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Test Strips

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Testing Strips, India

Test strips, better to say diabetes testing strips, are a part of the blood glucose home monitoring kit. The other two components within the kit are a lancet device and a glucose meter. The testing strip is an essential requisite for blood glucose monitoring. Various types of diabetes testing strips can be found in the Indian market.  The testing strips are non-functional without the glucose meter and lancet device. Therefore in order to judge the effectiveness of a testing strip in blood glucose monitoring, you have to use it in conjunction with the lancet device and glucose meter.

With the lancet device, you are to prick the tip of a finger to draw out a drop of blood which is then applied to the testing strip. The meter displays the amount of glucose contained in the blood as soon as the strip is inserted in to the meter. The testing strips are coated with chemicals that enter in to a reaction with the glucose contained in the blood collected on the strip. Some models come with plastic strips that bear a tiny spot filled with glucose oxidase which reacts chemically with the blood glucose to give out Hydrogen Peroxide. The Hydrogen peroxide combines with the test strip dye. This results in a color change whose intensity is equal to the blood’s glucose content. When the strip is inserted in to the meter, the reads the color change intensity electronically and gives the result. These strips are not re-usable; i.e. you have to discard them after a single use.

These glucose testing strips are manufactured by several companies within India and abroad. Here is a list of some major test strips available in India:

  • OneTouch Horizon test
  • OneTouch Ultra test
  • DiabaScan Ejectable Test Strip
  • Contour TM TS Test Strip
  • Accue-chek active test strip
  • Accue-chek advantage test strip
  • Medisense Optium
  • EasyGluco Test strip
  • Entrust-Ascensia strip
  • EZ Smart 606 Strip

Test strips: Some advice & price

You can buy these testing strips from your nearby chemist outlet or from an online store. Blood glucose testing strips come in a box which bears an expiry date for the strips. It is best not to use the strips that have crossed the date of expiry. Generally these strips can be used up to 3-6 months from the date of manufacture. The price of blood glucose strips falls approximately around 30 Rupees per piece.