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TrueBasics Health Supplements from HealthKart for All The Nourishment Your Body Needs

When it comes to a complete nutrition plan, you need to ensure that you include both micro and macro nutrients in your diet. With most individuals, the focus lies mainly with nutrients like proteins and carbs, leaving behind essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.TrueBasics helps bridge this nutritional gap by providing you with the best line of mineral and vitamin supplements.

These supplements are designed to help prevent any deficiencies and ensure that you enjoy optimum health. It is difficult to get all the nutrients that you require in the recommended dosage per day with a regular diet alone. It requires elaborate meal preparation and frequent consumption of food that your busy schedule may not permit. 

This range of products made in-house by HealthKart bring to you years of experience in health and nutrition to ensure great results that are consistent. They provide you with a convenient option to fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements easily and on the go. You can also balance your diet perfectly as they come with genuine labels giving you details of all the ingredients used.

TrueBasics - The Brand

TrueBasics is an exclusive vitamin and mineral supplement brand from the house of HealthKart. HealthKart is one of the most trusted names in the world of nutrition and health. They have, for decades, been the first choice for most athletes and bodybuilders to source their nutritional supplements from.

This means that customers can be assured of high quality with all products developed by HealthKart such as TrueBasics Health Supplements. Every product in the TrueBasics range is the result of extensive research and thorough understanding of what active individuals require in order to get great results and to stay healthy. These products are formulated using all natural sources and assure safety.

You have the advantage of products that are exclusively designed for men and women, to suit the daily required intake of nutrients. In addition to TrueBasics Vitamins and Minerals, you also have the advantage of great products like TrueBasics Omega-3 supplements to give you a complete nutrition profile. These products have been clinically tested to yield great results and are recommended by customers who include fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Why Choose TrueBasics?

TrueBasics is quickly becoming one of the most preferred supplement brands in India. This is because TrueBasics Vitamin Supplements provide you with several advantages as mentioned below:

  • Backed by great experience: TrueBasics is a product developed by HealthKart. This is one of the largest portals in the country for any nutritional supplement requirement that you may have. They have consistently provided great quality, authentic products from some of the best brands across the globe. Needless to say, they bring to the table years of experience when it comes to the nutritional requirements of active individuals. Each TrueBasics product is carefully formulated to give you the right dosage of the most essential nutrients. This helps you get the daily recommended dosage of each micronutrient, allowing better overall health and also ensuring optimal performance of the body.
  • Formula based on extensive research: In addition to great experience, you also have the advantage of several years of research with TrueBasics Vitamins and other products. Every ingredient that is used in these products is clinically tested. This ensures that the results of these ingredients are optimized to give you better overall health and improve training ability as well.
  • Assured quality: Every product that is available on HealthKart undergoes stringent quality checks. This not only ensures authenticity but also complete safety. Like all the other brands, TrueBasics is also created under strict quality and safety standards to ensure that each customer gets nothing but the best.
  • Extensive range of products: TrueBasics helps you complete all your nutritional requirements by providing you with a wide range of products. You have options like TrueBasics Multivitamin for Women, omega 3 capsules, vitamin supplements and a lot more with the TrueBasics Range. This is the result of understanding exactly what the body requires in order to function to its best capability.

Best Truebasics Supplements Price List and Info - Healthkart

Truebasics Products






TrueBasics Ultra Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Triple Strength) with 1250mg Fish oil (EPA 460 mg DHA 380 mg)

Rs. 1529

9.55 kcal



90 Capsules

TrueBasics Multivit Men One Daily Multivitamin with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Rs. 1528

4.28 kcal



90 Tablets

TrueBasics Multivit Women One Daily Multivitamin with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Rs. 1528

3.49 kcal



90 Tablets

TrueBasics Multivit Greens One Daily Vegetarian Multivitamin with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Rs. 1528

4.17 kcal



90 Tablets

TrueBasics Multivit Men 50+ One Daily Multivitamin with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Rs. 1528

3.85 kcal



90 Tablets

TrueBasics Multivit Sport One Daily Multivitamin with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Rs. 1528

4.06 kcal



90 Tablets

Top TrueBasics Products

TrueBasics provides top-of-the line multivitamin tablets and other supplements. There are several products for you to choose from. Here are some of the products in this range that are tried, tested and highly recommended by customers because of the great results yielded:

#1.TrueBasics Ultra Omega-3 Fatty Acids with 1250mg Fish oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are among the most important nutrients that help in more ways than one. They are necessary to help vital organs like the heart and brain function at optimal levels and are also necessary to ensure that the blood vessels are functioning normally. It is important to consume Omega 3 capsules because these are essential fatty acids. This means that the body is unable to produce them naturally and they can only be obtained from the food that we consume. TrueBasics Ultra Omega-3 Fatty Acids with 1250mg Fish Oil is the perfect option to get the daily required intake of this nutrient and has several benefits as mentioned below: 

  • It provides you with 1250mg of Omega-3 fatty acids that includes a blend of 460mg of EPA and 380mg of DHA for best results.
  • The unique sourcing methods used by TrueBasics ensures that this product only makes use of high quality raw material to give you a safe product to use.
  • Purity is assured with a superior extraction process that is used by TrueBasics.
  • It comes with an anti-refulx formula that ensures that there is no fishy after taste.
  • This product is designed to keep your heart, brain and your joints protected at all times.

#2.TrueBasics Multivit Men One Daily Multivitamin

Using a multivitamin capsule can help you get all the nutrients that your body requires in one go. TrueBasics Multivitamin for men is formulated keeping the unique requirements of men in mind. The daily required intake of various nutrients is different for men to ensure that hormone production and other bodily processes are optimized. A multivitamin tablet is essential to prevent any health issues related to nutritional deficiencies. These vitamin tablets help improve immunity, allow better absorption of other nutrients that you consume and provide several other health benefits. The advantages of using TrueBasics Multivit Men One Daily Multivitamin is as follows:

  • They contain 100% RDA of 23 essential vitamins and minerals along with clinically researched ingredients and specific blends such as Lutemax 2020, Bacopin and others.
  • These ingredients help support individuals with an active lifestyle and provide better immunity and energy levels.
  • This supplement contains natural extracts such as Tribulus, Mucuna Seed extract, Safed Musli and Fenugreek.
  • They have a unique brain blend that helps in enhancing cognitive functions and also improves memory.
  • The patented eye blend including Lutemax 2020 and Lycopene is essential to prevent any degenerative damage to macular tissue and also help improve overall visual performance.
  • A very potent antioxidant blend in this supplement includes grape seed extracts, astaxanthin, elderberry extracts and beetroot extracts. These ingredients prevent any chances of free radical damage and provide several health benefits such as improved immune function. In addition to that they also reverse the aging process significantly.

#3.TrueBasics Multivit Greens One Daily Vegetarian Multivitamin

Fresh produce is the primary source of vitamins and minerals. However, with the deteriorating quality of fresh produce today, it is essential to include a supplement like TrueBasics Multivit Greens One Daily Vegetarian Multivitamin to ensure that you can enjoy the goodness of vegetables in the form of a convenient capsule. This specially formulated supplement has several benefits as mentioned below:

  • It contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals and guarantees 100% RDA to give help you manage and active lifestyle and also see significant improvement in your stamina, immunity and energy levels.
  • It comes with a unique digestive blend that includes ingredients like Saberry, Ginger, Amla and Licorice to improve digestive processes and to aid faster liver detoxification.
  • It also comes with a unique antioxidant blend that contains grape fruit, blueberry, mangosteen extracts. These ingredients are highly potent and help reduce any negative effects of free radicals by oxidizing them faster.
  • The wellness blend contains Lycopene, Ashwagandha and Omega-3 which promotes better bone health and also keeps the eyes protected.
  • The fruit and vegetable blend gives you the advantage of spinach, fenugreek, beetroot and pomegranate extracts. They help by cleansing the body and flushing out all toxins to promote overall health.

#4.TrueBasics Multivit Women One Daily Multivitamin

Women’s bodies are constantly changing and therefore have a very unique requirement when it comes to vitamins and minerals. For instance, women require more iron in comparison to men to support these bodily changes. With TrueBasics Multivit Women One Daily Multivitamin the formula is specifically created to fulfill these unique requirements. The advantages of using this supplement are as follows:

  • This supplement contains 100% RDA of vital vitamins and minerals for women such as Vitamin D3, iron and also includes special blends to promote overall health.
  • The antioxidant blend contains grape seed extracts, bilberry, pomegranate and astaxanthin to boost immunity and prevent any chances of free radical damage.
  • The skin and beauty blend contains lycopene, Centellin, Soy Isoflavones and Green Tea that helps improve the production of collagen to delay all the signs of aging.
  • The special women wellness blend contains ingredients like asparagus, actea racemosa, Lutemax 2020 and Licorice to improve overall health.
  • It also has an exclusive bone and joint blend containing CuruWIN, Acticissus and L-Arginine to prevent any degenerative bone diseases in women.

#5.TrueBasics Multivit Sport One Daily Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids with Joint & Energy Blends

Active individuals require a higher intake of vitamins and minerals as their bodies go through a lot more wear and tear. In order to help the body recover faster and to keep the bones and joints protected, they require specific vitamins and minerals. This also helps them stay energized each day and push through the most grueling training programs. TrueBasics Multivit Sport One Daily Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids with Joint & Energy Blends provides several benefits for active individuals such as:

  • TrueBasics Multivitamin Sport provides 100% RDA for 23 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It also includes certain clinically researched ingredients such as Tinofolin and Lutemax that help improve immunity and also boost energy levels.
  • The amino acid blend containing BCAAs, L-Tryptophan, Taurine and Arginine is essential for active individuals. It helps in improving the recovery rate of the body and prevents any soreness due to wear and tear of the muscles. It also keeps the energy levels optimized.
  • The joint blend containing ginseng, Cissus and Hyaluronic Acid helps prevent any strain to the joints due to excessive training. It also prevents any inflammation and reduces pain cause from intense training. It is known to improve overall performance by improving flexibility and joint mobility.
  • The energy blend optimizes performance of active individuals. It contains ingredients like Green Tea, Ashwagandha and Tribulus which provide you with the energy that you need for intense training sessions. It is also known to help in improving strength and speeding up the muscle gain process.
  • The immunity and antioxidant blend contains Lutemax 2020, Tinofolin, grape seed extract and Astaxanthin. These potent antioxidants help oxidize any free radicals and prevent any cell damage caused by them. The result is that the immune response of the body also improves significantly. You also have the advantage of faster recovery which is essential for active individuals.

Where to Buy

Since this is a product developed by HealthKart, the best purchasing option is on this portal itself. You can be assured of genuine products. HealthKart also offers exclusive discounts and offers to customers to help them get better value for their money each time. You can read in detail about all products to choose one that suits you the best. The added advantage of ordering online on HealthKart is that all the products will be delivered to your doorstep. You also have the option of a 14 day return policy which helps you return and get a complete refund in any product that you may find unsatisfactory.

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