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10 Workouts You Can Do at Home to Stay Fit During COVID19 Lockdown

Workout at home

People who are gym goers or love to stay active might feel like this lockdown is going to sabotage their fitness progress. But don’t worry there are ways. And those who hated might be excited, chilling out and watching Netflix. Whether you love doing exercise or hate it, exercise is something that is going to strengthen your immune system and improve your mental health, which will not only keep you calm during this frightening time but can also protect you from any kind of infections and viruses. And coronavirus symptoms include fever, cough, tiredness and difficulty breathing and with weak immunity you might not be able to deal with it. So please keep your phone down for at least an hour in a day and work on your body. 

Here was the list of 10 workouts that you can do at home to stay fit during this lockdown

1. Crunches 

Looking for the best exercises at home for belly fat? Crunches are one of the best exercises for belly fat at home. All you need is a mat. Lie down on a mat, place your feet on the floor to flex your knees. Hold your head with the fingers and place your thumb at the back of each ear. And lift your head off the floor. Inhale while curling up and try to reach your knees with your head then while exhaling go back to starting position. You can do 2 sets of 12 reps. Make sure not to tuck your chin in while doing this exercise. 

2. Downward Dog PushUps 

Upper body exercises involve equipment like barbells and arms, doing the best arm exercises at home for arms without weights are the best ways to put your muscles to the test. There are various best arm workouts at home but here we will focus on downward dog push-ups. The downward dog is a perfect weight-free arm workout that targets your shoulders and triceps. Start doing a standard pushup, or plank position, before pushing into downward dog. For a rep, use your shoulders and arms to lower your forehead towards the ground. Then exhale gently and lift yourself back up by engaging your triceps. 

3. Yoga 

Need best exercises at home to lose weight? Yoga not only helps you to lose weight but also offers other benefits such as improves mood, keeps your mind calm and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. So, try this best exercises to do at home, it will also help you to resist unhealthy foods and control overeating. 

4. Chair Tricep Dips 

When it comes to best exercises at home to build muscle, you can try chair tricep dips. It strengthens the upper body and is effective in building the strength in triceps, arms and shoulders. So, if you want to improve your range of motion, burn unwanted calories and build up your body, try this best exercise for biceps at home. 

5. Spiderman Press-Up

For best exercises at home for abs try spiderman press up. It is specially designed to target your core. It strengthens your multiple muscle groups at the same time and makes your workout more efficient. 

6. Squat Jumps 

Squat Jumps can do wonder to your body. This exercise works on your lower abs, glutes, and leg muscles. Adding squat jumps and its variations can help you to shed extra fat from the lower body, improve strength and balance and tone your butt and legs. 

7. Plank Pose

Practising plank pose every day strengthens your core, increases muscle definition, heightens metabolism, reduces back pain, gives you better posture, improves balance, enhances bone and joint health and boosts mood and relieves stress. If you want to do best back exercises at home, include plank pose to your workout regimen for better results. 

Combining these exercises make a best home workout program. Apart from these you can try the following exercises too for great results. 

8. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose stretches your shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles, decreases stiffness in the lower back, increases flexibility and reduces belly fat. 

9. Wall Sit: 

This exercise builds strength and endurance in calves, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and adductor muscles. 

10. Sit Ups

It is a classic abdominal exercise that uses your body weight to tone and strengthen the core-stabilising abdominal muscles. It also improves athletic performance, posture, gives you better balance and stability, strengthens diaphragm and reduces the risk of back pain and injury. 

What are your favourite home workout exercises? Let us know in the comment section below.

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