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You work out with a target to build your muscles or lose weight or both, but it is difficult to get the right direction. Everyone knows that the first thing to start with is some healthy cardio workout and healthy diet, and then you move on to hard training sessions at the gym. But is that enough to pack on some hard muscle on your body? No, it’s not. Well, workout essential supplements, along with workout and diet, are the answer to achieve desired muscle building results, and overcome muscle soreness, tissue damage and weakness. Under this category, you can go for BCAAs, multivitamins, fat burners, L-carnitine and ZMA supplements, etc.

Workout essentials complement your efforts to get in shape or get a muscular body. These supplements are necessary to enhance stamina, build muscle mass, lose weight, boost immunity and cover for the nutrients that you miss in your daily diet.

Let’s get to know about the essential workout supplements that you should add in your diet chart to enhance your workout efforts.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

You must have experienced excessive fatigue and soreness in your muscles after tough workouts. That is because your muscles lose protein while working out, which should be replenished to maintain your muscular health. You can do this effectively by trying aminos, especially BCAAs, which are the simplified form of protein and help in restoring your muscle protein. Three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine, form the category of BCAAs, which together work to enhance your muscle-building and recovery processes. These three amino acids can be metabolised directly by the muscles and thus act quite fast to add proteins to your muscles.


There is always much hype about multivitamins. But few know what exactly this amazing supplement does to support your fitness goals. Multivitamins provide you with requisite vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper functioning of your body. Deficiency of these nutrients can affect the metabolic processes of your body, which, in turn, affects your workout performance. Proper vitamin and mineral intake ensures the cellular environment required for muscle growth. Yes, adequate proteins, energy drinks, etc., are important to achieve your goal, but multivitamin supplements are equally required to increase your potential.

Fat Burners

If you want to lose weight fast with the help of workouts, go for fat burners, which are treated like magic pills these days. Fat burners work by increasing your body’s temperature, which helps you lose excess calories while you work out. Some fat burners also work by increasing adrenaline release in the body, which increases your metabolism. These supplements melt away fat by increasing the utilisation of extra body fat to provide you energy. They also suppress your appetite, which keeps your hunger pangs at bay. Along with healthy diet plan and exercise, fat burners help you lose weight fast. However, you must consume them in moderate amount.

Other Supports

There are many supplements in the market that are essential along with the standard supplements to help enhance your efforts at the gym. Which one to choose depends, of course, on your body’s requirement.  A few popular ones are ZMA, L-carnitine, growth hormone supporters, energy boosters, etc.

ZMA is a mix of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6, which often remain missing in the diet of most bodybuilders. ZMA and L-carnitine supplements aid in muscle recovery and hormone secretion. Research suggests that these supplements also add on to the testosterone level, which is their added benefit because intense training sessions are often linked with decreased testosterone level.

Another supplement preferred by most bodybuilders is growth hormone boosters. Growth hormone stimulates protein synthesis and reduces the breakdown of protein. GH boosters support the release of growth hormone and thus help in enhanced muscle growth.


Supplements have become a necessity despite following a well-balanced diet. Muscle building requires additional supplements along with workouts and healthy diet. So go for these workout essential supplements to give your muscle-building efforts a boost and reach your target faster than usual.

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