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FB Nutrition

FB Nutrition

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Welcome to the world of FB Nutrition, where fitness meets nutrition uniquely and powerfully. In this comprehensive overview, we'll dive into the exceptional features that set FB Nutrition products apart from other brands in the market, explore the top-selling supplements in 2023, highlight the numerous benefits of choosing FB Nutrition, and explain why Healthkart is your trusted source for authentic FB Nutrition supplements.

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Gain More, Gain Fast with Specially Formulated FB Nutrition Supplements

Getting visible gains is one of the biggest challenges faced by both novices and professional level bodybuilders and athletes. The crux of any fitness goal lies in the nutrition plan that compliments the training routine. When you are intensifying your training program, you have to ensure that your body gets ample nourishment in order to recover faster and also build muscle. Just a whey protein powder is not enough. You need a complete nutrition profile to make sure that you are able to make the most of the supplements that you choose to use.

With products like FB Nutrition Whey Protein, mass gainers and others, your body gets exactly what it needs in order to perform at its best. These formulas as specially created keeping different bodybuilding and fitness goals in mind. That way, you get the right support that you need in order to sculpt and mold your physique just the way that you want to.

FB Nutrition- The Brand

FB Nutrition is one of the best Indian nutritional supplement brands that was founded in the year 2001. The brand is focused on making sports nutrition more affordable so that more individuals can reap the benefits of these products. Before they became a full-fledged nutrition supplement manufacturer, the parent company, Planet Nutrition Pvt Ltd was one of the first companies to make milk and egg proteins available to bodybuilders. They sourced these supplements to India as early as the 1990s.

The company works towards engaging every customer and educating them about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good physical activity and the right nutrition to go with it. FB Nutrition has started the Fit India Mission in collaboration with private sectors, public sectors and even non-profits to help improve nutrition and keep people of all ages and from all backgrounds motivated to lead an active lifestyle.

Why Do You Need Supplements?

Be it protein supplements, electrolytes or any other nutritional supplement, it is important to understand why you need them in the first place before you include them in your daily nutritional plan. Supplements serve several purposes that help you get closer to your bodybuilding goals faster, as mentioned below:

  • The most convenient form of nutrition: Even of a regular basis, your body needs several nutrients in order to carry out various metabolic activities. When you lead an active lifestyle, especially, the requirement of these nutrients are higher as your metabolism also increases. Though there are reliable food sources for these nutrients, it is difficult to include the myriad of nutrients that your body requires in the right quantity. With supplements like FB Mass gainer, you have a convenient and concentrated source of these nutrients to help you get the daily required value of each of them.
  • They are vital for recovery: When you are training intensely, your success is determined by your body’s ability to recover faster. BCAA supplements, proteins and other amino acids are extremely important to help you fuel your muscles and replenish lost nutrient reserves in order to recover faster. The microscopic wear and tear that is caused in your muscles when you train is very important to make way for new muscle fiber. However, if your muscles do not get the right source of nutrition, they tend to break down and also become sore. This prevents you from improving your training regime and intensity.
  • To build a lean and ripped physique: Easy to absorb protein sources are made available through nutritional supplements like FB Nutrition Whey. This helps improve muscle synthesis to give you a more defined physique. What is best is that you are able to control your daily calorie intake with these supplements in order to get a leaner physique.
  • They boost performance: To begin with, these supplements aid faster recovery which is one of the most vital factors when it comes to performance. In addition to that, you also have specially formulated pre-workout supplements that give you a boost of energy that you need in order to sustain intense and grueling training. They also keep you mentally focused and alert in order to prevent any injuries when you are trying out a new training regime or increasing the intensity of your current training program.
  • They improve assimilation of other nutrient: Getting only the macronutrients such as your proteins and carbs is not enough for you to get maximum benefits. You also need vitamins and minerals that help in proper assimilation of all these nutrients. That way, your body is able to absorb them better and utilize them optimally to give you the results that you want faster.
  • You can control the nutrient intake: All nutritional supplements come with a label that tells you the exact amount of each nutrient that you consume. That way, you have complete control on what you are consuming and how much you are consuming in a day.
  • Improved overall health: When you are able to get all the nutrients that your body needs, your health improves overall. With some of the vitamins and minerals that you consume, you get the advantage of antioxidant action which keeps your tissues and cells protected. It prevents any degenerative issues and also helps in reversing the aging process. The body makes use of the nutrients that you consume to regulate metabolism. The better your metabolic activity, the healthier you are. You also have the advantage of improved immune response that keeps you free from common health issues for consistent performance.

Best FB Nutrition Supplements

FB Nutrition has created top-of-the-line nutritional supplements since its inception in the year 2001. Here is a list of the best-selling products that have helped over 100000 fitness enthusiasts across the country smash every fitness and bodybuilding goal that they have set for themselves:

FB Nutrition Bulk Gain

  • This is one of the most effective mass gainer supplements with a 1:3 protein to carb ratio.
  • Get 20g of proteins and 62.5g of complex carbs to help initiate muscle synthesis and gain muscle mass much faster.
  • You have a great amino acid blend including BCAA and other essential amino acids with FB Nutrition Bulk gain that also enables faster post workout recovery to improve overall performance.
  • The supplement is easy to mix and even easier for you to digest to make the most of the nutrients that it is loaded with.
  • It has zero cholesterol and zero trans fats to enable only lean muscle gains.

FB Nutrition Super Whey

  • When it comes to whey protein supplements, this is one of the most effective products that gives you 21g of high quality proteins in each serving.
  • The protein used in FB Nutrition Super Whey is extremely bioactive which means that it is easier for your body to assimilate and utilize.
  • Fast absorbing protein formula helps enhance post workout recovery and also initiates muscle synthesis faster.
  • If you are looking at lean muscle gains and are currently on a low calorie diet, this is the perfect supplement for you as it is low in sugar, fat and carbs.

FB Nutrition Lean Pro

  • You get a superior blend of proteins, amino acids and carbs with this supplement to improve muscle gain and also enhance energy levels for better performance.
  • 35g of protein in every serving of FB Nutrition Lean Pro improves muscle synthesis and triggers lean muscle development.
  • To help you recover faster after a rigorous training routine, you also have the advantage of 3g of Glutamine and 3g of BCAAs which are the most important amino acids for the body.
  • For enhanced energy levels, you have 3g of Creatine which helps create more energy units, namely ATP.
  • Maintain an anabolic environment within the body for faster results.

FB Nutrition Unique 100% Whey Protein

  • FB Nutrition Unique 100% Whey Protein comes with 20g of the purest protein sources in each serving.
  • These proteins with their high biological value are easy to absorb and assimilate.
  • You also have a great amino acid profile that includes BCAAs for quick recovery after every training session.
  • This FB Nutrition protein supplement also includes whey protein isolates that are fast acting in order to initiate better muscle synthesis.

FB Nutrition FBN Mass

  • Get 72.5g of high quality carb blends in each serving of this supplement for faster mass gain and muscle development.
  • You also have the advantage of 16g of protein in every serving of the FB Nutrition weight gainer to enhance lean muscle development.
  • FB Nutrition FBN Mass supports even the most rigorous training regime with a great amino acid blend that contains BCAAs as well.
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it improves the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients that you consume each day in your diet.

FB Nutrition Creatine

  • 3g of creatine monohydrate in each serving of this supplement supports your training by helping your body produce more energy, allowing you to endure longer hours at the gym.
  • Creatine initiates the production of ATP which is the basic unit of energy in the body.
  • Enhanced ATP production with the regular use of FB Nutrition Creatine also improves brain function, allowing you to focus better and stay alert when you are undergoing intense training.

FB Nutrition Carbo FX

  • Get 49.25g of the best quality carb blends with every serving of this supplement.
  • You also have the advantage of electrolytes like sodium and potassium to keep you hydrated through long hours of training.
  • FB Nutrition Carbo FX is the perfect supplement for athletes who engage in endurance sports and require frequent carb loading in order to get the energy that they need for better performance.

FB Nutrition Ripped

  • This is one of the most recommended fat cutter supplements that helps you achieve a chiseled physique and enhanced cuts.
  • The unique fat loss and weight management formula of this supplement contains 400mg of green coffee bean extracts, 300mg of garcinia extracts and 200mg of Guarana extracts that help improve metabolism and enhance the utilization of stored fats.
  • It also contains probiotic acacia fiber that improves overall digestive health.
  • Ingredients like cinnamon and chromium in each serving of FB Nutrition Ripped enhance weight loss tremendously.
  • It also contains sodium, potassium and calcium that are vital electrolytes and also provide several metabolic benefits.

FB Nutrition L-Carnitine 600

  • Get a ripped physique much faster by including FB Nutrition L-Carnitine 600 in your supplementation program.
  • 600mg of L-Carnitine in every serving of this supplement allows your body to convert stored fats into energy more efficiently to give you visible results.
  • This is a 100% vegetarian formula that makes it suitable even for those who follow a vegan diet.

FB Nutrition Multivitamin

  • Ensure that your body gets the right quantity of all the vitamins and minerals that it needs with these highly potent multivitamin tablets by FB Nutrition.
  • The FB Nutrition Multivitamin Mineral and anti-oxidant formula provides enhanced health benefits like improved metabolism, better immunity and better assimilation of the nutrients that you consume.

FB Nutrition Glutamine

  • Get 5g of pure Glutamine with each serving of FB Nutrition Glutamine for enhanced post workout recovery.
  • Glutamine is one of the most essential amino acids which is a major component in the structure of your muscles.
  • Getting ample glutamine not only prevents catabolic muscle loss but also improves recovery after training to improve muscle synthesis.
  • Avoid muscle soreness and fatigue for enhanced performance in each training session.

Where to Buy

Be it protein supplements of FB Nutrition Pre-workout Supplements, you can get the best in terms of quality when you purchase your products on HealthKart. With strict distribution guidelines and a tight supplier chain control, HealthKart ensures that you do not have worry about any fake products or tampered products being delivered to you.

What is more, you have the most exclusive discounts and offers on all products on HealthKart, allowing you to buy the best brands at the most affordable prices. You also earn HK points on all purchases for more discounts. The easy payment options, doorstep delivery and the 14 day return policy also make this one of the most convenient sources to get all the nutritional supplies that you need.

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