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Aesthetic Bodies Your Perfect Partner For a Great Workout Session

When it comes to gym wear for men, the brand that you choose makes all the difference. There are certain brands that understand different movements, body types and contours to design the best and most comfortable workout attire for you. These brands have years of experience working with athletes and bodybuilders and are constantly innovating to choose the right fabric and even create new technologies in fashion to make workout attire more comfortable and practical.

One such brand is Aesthetic Bodies which is known for its wide range of gym apparel including shorts, tracks, T-shits, vests and a lot more. Every outfit that you purchase from Aesthetic bodies is designed for excellence in your training. They are extremely trendy and fashionable, keeping their catalogue updated always. What is more, this is a line of gym clothes that is priced very reasonably so that you can keep adding to your collection.

Why Choose Aesthetic Bodies Apparel?

In just two years since the brand was launched, they created over 100 designs of women and mens gym clothes. They are among the highest selling sports bands giving some of the best athletic wear brands a run for their money. When you want to buy a pair of tracks or gym vest online India, this is one brand that you can rely on for the following reasons:

  • The Best Product Catalogue: Aesthetic Wear has created one of the best product catalogues for active wear in just two years of being introduced. They have a range of products for both men and women. The products in the menswear line includes hoodies, shorts, joggers, T-shirts and track pants. For women, they have the best designs in tank tops, hoodies, shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, tights and leggings. The introduction of new designs each season will keep you on your toes. You have great choices to suit your personality and sense of style and not the boring designs that you normally associate with gym wear.
  • Stylish Gym wear: The mantra for the success of this brand is quite simple. Their designs are the perfect marriage of practicality and fashion. The products in their catalogue are always one step ahead in terms of the design. They draw inspiration from the latest casual wear trends and transform them into the most comfortable gym apparel. The colors and prints that are used are one-of-a-kind and extremely different from what you would normally find in a gym wear catalogue. They stay completely true to their name to give you the most aesthetic gym wear that you can flaunt. Mix up the different gym t-shirts, vest and track pant options available to create your own unique style statement.
  • Attention to Design and Detail: The best thing about the Aesthetic Bodies line is that the products are manufactured in units of their own. That way, they are able to pay attention to every design and detail to bring the best to the racks. From the stitches used, the colors, the fabric and the cut of each apparel, they go right down to the basics to create the most exclusive pieces just for you. Even the slightest things like placement of pockets and zippers are taken care of to give you the best experience when you are working out.
  • Comfort Guaranteed: When you invest in Aesthetic Bodies gym wear for men, one thing you can be completely assured of is the comfort of the product. The fabric that is used in making these products is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin. They provide the perfect stretch so that you are able to move better when you are working out. The breathable nature of the fabric used is ideal to keep your skin free from rashes and infection. Of course, the stitches are strong to endure large ranges of motion, something that every athlete needs.
  • Great Deals and Offers: Whether you want to buy gym vest, tracks, t-shirts or just about anything online, Aesthetic Bodies gives you great discounts and offers. The products are reasonably priced to begin with. In addition to that, monthly discounts and seasonal offers help you get maximum value each time you buy your products. You also have great combo packages like gym vest combo and more that get you more products at a lesser price. That way, you will never feel guilty when you indulge in buying brand new workout gear whenever you feel the lack of motivation to hit the gym. After all, there is nothing more motivating than looking your best when you are training.

Choosing the Right Gym Vest For Each Body Type

There is no doubt that a gym vest is the perfect choice for men. It is sleeveless which means that range of movement is better. Of course, it provides the best ventilation. Choosing the right gym vest depending on your body makes sure that it looks stylish and is also more comfortable. Here are some tips just for you.

  • The right print and color: Color blocks and stripes are the most favorite design choice for gym vests. But, make sure that you avoid patterns that are horizontal. Lines or patterns that go across the body, especially around the belly will make you look broader. Color blocks that are too “in the face” may attract unwanted attention to your problem areas. If you want to include color blocks, choose patterns that draw attention to your torso. This gives you that desirable triangle-shape to the torso.
  • The right fit matters: A gym vest that is too tight never looks flattering. You don’t want the material to cling on to your body. At the same time, if the vest is too lose, it will get tangled in your gym equipment or keep slipping down the shoulder. Choose a vest that will hug your body just enough. Besides the aesthetic reasons, you must also note that clothing that is too tight will constrict the flow of blood.
  • The width of the straps: If your arms are thinner, then the strips of the vest should be wider. This gives you an illusion of lager arms. For those who have bulked up arms, thinner straps look just right and even accentuate those muscles that you have worked so hard to build over time.

The Right Fabric For You

Every fabric behaves differently. Some are more absorbent while others are breathable fabrics to keep you dry when you train. Here are two of the most popular options when it comes to gym vests:


Cotton vests are comfortable and look great too. The fabric is all natural and is completely bacteria free. This means that you do not have to worry about infections or rashes caused by sweating. Cotton is extremely soft against the skin and allows it to breathe as well. So, on a warm day of training, you can opt for a comfortable cotton vest.

That said, this is not the best option for long hours of training because it tends to absorb and retain the sweat. By the end of your training session, you will be left wearing a wet garment that clings to you and makes you feel really uncomfortable. Cotton also does not stretch as much as other types of fabric used for gym wear. However, since the gym vest is sleeveless, this should not really affect your movement. The right fit also means that you do not have to worry about compromising on movement because of the fabric.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are the ones that are manmade. They do not have any natural fibers and are usually plastic based. However, they are the best options when it comes to gym clothing. The most popular synthetic fabrics used in making gym apparel are polyester and nylon. They are light-weight and completely wrinkle free. They also wick sweat easily. This means that the sweat is absorbed from the skin and also evaporates from the surface of the fabric quite easily. That means you do not have worry about dampness at the end of a long training session.

These fabrics also stretch well which makes them hug your body better. However, the down side to these fabrics is that they do not provide any protection from bacteria. The biggest disadvantage of this is that they leave you with bad body odor. So if you choose a nylon or polyester gym vest, make sure that you carry a good deodorant along with you. Of course, the chances of infections and rashes are also high when you use fabric that is not completely natural.

Types of Gym Vests For Men

There are so many kinds on gym vests that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular designs and trends:

  • Muscle tanks: These are the perfect type of gym vest for any body type. The arm hole is tighter and the straps are much wider. So, even if you have not bulked up as much as you would like to, you can still choose a great muscle tank to compliment your gym outfit. They are very comfortable and are just right for someone who does not want to show off too much skin at the gym.
  • Racer Back Vests: When it comes to great range of motion, these are the best type of gym vest for you to invest in. For men, the racer back vests available have the option of both large and small armholes. If you are not very comfortable showing skin, then you can choose the ones with a smaller arm hole. The great thing about the racer back cut is that it perfectly flaunts your shoulder blades and those humongous back muscles. They also tend to make your arms look bulkier because they show off the shoulders and the traps as well.
  • Longline vests: This design has been popularized by pop stars and movie stars as the best casual wear option. These vests can have the cut of a muscle tank or may have a racer back design. What is characteristic of these vests is that they are extremely long. They can go up to the crotch or can even go down till the knees depending upon the design that you choose. Long line vests are great for the gym if they are not too long. If you choose the ones that go down to the knee, you may have issues with movements like squats where you are most likely to step on your own t-shirt.

Besides these main designs and cuts, you also have the option of oversized vests or slim fit vests depending upon how they fall on your body. You have ones that are printed and even ones that come in solid colors. For the gym, it is a good idea to choose vests that come with interesting typography and motivating quotes that will help you push yourself at the gym. Make sure that the vest that you choose is comfortable and suited to your general taste in dressing. If not, even the most stylish design will leave you looking and feeling uncomfortable.

Top Selling Aesthetic Bodies Vest

The best-selling vest by Aesthetic Bodies is the Aesthetic Bodies Men's LongLine Stringer. This stylish tank comes with deep armholes to flaunt your muscular physique. They are available in a host of different colors and prints.

The best thing about this vest by Aesthetic bodies is that it is extremely soft against the skin. It is made from 100% cotton which is easy to clean and maintain. The branding on the front of the vest is stylish with interesting typography. It is also the perfect length and also comes with side slits that let you move better.

Where to Buy

HealthKart brings to you all the products in the Aesthetic Bodies catalogue at the best prices. Exclusive discounts and offers guarantees that you get the best gym vest price every time you buy it on HealthKart. Quality and authenticity is guaranteed with HealthKart products. You can read about the product, browse through pictures and then pick the best apparel to suit your needs.

If you have any issues with the fit or the quality of the product, you have a hassle free return policy as well. So you can make your purchases on the go and have the best products delivered to your doorstep.

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