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Snack / Energy Bars

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As you head to your journey of fitness, remember that without healthy and proper nutrition you can't win this battle. With a proper meal, snack bars and energy bars can become a good companion to your body as they can help you to stay in shape by preventing unnecessary hunger pangs. At HealthKart, we provide varieties of snack energy bars, breakfast protein bar etc, from certified brands like Nouriza, RiteBite, and Yogabars. Nouriza snack bar, Yogabars, RiteBite nutrition bar, are the best energy bars, and a perfect way to fuel your body both pre and post-workout. These energy bars give you a quick boost of the endurance and energy and also a great occasional meal replacement. Hurry! Grab pocket-friendly best energy bars online at HealthKart today!

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Energy Bar: Breakfast & Nutrition Bar For Every Taste and Health Benefit

When you are looking for something to satisfy hunger pangs in between your meals, there is nothing better than a good energy or nutrition bar. These bars are formulated to give you all the nutrients that you need and to keep you feeling satiated for longer. This is the perfect choice for guilt-free snacking.

What are Energy/Snack Bars?

Energy bars are the supplemental bars that contain cereals and other high-energy foods to meet the nutritional requirement of gym enthusiasts, athletes etc. They are a convenient source of nutrition and are available in a variety of flavours to satisfy different palates. Some of them are fortified with vitamins and minerals that can help in filling nutritional gaps.

What are the uses of Energy Bars?

The protein lacks in a vegetarian diet. Sometimes non-vegetarians are also found to be deficient in proteins. Protein is an important part of healthy eating and it helps in muscle building weight loss, weight management, resistance training etc. Earlier energy bars were the only source of protein but nowadays they come with other essential nutrients also. Best energy bars can be eaten before an hour of workout. It works as a perfect on the go source of fuel.

Benefits of Nutrition Bars?

You can rely on these healthy bars for a quick snack on the go. These tasty treats are ideal for individuals who do not have the time to prepare several meals throughout the day. Whether you have a long day at the office or if you are travelling, you can keep a check on your diet with a good nutrition bar. If you are wondering if these health bars are healthy, then here is some information that will clear your doubts.

Whether an energy bar is healthy or not depends entirely upon the nutritional content of the bar. Choosing a bar that is low in calories and filled with nutritious ingredients like peanut butter, fruits, and nuts and cereal are healthy and have several benefits such as:

A convenient snack: While several fitness enthusiasts include protein drinks in between meals, an energy bar can be a very healthy alternative. They do not require any preparation unlike protein shakes or other health drinks. You can carry them with you at all times

Good source of nutrients: Protein bars come with several necessary nutrients such as protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. This makes them a healthy choice when you are looking for a quick fix for hunger pangs.

Keeps you satiated: Since a nutrition bar is rich in fiber, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. That way you will be able to stick to your diet plan and also ensure that you do not feel hungry in between your meals.

Prevents binge eating: You have several options like a protein chocolate bar or a peanut butter energy bar that are extremely tasty. Hunger pangs can lead to binge eating as you will crave for foods that are rich in fats and sugar. A good quality nutrition bar can prevent this effectively.

Helps you manage your fitness goals: Be it weight management or muscle development, you will be able to reach your fitness goals faster when you are on a good diet. These healthy bars are perfect for you to maintain your diet without any hassle.

Why to use Healthy Snack Bars?

Energy bars are specially formulated to replenish the carbohydrate stores which depletes when you workout or train to maintain your performance levels. Consuming energy bars or cereal bars before or during training helps you to train harder and increase the stimulus for improvement and adaptation.

Side effects of Energy Bars?

Energy bars are a perfect choice for a snack or mini meal if they provide a good dose of fibre and protein and have less saturated fat and sugar. However, overindulgence can cause side effects like upset stomach, sleep problems, headache and jitteriness.

Nutrition facts of Snack Bars?

A typical energy bar weighs between 45 grams and 80 grams and is likely to provide about 200 to 300 calories, 7 to 15 grams of protein, 3 to 9 grams of fat, and 20 to 40 grams of carbohydrates.

What To Consider When Buying A Nutrition Bar?

There are several types of energy bars, protein bars, protein cereal and protein cookies online for you to choose from. The healthiest of these energy bars are the ones that fulfill these requirements:

  • Low in sugar: Even a delicious protein chocolate bar can be low in sugar with FDA approved sweeteners. Make sure you choose a bar that is low in energy.
  • Low in fat: The healthiest options will not have more than 3-4g of saturated fats.
  • High in protein: Choose protein bars that have between 20-30g of protein in each serving for maximum benefits.
  • Low in calories: A good snack bar is one that is in between 150-200 calories. You can choose one with higher calories when it is intended to be a meal replacement.

How do Healthy Energy Bars Work?

Energy bars are useful in both muscle development and with weight management. In addition to that, these bars can be used to give you a quick energy boost before you train. Here are some ways in which energy bars work:

  • To boost your energy levels: You can choose energy bars that are low in sugar but provide you with the calories that you need to sustain a strenuous training session. These calories are derived from clean and natural sources such as protein, fruits and nuts to give you the energy that you need without any unwanted empty calories.
  • Weight management: As mentioned above, energy bars are perfect to help you beat hunger pangs and manage a healthy diet plan that is extremely essential to manage weight.
  • Muscle development: Whether you choose a breakfast bar or any other energy bar online, you have the advantage of proteins that you need for muscle building. When consumed in between meals, these bars help provide your muscles with the nutrients that they need to prevent muscle loss and aid in developing volume.

Top 10 Nutrition Bars in India

You can choose from a variety of energy bars online at HealthKart. Some of the best selling Nutrition Bars are:

  • Nouriza Snack Bar
  • HealthXP Snack Bar
  • Yogabars Energy Bars
  • O'Greens Energy Bars
  • RiteBite Nutrition Bar
  • Zevic Energy Bar Chocolate
  • Flat Tummies The Fiber Bar
  • NourishVitals Granola Bar
  • &Me Chocolate Bar
  • MuscleBlaze Energy Bar

These bars have several beneficial features such as:

  • A combination of healthy ingredients like fruit, muesli and nuts to give you a tasty and healthy protein bar.
  • A healthy dose of nutrients such as protein and fiber.
  • Low in sugar and saturated fats making them the perfect option for you.


Are pure protein bars healthy?

What makes pure protein bars healthy is their good protein, low sugar, and varieties of vitamins and minerals in it. Pure protein bars are a good option for those who are not sensitive to soy, or dairy.

Are snack bars healthy?

Snack bars are a healthy choice but unfortunately most of them are not. Some of them are as sugary as chocolate bars and loaded with unwanted calories. So, you have to watch out the sugar, protein and calorie content while buying them.

What is a good snack bar?

Varieties of snack bar options can overwhelm anyone. Always remember that not all the snack bars are created equal. In order to find a good snack, make sure to read the label carefully and not only look for protein and calories but other actual ingredients too. Avoid the snack bar that contains sugar alcohols and artificial sugar like dextrose, corn syrup etc. Don't buy the snack bar that contains more than 300 calories and less than 10 grams of protein.

What is the lowest calorie snack bar?

Some of the lowest calorie snack bars are from the brand RiteBite, HealthXP, Zevic, Yogabars, O'Greens, and &Me.

How do I start a snack bar?

If you lead an active lifestyle then you can start having a snack bar before your workout or exercise. But make sure not to eat more than one snack bar in a day.

What is the healthiest snack bar to eat?

Healthiest snack bar is one that contains natural forms of sugars and not artificial sugar, at least 10 grams of protein in a single bar, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Get the Best Snack/ Energy Bars Online at HealthKart

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