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Brands like GNC, Nature velvet, Aiwo Healthy VitE, GoNutrition, and many more have come up with the best Vitamin E capsules along with Vitamin tablets, biotin capsules, vitamin C capsules, and many more. GNC Vitamin E (1000 IU), GoNutrition Vitamin E 400IU, Natures Velvet Vitamin E 400 IU, Aiwo Healthy VitE, and many others are getting popular due to their extraordinary results. Vitamin E, a collective group of essential fat soluble vitamins that is getting popular due to its distinctive antioxidant profile. A natural vitamin E is present in eight forms with their biological varying levels. Only the Alpha- tocopherol is the only recognized form that is able to meet  human vitamin requirements. These all brands are reputed in the health industry and provide many other sports and nutrient supplements that help you to achieve whatever fitness goals you are upto.

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Vitamin E Capsules: Ready For Better Health

When it comes to nutrition, most of the focus is placed on macronutrients like proteins and carbs. However, micronutrients like vitamin E and also other minerals are extremely important for these nutrients to be assimilated properly and for several other bodily functions.

A vitamin E capsule is a rich source of vitamin E that is a potent antioxidant which plays an important role in different functions of the body. Along with vitamin c tablet supplements it takes care of the stronger immune system in our body that together fights against seasonal infections.

What is Vitamin E known for?

Vitamin E capsule provides a good amount of vitamin E which is a very important nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions like boosting immunity, preventing blood clots, and proper muscle working.

Importance of Vitamin E Capsules in Daily Life

Vitamin E is one of the several vitamin supplements that your body requires. It is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your skin, keeping your body free from oxidative stress and for better immunity. If you are unable to get enough vitamin E foods in your diet such as seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables and even vegetable oils, you can choose supplements that give you the necessary amount of this nutrient each day.

What Are The Benefits of Vitamin E Supplements?

As mentioned before, Vitamin E has several health benefits. Some of the most significant benefits of ensuring that you get enough vitamin E are:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant: One of the most important benefits of Vitamin E is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes all the free radicals in the body and helps flush out toxins. This is why it is important to get your daily dose of vitamin E through multivitamins or through your regular diet.
  • It keeps your skin healthy: Using vitamin E capsules for face has several advantages. To begin with, it keeps your skin protected from free radical damage and from damage caused by UV rays. It is an important vitamin for skin because it can also prevent issues like edema as it is an anti-inflammatory compound as well. Another important benefit of vitamin E for the skin whitening is that it maintains the elasticity of the skin cells which prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.
  • It keeps your hair healthy: It is a common practice to use vitamin E for hair Using the oil for a good massage or consuming supplements regularly can help alleviate conditions like dry hair and hair fall. In fact, vitamin E oil is very useful in helping the hair become stronger and thicker. This is because the free radicals from the scalp are neutralized and the blood flow to the scalp is also improved to give you longer and lustrous hair.
  • It is essential for the heart: Oxidative stress from free radicals is one of the most important causes for heart diseases. For individuals who suffer from high oxidative stress, using vitamin tablets can be an extremely beneficial preventive measure. This is particularly useful for individuals who are on dialysis or for those who are diabetic. There are studies to prove that consuming Vitamin E alone without any other antioxidants was successful in reducing the chances of heart attacks by almost 20%.
  • It improves macular health: When consumed along with Vitamin S, Vitamin C supplements and Zinc, it has been noted that vitamin E can reduce macular degeneration or degeneration of the tissues in the eyes with age. In addition to this, there are several studies to show that the risk of cataracts are also reduced by almost 60% with regular use of vitamin E capsule.
  • It gives you better immune response: With age, the immune response of the body also reduces significantly. This process can be slowed down by using vitamin tablets, particularly vitamin E on a regular basis. Between the years 1990 and 1997, a series of studies were conducted to understand the effect of Vitamin E on the body. In these studies, it was noted that the immune response of elderly individuals became significantly better with the use of Vitamin E supplements. There is also ample evidence to show that consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin E can boost immunity of cells by speeding up the rate of production of T cells. This also helps reduce recovery time. Of course, the antioxidant property of Vitamin E also has an important role to play in improving immunity by reducing free radical damage.
  • It relieves several health issues: While it can prevent several health issues, one of the most important vitamin E benefits is that it can also resolve health issues. It is used as an effective remedy for those who are suffering from arthritis, for example. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the joints and can also improve joint mobility over time. In addition to this, vitamin E is effective in treating issues related to the blood vessels and the heart such as hardening of arteries, high blood pressure, blocked arteries and a lot more. It is also used to treat complications related to diabetes. For women, it can alleviate premenstrual syndrome and can even provide relief from menstrual cramps and the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. Vitamin E is also known to prevent and cure conditions related to the muscles and the nerves.
  • It maintains hormonal balance: There studies to show that Vitamin E has certain properties that resemble hormones like progesterone, androgen and estrogen. These hormones work along with testosterone and hormones produced by the ovary to maintain better reproductive health. These studies have also rendered this vitamin an anti-sterility vitamin. Some tests that were conducted as early as the 1930s revealed that not only did vitamin E improve sterility in male and female animals, it was also effective in protecting the fetuses and embryos. Some of the vitamin E capsules are from big brands like GNC, PureFood, GoNutrition, etc are known to protect the fetuses and embryos in females and also improve sterility in males.

What Are The Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency?

In order to prevent any deficiency, it is a must for adults to consume at least 15mg of vitamin E every day. For children, this dosage varies between 6-11 mg each day. If you are taking vitamin E for any particular health issue, the amount that you need will change accordingly. Not getting this required amount can lead to several health issues and complications.

Although vitamin E deficiency is very rare, there are chances that you may develop it over time due to poor nutrition. There are some health issues related to vitamin E deficiency, such as:

  • Difficulty in coordinating your limbs or walking
  • Weakness or pain in the muscles
  • Disturbance in the vision
  • Overall feeling of being unwell.

People who have certain health conditions that prevent proper assimilation of vitamin E may also experience these symptoms. Those who are at risk include individuals with Crohn’s disease, short bowel syndrome, cystic fibrosis and pancreatitis. Another rare genetic condition called ataxia is also related to vitamin E deficiency.

What Vitamin E Supplements You Should Take?

There are some Vitamin E supplements that are highly recommended because they contain pure Vitamin E sources and also include the exact amount to ensure that you get your daily required intake of this vitamin. These products undergo stringent quality and safety tests to bring to you vitamin supplements that you can consume without any worries and at the same time the vitamin e capsule prices are also quite affordable.

Some Popular Vitamin E Tablets Brands are:

#1.Health Aid

  • Health Aid Vitamin E Capsule provides you with two options, one that contains 400IU of Vitamin E and one with 600IU in every capsule which covers your daily required intake without any hassles.
  • This product is completely gelatin free which makes it safe for even children over 12 years of age to consume.
  • With Health Aid Vitamin E Capsule, you get Vitamin E derived from natural sources without any synthetic ingredients that may have adverse effects on your health.


  • Scrotis Vitamin E Liquid is best vitamin e capsule known for its effective scar removal properties. It helps make your skin free from any blemishes or dark spots.
  • It is also effective against acne, pimples, and other skin ailments. You can use vitamin e capsule on skin overnight for few days and can see results.
  • This vitamin E supplement also has powerful anti-oxidizing properties that help boost brain health and also your overall heart health.


  • HealthVit provides you with two exclusive products to choose from. You have HealthVit Vitamin E Capsules as well as HealthVit Vitamin E oil capsules.
  • The Vitamin E 400IU capsules are extremely beneficial because of their powerful anti-oxidizing properties, which boosts overall immune response and also helps in keeping the heart and the brain healthy.
  • HealthVit Vitamin E oil is one of the most effective skin care products available and is also one of the best-selling vitamin E oils available. It helps reduce stretch marks, moisturizes dry skin and also improves skin tone with regular usage. Massaging the face with this oil regularly also reduces skin aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • There is a range of Vitamin E products available with Now Foods. This includes NOW Gamma E Complex, Now Natural E Oil, Now Sun-E 400 Softgels, Now Sun-E Liquid, Now Vitamin E-200 IN d-alpha softgels, Now Vitamin E Natural Liquid, Now Vitamin E-1000 IU Mixed Tocopherols softgels, Now Vitamin E Dry Capsules.
  • These products vary in their application and also in the amount of Vitamin E that is available to you. You have the option of choosing as per your requirement.
  • These products are also 100% natural and contain vitamin E that is derived from plant sources such as Sunflower and Red Palm.
  • They are formulated especially to give you effective antioxidant protection to prevent several health issues.

#5.Pure Nutrition

  • Pure Nutrition Vitamin E capsules provide you with 75IU of Vitamin E in every capsule.
  • You can consume 1 capsule after every meal to meet your daily required intake for several health benefits like better blood circulation, improved immunity and improved rate of cell regeneration.


  • MyVitamins Vitamin E softgels give you premium quality essential vitamin E.
  • This specially formulated, high strength source of Essential Vitamin E is effective against free radical damage and ensures that several health issues related to oxidative stress are effectively prevented.

#7. GNC

  • GNC offers two variants of vitamin E supplements GNC Vitamin E (1000 IU) and GNC Natural E 400
  • The 100% natural capsules that help in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and the GNC vitamin E capsules price are quite affordable as well.
  • These vitamin supplements provides strong antioxidant benefits
  • GNC Natural Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols includes d-alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.

#8.Natures Velvet

#9. AIWO

  • Aiwo Healthy VitE capsules are excellent anti-oxidants, which helps in managing wrinkles, and preventing aging of skin.
  • These supplements prevent oxidation of LDL.
  • The Aiwo Healthy VitE capsules prevents RBC from hemolysis
  • Consumption of the Aiwo vitamin E capsules prevents sterility, supports healthy skin and nails, and also helps in liver detoxification
  • It is known to prevent neurological problems
  • You can also use vitamin e capsules for face to protects your skin from the UV rays of sun

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Take a Vitamin E Tablet?

Lower than 1000 mg daily is the recommended dose of vitamin E. But if you have deficiency of vitamin E, you may take the higher doses of the supplement under the guidance of a doctor.

What can Vitamin E do for your face?

Vitamin E has several benefits for skin health. It can reduce the inflammation and make you look younger. Purchase the best vitamin e without caring about vitamin e capsule price as it is available at pocket friendly price.

What can Vitamin E do for your hair?

As vitamin E is a potential antioxidant, it can help you to keep a healthy scalp and limit the hair fall. This is the reason why many hair products use vitamin E in them as a main nutrient.

Are there potential side effects or risks?

Vitamin E is very crucial in our daily life but excessive use of vitamin E leads you to fatal bleeding and blood thinning. Excessive dose can also increase the hemorrhagic stroke in you.

Why Choose HealthKart For Vitamin E Tablets or Capsules ?

HealthKart empowers you to choose top Vitamin E capsule supplements from various brands at one place by comparing.

Can we take Vitamin E capsules daily?

Yes, we can take vitamin E capsules daily but in a recommended dose. For safe use, we should take lower than 1000 mg every day.

How can I get Vitamin E naturally?

Use wheat germ, corn, soybean, sunflower, and safflower oil. Along with that nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach are good natural sources of vitamin E.

Does Vitamin E cause weight gain?

Yes, vitamin E may cause weight gain as a study concluded on female rats that it plays a significant role in gaining weight in them.


Where to Buy Vitamin E Capsules?

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