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Are you searching for the best carb blend supplements to boost your performance? Then you must check out the Carb Blends from brands like MuscleBlaze, Natures Velvet, FB Nutrition, Endura, Big Muscles, Tara Nutricare, Bigg Nutrition, Go Nutrition, Muscle Epitome and more. You can always use Carb Blend for bodybuilding as it supports rapid recovery of muscles and also helps in muscle growth. It can help to increase muscle strength and size. Regular consumption of Carb Blend supplements can also support brain functions. The Carb Powder supplements are available in different delicious flavours like tangy orange, chocolate, etc. and can be mixed with water easily. These are some of the best supplements for boosting your metabolism rate, increasing energy levels and improving your overall performance.

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Carb Blends | Carb (Carbohydrate) Powder & Supplements

Carbohydrates have developed a bad name these days by linking them with gaining weight and weight-related disorders, like obesity. Due to this, carbohydrates are left behind and it is a huge mistake. By using carbohydrates in appropriate amount, you can get effective muscle building results. Carb blends are carbohydrate supplements that are widely available in the nutritional supplement market and are increasing in demand among fitness enthusiasts. But to go for a carb blend, you first need to understand what carbohydrates are and what they do for your body.

Carbohydrates are sugars that get digested to produce glucose in the body. This glucose is converted to energy that we utilise for physical and bodily activities. Glucose is stored in the body in the form of glycogen. Due to their benefit of energy production, carb supplements are preferred as a post-workout supplement to restore the muscle glycogen that works as a fuel for your body when you work out.

It is very essential to replenish your glycogen stores, especially if you are aiming at muscle growth. Moreover, while working out, your muscles get pumped up and the water content in your muscles increases. Therefore it is even more important to consume glycogen-rich supplement to keep that effect for long.

Here is what carb blends do for you…

Enhance your stamina and workout performance

When the body does not get enough carbs to form energy, it uses muscle protein to provide energy for intense workouts, which is not acceptable if you aim at muscle building. The main purpose of consuming carb blends is to stay away from fatigue and prevent you from being lethargic. Mix carb supplement in your intra-workout or post-workout drink and get going for long. Proper amount of carbohydrates is necessary to keep you active throughout these sessions.

Recovery of muscles and growth

When you work out hard at the gym, your body utilises muscle glycogen to supply the energy required. If you do not consume carbs after workouts, the body’s protein content gets affected. Right amount of carb intake is required for muscle growth and recovery from fatigue.

Insulin spike equals better absorption

Carb blends provide glucose, which enters the blood stream and raises the blood sugar level, leading to insulin spike. Research says that this insulin binds to specific receptors on muscle tissues and aid in better absorption of glucose and amino acids into the muscles.

Post-workout carbs don’t make you fat

Most people believe that carbs get converted to fats in the body and make you plump, and thus they avoid consuming carb supplements after workouts. However, very few know that post-workout carb intake is the best if you want to replenish your lost energy and avoid loss of muscle protein. It is the best time to consume carbs because post workout, carbs do not get converted into fats in the body. Even if you are dieting to lose weight and are planning to reduce your carb intake, cutting down on carbs after workout would be a wrong decision as it is one time when carbs give you the maximum benefits without adding fat to your body.

Considering all these benefits, carb blends are an essential supplement that should be incorporated in diet along with proteins for effective muscle growth and recovery. So start having carbs after workout and stop worrying about getting fat.