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best selling product in Whey Proteins
Rs. 4049.0
(Rs. 2024.5/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1350.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 81
(1819 reviews)
best selling product in Mass Gainers
Rs. 2512.0
(Rs. 837.33/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 837.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 50
(934 reviews)
best selling product in Protein Cereal
Rs. 549.0
(Rs. 549.0/kg)
21.0% off (You Save:Rs. 150.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 3
(24 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Proteins
Rs. 6003.0
(Rs. 1500.75/kg)
21.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1596.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 120
(96 reviews)
best selling product in Advanced Whey Proteins
Rs. 4598.0
(Rs. 2299.0/kg)
28.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1797.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 92
(172 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Protein Isolate
Rs. 5699.0
(Rs. 2849.5/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1900.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 114
(450 reviews)
best selling product in Casein Proteins
FreebieMuscleBlaze Shaker, Assorted 650 ml
Rs. 4124.0
(Rs. 2062.0/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1375.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 82
(206 reviews)
best selling product in Protein Blends
Rs. 3599.0
(Rs. 1799.5/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1200.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 72
(30 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Proteins
Rs. 3399.0
(Rs. 1699.5/kg)
20.0% off (You Save:Rs. 850.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 68
(27 reviews)
best selling product in Mass Gainers
Rs. 2771.0
(Rs. 923.67/kg)
25.0% off (You Save:Rs. 924.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 55
(171 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Proteins
Rs. 6700.0
(Rs. 3275.56/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 34
(45 reviews)
Rs. 1349.0
(Rs. 3372.5/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 150.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 27
(169 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Protein Isolate
Rs. 2694.0
(Rs. 2694.0/kg)
23.0% off (You Save:Rs. 805.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 54
(8 reviews)
Rs. 7199.0
(Rs. 3167.56/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 36
(0 reviews)
best selling product in Casein Proteins
Rs. 4199.0
(Rs. 4618.9/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 21
(6 reviews)
best selling product in Mass Gainers
Rs. 4499.0
(Rs. 1649.63/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 500.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 22
(6 reviews)
Rs. 5499.0
(Rs. 2291.25/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 27
(1220 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Protein Isolate
Rs. 6644.0
(Rs. 4872.27/kg)
3.0% off (You Save:Rs. 205.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 33
(56 reviews)
Rs. 7799.0
(Rs. 3299.58/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 39
(11 reviews)
Rs. 6861.0
(Rs. 3018.84/kg)
6.0% off (You Save:Rs. 438.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 34
(147 reviews)
best selling product in Whey Protein Isolate
Rs. 7999.0
(Rs. 3199.6/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 40
(15 reviews)
best selling product in Protein Blends
Rs. 6790.0
(Rs. 3734.5/kg)
3.0% off (You Save:Rs. 210.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 34
best selling product in Mass Gainers
Rs. 5399.0
(Rs. 1733.99/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 600.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 27
(44 reviews)
best selling product in Mass Gainers
Rs. 5999.0
(Rs. 2639.56/kg)
20.0% off (You Save:Rs. 1500.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 30
(9 reviews)

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Protein - the building block of life - can be found in every cell of our body. Actually, protein is the second most abundant substance, after water, found in the human body. Protein diet is required for various vital body processes and thus needs to be invariably replenished through diet or supplements.

Why Protein Supplements?

  •  Energy Production - Protein is counted as an important source of energy. The extra protein you consume apart from the amount needed for body functions gets utilised by the body to produce energy.
  • Maintenance and Repair – Protein supplements aid in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissues as well as repair of damaged tissues. Protein is also found in hair, nails, muscles and all organs, and help in maintaining them.
  • Enhancement of the Immune System – Protein supplements aid in increasing your immunity, as protein forms a major constituent of antibodies, which work in close relation with the immune system to protect the body from harmful microbes and infections.
  • Mass Gain and Weight Loss– Protein powders for mass gain are gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Protein adds on healthy muscle mass to the body and gives you an enhanced muscular look. Protein also keeps you satiated for long, thus curbing your craving for unhealthy in-between-meal snacks. For this reason, the demand for protein supplements for weight loss is increasing among people.

Let’s get to know about the wide array of proteins available…

With loads of varieties of proteins available in the market of nutrition supplements manufactured by different protein powder brands, it is really tough to choose the best protein supplement suitable for your body to achieve maximum results. To choose the one most suited to your requirement, you first need to gather knowledge about what different proteins do for the body. So here’s a guide to the functions of various proteins.

Whey protein, advanced whey protein, whey protein isolate, mass gainers, casein, soy and protein blends are few of the top protein powders that are in huge demand these days due to their wide range of benefits.

Whey, a protein obtained as a by-product of cheese making, is a popular choice among people if their aim is to build lean muscles and lose weight while taking care of the body’s nutritional requirements at the same time. Whey has become a well-known weight loss and bodybuilding protein powder. It also enhances the body’s immune system and metabolism. It is a fast-digesting protein, and gives quick results in terms of providing energy, muscle building and repair of muscle tissues after heavy exercise. Advanced whey protein powder is a mix of the three types of whey protein – concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. It is often enriched by adding the amino acids creatine and leucine. Whey isolate is considered to be the purest form of whey protein, giving you high protein in each serving. It is the quickest to get absorbed among all types of whey proteins. Whey isolate makes a great choice as a pre- and post-workout supplement.

Protein supplements for mass gain are in demand. These mass gainers are high on carbs and provide you with the right amount of calories required for increasing muscle mass. These supplements for gaining mass contain fibre for easy digestion and boosting the metabolism. They also contain vitamins and minerals to provide you strength.

Casein and soy proteins are proteins that have their unique benefits. Casein is a potent muscle-building milk protein that reduces muscle breakdown. It is a calcium-rich protein that takes long to get digested for stabilised release of amino acids to provide you energy for long hours. That is why casein is best consumed before bed so that your body gets enough time to digest the protein and get benefitted by it. Soy protein is a vegetarian protein that is very good for the heart. It reduces bad cholesterol level in the body. It is loaded with glutamine, arginine and BCAAs for enhanced muscle growth and speedy recovery of muscles from fatigue. It can be consumed both pre as well as post workout.

Protein blend is a mix of whey, casein and egg white/soy proteins. These proteins have different digesting rates and give you efficient results during the day. Whey is a fast-digesting protein that aids in building muscles, weight loss, and boosting metabolism and immunity. Casein takes long to get digested, thereby releasing amino acids at a controlled rate. Egg white is medium digesting and supplies plenty of amino acids to the body. Soy is a vegetable protein that takes care of the heart, and aids muscles in recovering fast from tissue damage and fatigue. Together these proteins in a protein blend work to give your body a great muscle building experience.

You can also go for protein bars, which work as an easy-to have snack in between meals. These protein bars have many health benefits in store for you. Eating protein bars satisfies your craving for unhealthy snacks and prevents you from consuming extra calories. Protein bars act as the best snack option for those who have less time to prepare snacks.

No matter what you are aiming at by consuming a protein powder, proteins are always good for your health. Especially for those who engage in more physical activities, consuming protein products is beneficial in improving the overall physique and increasing the stamina. This means that even though you do not aim at building a muscular body, proteins may do good to you in a number of ways, like improving the health of bones, skin and brain. You can also enjoy anti-ageing benefits by consuming regular proteins. So choose the best protein powder for yourself and gain the maximum out of it.