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MuscleBlaze Protein Blends

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MuscleBlaze Protein Blend

There are different types of proteins that are needed in our diet to meet our varied fitness goals. The most common type of protein supplements available is whey protein concentrates and isolates. While these supplements have their benefits and are regarded as great protein sources, there are other protein sources with different profiles that your body will need as you alter your fitness goals. 
A protein blend is a good choice to give you a mixture of slow and fast release proteins to fuel you through the day. 

What are Protein Blends? 

In simple terms, Protein Blends are supplements that include multiple protein sources. This may include whey proteins and casein, whey protein isolates and concentrate or whey protein and egg or soy protein. The proteins included in these protein blend supplements have a combination of fast and slow release proteins, which fuel various activities as per the requirement. This allows muscles to grow and repair faster as well. 
Each protein source has a different amino acid profile. For instance, egg proteins have cystine and Phenylalanine, which are digested slowly while whey proteins have a leucine, which is absorbed in less than 30 minutes. That way, you have a sustained release of proteins all day long, preventing any muscle loss in between your meals. 

MuscleBlaze Protein Blend

MuscleBlaze Protein Blend is one of the best protein blend supplements in India because of its composition and varied sources of proteins. It provides the perfect nutritional support for those who engage in strenuous workout routines and need to recover faster. Some advantages of MuslceBlaze Protein Blends are:
  • Seven Protein Sources: With each serving of this protein blend, you get 24 grams of proteins, which are derived from seven different sources. These sources include fast, medium and slow release proteins, which help you, recover quickly after a workout, and keep you fueled when you are in between your meals. The slow release proteins take up to 8 hours to digest. 
  • EAAs and BCAAs: With each serving, you get 12 grams of Essential Amino Acids and 5.6 grams of branched chain amino acids. They help you sustain your workout as they prevent any muscle fatigue and allow for faster recovery of the muscles. 
  • Good Source of Minerals and Vitamins: What makes MuscleBlaze the best protein blend is the rich vitamin and mineral profile. This not only allows your body to absorb other nutrients better but also ensures that your immune system stays in great shape always. 


MuscleBlaze Protein Blends are available in great flavors such as Chocolate and Vanilla. 

How to consume?

Mix one scoop of this supplement with 180 ml of skimmed milk or water. Shake for about 45 seconds to prepare a creamy shake. You may consume up to two scoops per day. It can be used in the morning, before you go to bed, immediately after your workout or in between your meals. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day when you are consuming this supplement. 

Where to buy?

It is best to buy MuscleBlaze Protein Blend online on healthkart.com. You have the advantage of choosing from a diverse range of products and various combo packs that help you get the products of your choice at the best prices possible.