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HealthKart Weight Gainer,  2.2 lb  Chocolate

HealthKart Weight Gainer, 2.2 lb Chocolate

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      Q. What exactly weight gainers do?
       A. Weight gainers are supplements, usually in powdered form, that add on to your muscle mass and help you gain weight in a healthy way. They contain protein, carbohydrates and fats in a balanced ratio. Proteins increase your muscle mass, carbs provide you energy and fats provide essential fatty acids in moderate amount.

      Q. Do weight gainers make me fat?
      A. Weight gainers are high on calories. That is why working out properly and consuming a healthy diet along with weight gainers is of utmost importance to balance out your calorie intake, otherwise weight gainers will just put on muscle mass and fats, and make you plump.  

      Q. Who should use a weight gainer?
      A. Weight gainer is a supplement that is required if you are not getting enough calories from your food. So first you need to watch out your calories and then go for a weight gainer if you think that you need one. Anyone who is interested in gaining strong muscle mass and weight can consume a weight gainer. However, weight gainer alone cannot do wonders. Exercising and consuming balanced meals is equally important to prevent addition of excess weight in the form of unhealthy fats.

      Q. What should I look for in a weight gainer?
      A. Weight gainers contain proteins, carbs and fats in an appropriate ratio. You should look out for the amount of saturated fats in weight gainers. It should be minimum as these fats are not healthy.<br>
      Protein should be in the form of whey preferably as it gives quick results by getting absorbed fast into the muscle tissues. Some weight gainers also contain casein as the protein source, which is equally good. However, casein is a slow-digesting protein that works in a sustained manner to provide its benefits. Casein protein is consumed preferably at night to provide long, sustained benefit to the body while sleeping.
      Some weight gainers are packed with simple sugars to increase the calorie amount. Such weight gainers should be avoided. A good weight gainer contains more of complex carbohydrates and less of simple sugars.
      Also, check out the cholesterol content when buying a weight gainer. Generally, 100 g cholesterol per serving is considered as the limit for anything and above that is on the high side. So watch out the cholesterol content. 

      Q. What is the appropriate time to consume a weight gainer?
      A. A weight gainer can be consumed at any time you want as per what you want to achieve using this supplement. You can consume it in the morning, in breakfast, before/after workouts, before going to bed, etc. There is really no right time for that. You have to consume it according to your targets.

      User Guide

      How much is sufficient?
      If you are working out, then 300 g of weight gainer is appropriate for you on a daily basis, dividing it in two to three equal parts. If you do not work out, 100-150 g is enough for you to reach your workout target.
      An additional dose of multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acids can be taken to boost up your energy level and take care of your cardiovascular health. Multivitamins also improve your overall wellness and fill the nutritional gaps caused due to unbalanced diet. Certain vitamins and minerals also aid in building up bone and muscular strength.

      Buying Guide

      What are Weight Gainers?
      Weight gainers are high-calorie powdered supplements that contain very less amount of fats, and are high in carbohydrates and proteins. Unlike most protein supplements, weight gainers contain a combination of all the three macronutrients for optimal muscle growth. The proteins help in muscle building and recovery, the carbs supply the energy required for heavy workouts and the fats provide you with the essential fatty acids in right amount, without adding on to the body fat. The high amount of calories provided by these powders acts as a fuel for your gym sessions. Usually the protein component is whey or casein protein, the carbohydrates come from a sugar and polyunsaturated fats are present to supply essential fatty acids.
      Weight gainers are an easy way of increasing calorie intake in order to build lean muscle and gain weight. With a balanced blend of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals, this supplement helps you gain not only weight, but also lean muscle mass with adequate exercise.

      Why Weight Gainers/ Health Benefits
      Source of Carbohydrates
      With a number of calories it delivers per day when consumed thrice, your body gets a constant supply of energy that helps you gain strength and endurance.

      Good dose of protein
      Healthkart Weight gainer provides 11.25 g of Protein per 75 g serving to keep your bosy in a positive nitrogen balance, which is required for muscle gain.

      Source of Fats
      4.5 g of fats in Healthkart Weight gainer helps to boost healthy weight gain.

      Dose of Fiber for Better Digestion
      1.5g of fiber in every 100g makes sure that this mass gainer isn’t heavy on your stomach and gets quickly digested for faster results.

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