not have to look for an added container. Some allow this powder to trickle into the liquid so that you don’t have to worry about any chances of clumping.

  • Is it BPA Free?

You have to ensure that you buy a shaker that is completely BPA free. BPA is short for bisphenol A which is very common in plastic containers that carry food or beverages. This compound has often been linked to several severe health conditions such as diabetes, infertility and even cardiovascular issues.

  • Is it easy to clean?

Since you are going to be preparing and storing liquids in these containers, they should be extremely easy to clean. If not, you always have the risk of mold development inside the shaker which can lead to severe health issues. The shaker should be easy to clean with a scrubber and some dish wash liquid. The narrower the mouth of the shaker, the harder it is to clean and even dry. If there are several design elements or nooks and crannies on the surface of the bottle, the chance of mold formation is also higher.  

The Best Protein Shaker Bottle

As mentioned before, the top nutritional supplement brands make their own shakers. This is because they understand what is convenient for the customer and what design is best suited for their product. Some of the best gym shaker bottles available today are:

#1.GHC 3-Compartment Shaker Bottle

  • This is an extremely stylish shaker bottle that is designed for easy daily use.
  • The GHC 3 Compartment Shaker Bottle comes with three compartments. In one, you can prepare the shake. The second lets you carry your protein powder. The third is ideal for other supplements such as multivitamin capsules or even a BCAA powder of your choice.
  • The keychain attached to the shaker makes it extremely easy to carry around as well.
  • The bottle is completely leak-proof which means that you can also carry pre-mixed drinks without any issues.
  • The material used is high quality, non-toxic, food grade 100% BPA plastic which is very safe for you to use.
  • The design is extremely durable and allows to make shakes that are free from any lumps.

#2.Natures Velvet Shaker Bottle

  • Nature’s Velvet Shaker comes in a standard 600ml design which means that you can prepare a larger quantity of the drink of your choice.
  • Handling and using this shaker is very easy because it comes with a non-slip grip on the surface.
  • This wide-mouthed shaker is extremely easy to clean and dry up. So you do not have to worry about any foul smell after a few uses, which is common with other shakers.
  • The flip cap is leak proof which makes it even more convenient to use.
  • The bottle is made from high grade plastic that is 100% BPA free. In addition to that, it contains no toxic plastic compounds and is free from phthalates as well. This means you can use it on a daily basis safely.
  • The sturdy design of these shakers comes in several colors such as yellow, green and red that you can choose from.

#3.MuscleBlaze Hulk Shaker Bottle

  • MuslceBlaze is one of the most widely used protein supplements. So, with their shaker, you do not have to worry about convenience.
  • The MuscleBlaze Hulk Shaker comes with a ball wire whisk that ensures that the drink that you prepare is smooth and lump free.
  • The design is completely leak proof.
  • You have the advantage of additional compartments for your whey or casein powder and even other supplements that you may choose to use such as vitamin pills.
  • The patented loop top of this shaker ensures that there is no leakage. The flip cap is extremely easy to use and is designed to be ergonomic.
  • The MuslceBlaze logo is stylishly placed on the surface to make the design look a lot more attractive.
  • You have several color options with this design as well.
  • This shaker can not only be used to prepare protein shakes but also pancake batters and smoothies.

#4.MuscleXP Advanced Stack Shaker Bottle for Professionals

  • You can be assured of quality and convenience as this is yet another shaker bottle designed by a popular nutritional supply brand.
  • MuscleXP Advanced Stak Protein Shaker for Professionals makes sure that you can fulfill all your dietary needs by providing multiple compartments for different supplements.
  • You have a professional 2-compartment stack that allows you to carry your supplement capsules and tablets.
  • You also have an additional container that you can carry the protein powder in.
  • The capacity of the water bottle is 500ml which is perfect for even professional use.
  • The easy to use flip cap comes with an advanced leak proof technology which ensures that you do not have to worry about any spills or leakages.
  • A wire ball is added to it to help make drinks that are free from any clumps.
  • These shakers are made from high grade plastic that is 100% free from BPA and come in several attractive colors.

#5.MuscleBlaze Cyclone Shaker Bottle

  • This shaker is ideal for gym use and to use for any outdoor sports as well.
  • The MuscleBlaze Cyclone Shaker is made from high grade, 100% BPA free plastic which is very convenient to use.
  • You have a large additional carry box that allows you to carry your protein powder, dry fruits and even other smaller snacks of your choice.
  • The design is perfect to ensure that there are no lumps when you prepare the protein shake of your choice.
  • The flip cap is completely leak proof, making it even more convenient for you to use.
  • This bottle is completely dishwasher safe. However, it is not suitable for hot drinks or even warm liquids.
  • The capacity of this shaker bottle is 600ml.
  • It comes with measurement markings or grooves on the surface to help you make the perfect protein drink with the right amount of liquid.

#6.Kobo Shaker Sipper Blender Shaker Bottle

  • The all black body with green and yellow detailing looks extremely sporty and stylish.
  • The Kobo Shaker Sipper Blender Bottle is a smaller protein shaker with a capacity of 400ml which makes it a lot easier to carry around.
  • The added keychain allows you to keep it with you at all times when you are training.
  • There is a 3 portion built in compartment that allows you to carry several other nutritional supplements such as capsules, pre or post-workout supplements, BCAA and a lot more.
  • The first compartment comes with 4 cap closing sections that allows you to store various capsules and tablets.
  • The second is perfect for other additional supplements like pre-workout or a protein shake powder.
  • The third one is the water bottle that you can make your shake in.
  • The hexagon concave strainer ensures that there are no lumps in your drink.
  • It is completely BPA, and DEHP Free and contains no harmful toxins.

#7.Strauss Automatic Shaker Bottle

  • The Strauss Automatic Shaker Bottle is an advanced shaker that comes with a built in blender.
  • The powerful motor makes a thick and lump free shake in just a few seconds.
  • All you have to do is fill the bottle with the liquid and push a button to blend all the contents of the shake together.
  • The durable body of this shaker is made with BPA Free, high grade acrylic plastic which is extremely safe for you to use.
  • To make it easier to clean and use, the base is completely detachable.
  • The capacity of this shaker is 600ml which allows you to make different types of protein shakes and drinks easily.
  • The special twist-seal lid guarantees that this bottle is 100% leak proof.
  • To ensure that the bottle is safe for everyone to use, it is 100% toxin free as well.

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