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Best Selling Health Drink for Kids

To make your child eat nutritious foods can be daunting, also finding healthy, yet tempting health drinks for your little ones can prove just as challenging. Most children are so fascinated with sugary beverages. However, making them opt for a balanced option is necessary for their overall health.

Best Health Drinks for Child Growth in India

Here is a list of some of the Best Health Drinks for Kids, that are not only healthy but delicious too:

  • Gritzo:Milk can be boring, more chances are that your child may dislike it. To make milk more interesting without adding sugar and extra calories, use Gritzo SUPERMILK. It is the best protein powder for children in India, made with pure whey protein, premium nutrients like Vitamin D3, Calcium Citrate Maleate and recovery nutrients. Plus, it contains 100% natural flavor, with no added colors or preservatives, making it the best protein powder for kids.It is specially made to meet the nutrients required for the overall development of kids and teenagers. It comes in three different packages; for active kids (4-7 years), for young athletes (8-12 years) and for teen athletes (13+ years) and has a delicious double chocolate flavor.
  • Nouriza:Children prefer sugary milk drinks like strawberry or chocolate drinks, Nouriza Kids-Pro makes the healthiest choice for kids and is the best protein powder for children. Mixing Nouriza Kids-Pro and milk together can give you a more healthy and nutritious drink, providing essential nutrients critical for growth and overall development. For example, Nouriza Kids-Pro contains calcium, protein, Vitamin D and other essential nutrients for bone health that are especially vital for growing kids.It also contains Vitamin B complex, iron, Vitamin E, iodine and folic acid for the development of mind and body. It is available in chocolate and kesar pista badam flavor.
  • HealthKart:The most important aspect for kids above 2 years of age is mental growth and physical growth ( increase in weight and height as per age), so they can combat several diseases and excel in academics and sports. At this point, protein is the biggest requirement, which helps in maintenance and faster growth.Nowadays, getting all essential nutrients from the food alone is not possible, this is why your kids need HealthKart Pro-Kids, is a health drink and best nutrition powder for child growth, unlike other sugary malt drinks. It is enriched with essential nutrients like protein, Vitamin D, calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, iron, iodine, and folic acid to help boost the overall development of kids.
  • PediaSure:PediaSure offers a variety of best health drinks for kids, they are proven to be a nutritious supplement or best protein powder for kids falling behind on overall physical and mental growth and development. Every shake provides protein, vitamins and minerals and other vital nutrients. It comes in different tasty flavors. Moreover, PediaSure health drinks contain no artificial flavors, unwanted and banned ingredients.
  • Nutriley:Nutriley Kidigain is specially formulated to promote overall growth and development in kids. It is an advanced low-calorie formula which has protein concentrate, a rich protein source necessary for a healthy body and is the best health powder for children. This supplement is 100% vegetarian and provides greater nutrition to meet the high energy demands. It comes in 8 exciting flavors; banana, chocolate, elaichi, american ice cream, kesar pista badam, mango, vanilla and strawberry.
  • PentaSure:PentaSure Pedia Gold contains quality whey protein which helps to build and improve immunity in kids, neuro boosters like ARA & DHA aids in brain development and fructooligosaccharides- prebiotic helps in maintaining gut health and immune system. Also, it has all the essential macro and micronutrients, making it the best whey protein for kids. You can try its chocolate, mango and vanilla flavor.
  • Evexia:It is important to provide your child with all the right kind of nutrition to boost your child's health in various ways. Evexia brings Kinder Pro, enriched with all the vital nutrients to enhance immunity against infections and retinal and brain development. It is available in chocolate and vanilla flavor. Therefore, say no to those sugary malted drinks and choose the above-mentioned  protein drink for kids that not only suits the requirements of your child but is pocket-friendly too.

How to Consume Kids Health Drink?

Take 1 level scoop of Kids Health Drink and add it to 200ml lukewarm milk. Consume it once a day.

Why Buy Kids Health Drinks from HealthKart?

When it comes to choosing the best nutrition drink for kids in India, HealthKart offers a wide-range of best healthy drinks for kids such as Evexia, PediaSure, HealthKart, Nouriza and much more on its online store. If you are looking for protein choices for your child, there are brands such as Gritzo, PediaSure and Nouriza that are great options in this category. You can find all kinds of varieties and choices of kids health drinks while shopping online with HealthKart. You will also find great deals, combos and offers on Healthkart.