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universal nutrition

Universal Nutrition

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Universal Nutrition health and wellness supplements are the perfect solution to every fitness enthusiast. Be it any type of fitness routine or body type, Universal Nutrition offers a great variety of products that are extremely effective and reliable for everyone. Some of the best supplements offered by the brand are Universal Nutrition Fat Burner, Universal Nutrition Casein Protein, Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Protein, Universal Nutrition Daily Formula, Universal Nutrition Real Gains, Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus, Universal Nutrition Animal Flex, Universal Nutrition Animal Pak,  and Universal Nutrition Amino 2700. From gaining muscles, strengthening your bones, enhancing your stamina, to burning fat, they offer supplements for all types of requirements. The supplements are the best thing that you should be consuming for improving your performance. 

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Universal Nutrition

Everyone knows about whey proteins and their several benefits when it comes to building your dream physique. Several years of research by brands like Universal Nutrition about this popular supplement has led to the production of different kinds of whey proteins that perfectly suit every body type and every fitness goal that one has set. For professionals, especially finding the right whey protein along with other supplements that complete their nutritional requirement is vital not only to get results but to also help the body recover faster and stay in top shape. Universal Supplements are the perfect solution to fitness enthusiasts of all levels because of the great variety of products that are extremely effective and reliable.

Universal Nutrition- The Brand

Universal Nutrition is one of the most well-known brands in the world of sports nutrition. Since its inception in the year 1977, this brand has been dedicated to providing innovative supplements that can become a staple in the supplementation program of bodybuilders and athletes who train harder with each passing day.

This company was founded in Linen New Jersey in the “Golden Age of Bodybuilding” when some of the top athletes were emerging. This was a family owned business that was developed with the vision of providing the best nutrition possible to elite bodybuilders. They made their first every supplement in the year 1977 which included milk and egg protein along with desiccated liver.

Since then, they have produced various sub-brands of Universal Whey and other supplements over four decades. Animal is one of the most popular brands produced by the company and is, today, one of the most popular whey protein brands in the world.

Why is Universal Nutrition Different?

One thing that truly sets the brand apart is their core values and business philosophy. They have retained their core values which are honesty, integrity and respect for the four decades that they have been in the business. It is this approach of ensuring that each consumer gets products that support even the most stringent training routine that sets the brand apart. Universal Protein and other supplements are different from the others in the business for several reasons, as mentioned below:

  • They focus on customer engagement: One of the primary differentiators is the fact that Universal Nutrition is constantly engaging with their customers. They work on educating customers, motivating them and inspiring them to achieve great results. There are several options for customers to engage with the brand. You have the option of calling their customer service team which includes some of the best competitive athletes in the business. In addition to that, they have social media channels that put out engaging content to help athletes understand the different trends in bodybuilding and also learn about all the products in detail.
  • Great line of products: For the last four decades, Universal Nutrition has become known for innovation. Their understanding of different training methods and the different types of athletes has produced a huge range of products. Today, they have three prominent product lines which include the Hard Line, The Power Line and the Naturals Line. The Hard Line caters to old school bodybuilding and weight lifting. The Power Line provides athletes with products that improve performance and strength. The Naturals Line includes products that are dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Great quality and assured results: All Universal products are manufactured in the state-of-the art manufacturing units of Universal Nutrition to assure the best quality of ingredients. In addition to this, the crew comprises of some of the best bodybuilders and athletes. This means that each product is tested on the field for results to ensure that the ingredients used and the combination of nutrients work or specific training needs.

The Best Universal Nutrition Products

With Universal Nutrition India, the product line is extremely diverse. Some of these products have been used by athletes and bodybuilders consistently over the years. The top selling Universal Nutrition products available today include the following:

Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Protein

This is one of the top-selling Universal Whey Protein Brands. It is loaded with beneficial features as mentioned below:

  • You can get up to 25g of the highest quality whey protein sources with every serving of Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Protein.
  • It contains a blend of the cleanest source of cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolates and the best quality ultra-filtrated whey protein concentrate that has earned it the tag one of the most serious whey protein supplements in the business.
  • To ensure that these whey proteins are utilized to their maximum, this supplement also comes with digestive enzymes that make it very easy on the stomach and extremely easy to absorb as well.
  • The great taste of this product and the ease of mixing makes it one of the most favorite protein supplements in the world today.
  • It is backed by 100% ironclad guarantee to assure the best in quality and results.

Universal Nutrition Daily Formula

This is a multi-vitamin formula that is specifically designed for individuals who live an active lifestyle. It combines the most vital vitamins and minerals to support even the most strenuous training regime to enhance performance and improve recovery as well. The top features of Universal Nutrition Daily Formula are:

  • It comes with an extremely simple, yet effective formula and is tagged as the “no-nonsense” daily multivitamin tablet.
  • It comes with 23 vital vitamins and minerals that makes it an advanced multivitamin complex that can be used by fitness enthusiasts of all levels.
  • The added digestive enzyme complex in each capsule makes it extremely easy to digest and also enhances the absorption of the nutrients to give you maximum results.
  • This dietary supplement is rated as the best in terms of quality and is the perfect one-per-day multivitamin capsule that is comprehensive and ensures optimal health.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains

A good mass gainer is not just about helping you get achieve a higher calorie consumption each day. The idea is also to ensure that these calories are derived from clean sources to compliment your training goals. Universal Nutrition Real gains is the ideal mass gainer supplement for athletes who are looking for a clean and reliable source to build muscle mass. The most important features of this product are:

  • It is one of the best mass gainers with and enhanced mass-cultivating formula that gives you a great source of fast and slow acting proteins along with the right amount of carbohydrates.
  • With each serving, you can get about 602 calories which helps you reach your daily required calorie intake quite easily.
  • In addition to these macronutrients, it also contains inulin which is helps in better digestion of the proteins and carbs along with flaxseed oil that improves overall health and energy levels.

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus

If you are looking for a great source of carbohydrates for enhanced energy and endurance, there is no better option than Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus. It is one of the most preferred carbohydrate drinks for most athletes for the following reasons:

  • You can get 17g of complex carbohydrates in each serving that supply your body with long lasting energy for long training hours.
  • The carb blends used in this supplement include medium length complex carbs that are derived from the highest quality grain sources along with maltodextrin.
  • It is the ideal choice for those who are looking at meeting extreme calorie requirements for high endurance activities.
  • In order to ensure that the carbs are digested effectively, this product is also loaded with carbohydrates. They also help flush out unwanted toxins from the body for better health.
  • It is designed specifically for those who are looking at developing lean muscle mass as it does not contain any fat.

Universal Nutrition Animal Flex

With intense training, there is a lot of strain on the bones and joints. It is not enough to just include a higher amount of just one or two nutrients in your diet in order to maintain good bone health. You require a combination of carefully selected nutrient sources such as Universal Nutrition Animal Flex that gives you several benefits as mentioned below:

  • Animal Flex capsules and powder are designed to lubricate, protect and strengthen your joints and connective tissues.
  • It comes with a very potent joint construction complex which includes ingredients like glucosamine that helps repair any wear and tear in the connective tissue.
  • To cushion your joints from heavy lifting and strain, it also comes with a special lubrication complex.
  • You have a support complex that rehabilitates the joints and enhances recovery.
  • It also comes with a unique vitamin and mineral support blend to promote optimal joint health.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

To give athletes a good dose of the most vital nutrients to support strenuous training, Universal Nutrition Animal Pack comes with a complete multivitamin profile. It is a comprehensive multivitamin tablet that is loaded with features such as:

  • It comes with a complete vitamin and mineral profile that is derived from almost 75 key ingredients.
  • This supplement contains a unique amino acid complex that also supports faster muscle recovery.
  • Enhanced with vitamin C, vitamin D and Vitamin B, Animal Pak also improves your immune response to help you train more consistently.
  • The antioxidant complex in this supplement helps reduce free radical damage. As a result, recovery is much faster and you can also stay more energized through the day.
  • The digestive enzymes in this supplement ensure that you are able to make the most of all the nutrients included in it to stay in top shape.

Universal Nutrition Fat Burner

To get the ripped physique that you always dreamed of, you need a reliable and safe fat cutter supplement. With products like Universal Nutrition Fat Burner, you can be assured of great results without any side effects. The benefits of using this product are:

  • It is free from stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine which are common ingredients in most fat burners.
  • It enhances the fat metabolism without affecting your heart rate or having any side effects, making it ideal for body builders looking for natural options to burn fat.
  • With this supplement, you have a metabolic and liptoropic complex that comes with over 10 high end nutrients that help you reach all your fitness goals naturally.

Universal Nutrition Casein Protein

Casein Protein is another milk protein derivative that gives you a sustained supply of necessary amino acids through the day. It keeps your body in an anabolic state of development for better muscle development and increased volume. The benefits of using Universal Nutrition Casein Protein are:

  • With every serving of this supplement, you get 24 grams of 100% micellar casein that gives you sustained protein and amino acid release through the day.
  • This is the ideal protein supplement to consume before bed as it keeps your body nourished even as you sleep.
  • Designed to build lean muscles, this supplement is low in carbs and fats.

Universal Nutrition Amino 2700

Amino Acids are most important for protein synthesis and to improve muscle recovery. Universal Nutrition Amino Acid 2700 comes with a complete amino acid profile that helps you get the results that you want faster. There are several benefits of including this supplement in your supplementation program as mentioned below:

  • It contains a complete spectrum of essential, conditionally essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • You do not require additional supplements like a BCAA supplement to support your body’s amino acid requirement.
  • The amino acids in this supplement are derived from whey protein hydrolysates and whey protein concentrates which make it easier for the muscle tissues to assimilate and utilize them.

Where to Buy

For the best protein supplements, carb blends, pre-workout supplements or just about anything that you need to support your training, the best option is HealthKart. You have the widest range of products from authentic brands. These products are sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure that they are 100% genuine.

You also have the advantage of the best Universal Nutrition Price with the exclusive discounts offered by HealthKart. When it comes to convenience, buying products online is the best option. With HealthKart you have the added advantage of comparing a huge range of products before buying. Products are delivered to you in 7 business days and you also have 14-day return policy in case you find any product unsatisfactory.