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Introduction of DHEA

Known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced by adrenal glands. Dr. Adolf BUTERNANDT discovered isolate DHEA in its free form during 1930's. After 20 years, in 1954 DHEA was found in human blood by two researchers Migeon and Plage. Further, in 1958, a French professor, Max Fernand JAYLE propagated a linear decrease of DHEA in men and women with ageing. A double blind study indicated that this hormone might help improve erectile dysfunction in men. A number of other studies show that DHEA supplements can help people with depression, obesity, lupus and adrenal insufficiency. As per some researchers, supplementing with DHEA helps restore this hormone and aids in delaying ageing. Some reports reveal that DHEA may improve skin disorders in older people and lower heart problems as well.

How DHEA works?

lso called androstenolone or prasterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, DHEA is a hormone that circulates in blood in higher concentrations. The body coverts DHEA into androgen and estrogen in male and female sex hormones. The level of DHEA is at its peak when people are in their 20's. But this hormone tends to decline with age so we have to consume it through supplements. This hormone is not found in food so replacing DHEA with medicinal supplements helps in preventing age related disorders. DHEA reverses the signs of ageing, and aids in boosting immunity and cognitive functions of the body. The other benefits of DHEA include-


  • Prevents ageing: DHEA supplements help in delaying ageing by improving body shape, bone strength,muscle strength, insulin sensitivity and the quality of life.
  • Aids in depression: Clinical studies have revealed that DHEA hormone reduces the symptoms of depression, while enhancing your mood.
  • Benefits in obesity: Working as an anti-obesity supplement, DHEA aids in reducing genetic and age-induced obesity.
  • Provides joint care: Supplementing with DHEA may increase bone density and reduce bones loss in old people. This makes it beneficial in various joint problems like osteoporosis.
  • Improves sexual health: By improving your muscular strength, DHEA hormone helps in enhancing your sexual performance. This hormone not only enhances stamina, but reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. It helps in maintaining normal functions of sexual organs in men and women to ensure a better sex life.
  • Relieves menopausal symptoms: DHEA gained much popularity among premenopausal women, who find it beneficial in reducing the symptoms of menopause that include decreased sex drive, diminished skin tone, and vaginal dryness.
  • Beneficial in adrenal insufficiency: When your adrenal glands are unable to produce enough hormones adrenal insufficiency occurs. Several studies suggest that DHEA helps improve your mood and fatigue, while maintaining your overall wellbeing.Increases libido in women: DHEA increases libido and enhances sex drive in older women.
  • Aids in inflammatory bowel disease: Intake of DHEA helps in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Improves heart functions: DHEA supplements helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar level to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Other benefits: Various other disorders can be cured by having DHEA. These include alzheimer's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, crohn's disease, schizophrenia and sjogren's syndrome.


Knowing the above benefits of DHEA, you might be thinking to include DHEA supplements in your daily routine. For your convenience, DHEA supplements are available in various easy to consume forms that include DHEA capsules, tablets and softgels. These supplements are safe to consume, however you should consult your physician before consuming them. They can effectively increase your energy, improve your mood and protect your immune system, while promoting your overall-wellbeing.