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Fitness and Yoga Mats - Know More For Better Exercising Comfort

Fitness regimes and yoga are essential forms of exercising, that help keep the body healthy and the mind stimulated. In today’s hectic lives fitness is fast gaining priority as stress and unhealthy eating habits have started taking a toll on our health.

Yoga, which originated in India centuries ago, is also gaining international acceptance, especially by the Western world.  Yoga can be performed by people of all age groups; children and elderly alike and thus, the popularity. It helps in improving the overall fitness of an individual and aids in strengthening the immune system. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins from the body, increases self awareness and concentration, which is vital for children. Overall yoga helps to maintain perfect body equilibrium and aims to promote harmony.

Use of Fitness and Yoga Mats

It is important to perform yoga, by using a proper fitness and/or yoga mat. Practicing yoga simply on the ground, by using no means of cushioning support is an awful idea. This could lead to pain and discomfort in the joints, especially in the knees, ankles, elbows, and the neck.  Hence, the need for yoga and fitness mats to suit individual needs.

These mats are useful for increasing the grip of our body while exercising. When one is comfortable exercising becomes a fun and learning experience. They aid in improving the exercise environment.

Types of Fitness and Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats vary in size, materials and thickness. There are various types of fitness and yoga mats and all of them serve different purposes. Each of these mats has different specialties.  

  • Pilates Mats: They are long in size and are made out of thick material such as TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer).  They are quite effective as they are not sticky and provide a good grip. These mats are also easy to clean as compared to most yoga mats.
  • Yoga Mats: They are made of thinner materials, such as PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), rubber, cotton, jute, mesh etc. However, they tend to be a bit sticky as compared to Pilates mats. They are used for performing low level exercises.
  •  Fitness Mats: They are large in size and have reasonable amount of thickness. They are made by using strong fibers and are useful for performing high level stretching exercises.
  • Professional Fitness Mats: They are large in size and have ample amount of thickness. They are made by using strong fibers and are used by gymnasts and various professionals. They are thick enough to protect a person from shocks.  The drawback of these mats is that they are quite bulky and hard to carry.
  • Foam Mats: The name of the material is already given away the properties of these mats. They are made out of foam and are great for absorbing shocks. They are mostly used by people who perform martial arts. These mats make hard training easy and less painful to joints.  They are also quite easy to carry.
  • Floor Protectors: They are not used for performing any exercises, but are used to protect the floor from any possible damage. They normally kept under big and bulky sports and exercising equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes.

Tips for Buying Fitness and Yoga Mats

Every human being is different; all of us have different tastes, appeals and needs. Hence, it is important to look at the certain factors given below to help us in selecting the most suitable fitness and yoga mats.

  • Price: They budget is an important factor to consider while buying a proper fitness and yoga mats. One can choose from local or branded mats, depending on one’s willingness to spend.
  • Thickness: Yoga and fitness mats vary in thickness. Hence, the person should consider their body weight and the type of exercise to be performed on the mat before buying.
  • Sweating Capacity: A fitness and yoga mat should also be selected by taking into account the amount of sweat released by a person. If the person tends to sweat a lot; mats made of cottony materials or sweat proof mats or skid less towels can be used.
  • Heaviness: One must take note on the heaviness of the fitness and yoga mats. Lightweight mats work well if one has to walk to one’s exercising area. Walking with a bulky fitness and yoga mats isn’t a good idea.
  • Health and Environment: If you are health and environment conscious, opt for eco-friendly fitness and yoga mats. You may choose from a wide range of fitness and yoga mats made out of natural fibers such as jute and cotton. Bamboo mats are also available for nature lovers.

If chosen carefully, fitness and yoga mats can add to one’s comfort and convenience while exercising, making the activity a lot of fun. 

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