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MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge

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MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein),  1 Piece(s)/Pack  Almond Fudge
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MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge

  •  This Product Helps in Muscle Building
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Product Details

  • MuscleBlaze Protein Bar provides 22g of protein per serving to support your protein requirements.
  • This Almond Fudge Protein Bar contains 5.5g of fiber and 9.5 g of carbs keep you satiated and fuller for longer, keeping hunger pangs at bay.
  • MuscleBlaze Protein Bar has Zero added sugar and 100% gluten-free makes it safe for everyone to consume.
  • It is fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and help you perform better.
  • It also contains omega 3 fatty acids which may helps to keep your heart healthy.
Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by HealthKart.
Manufacturer: SK Industries, Plot No 10, Sector 2, Parwanoo, Solan (Himachal Pradesh), Contact: 8527732632, Email: [email protected]

Product Info

General Traits
Protein per Bar 22 g
Weight per Bar 72 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Bar per Box 1 Piece(s)/Pack
Number of Servings 1 Piece(s)/Pack
Protein % per Serving 31  %
Additional Information
Manufactured in India
Flavour Almond Fudge
Form Bar
Gender Unisex
Packaging Box
Concern Energy
Goal Boost Energy
Other Traits
Flavour Base Others
Product Code/UPC 8906067025371
Nutritional info for protein bars
Protein % per Serving 31  %
Protein 22 g

MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), Almond Fudge

If hunger pangs are getting the better of you, what you need is a nutritious alternative to help you beat them. Protein bars have long been used as the perfect solution to avoid cravings and also as a reliable source of all the nutrients that you require to optimize your performance at the gym.
MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge is recommended by top athletes and bodybuilders because of the several health benefits that it offers. It is only made from high-grade ingredients that will ensure that you meet the daily required intake of important macro and micronutrients.
MuscleBlaze Protein Bar - Nutritional Information
Approximate Composition  Per Bar (72g)
Energy (kcal) 256
Protein (g) 22
Total Carbohydrate (g) 23
Total Fat (g) 10
Vitamin A (mcg) 97.2
Vitamin B1 (mcg) 162

Benefits of MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), Almond Fudge

One of the best-known names in the world of high-performance nutrition, MuscleBlaze brings to you a top of the line protein bar that will help you meet your protein needs to support all your fitness goals. 
The several benefits of MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge include: 
  • Convenient Protein Source: You can get 22g of high-quality proteins with each serving of this protein bar. It is easy to carry, hassle-free and is perfect for those who do not have the time to prepare as many meals as required each day. 
  • Assists Lean Mass Gain: MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge is 100% sugar and gluten-free. This makes it a safe option that does not put any digestive load on your body. You get only clean calories that ensure that you only gain lean muscles. 
  • Aids Better Performance: With every serving, you get 9.5 net carbs that give you a good source of energy to perform at your best in each training session. You also have the advantage of 27 essential vitamins and minerals that help prevent muscle fatigue to help you push harder. These nutrients keep you feeling satiated and also boost your immunity to make sure that you do not have to make any compromises on your training sessions. 
  • Better Overall Health: MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids as well as 5.5g of fiber. This improves your heart health and also improves your digestion. The result of this is that the nutrients that you consume are absorbed better to give you optimum benefits and better results. 


MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge is a take on one of the world’s favorite desserts. So, you can be assured that each bite is tasty, crunchy and simply delicious. For those who cannot resist chocolate, you also have a rich and chewy Chocolate Delight flavor that will satisfy all your cravings. 

How and When to Consume MuscleBlaze Protein Bar? 

You can consume one serving any time of the day when you need a quick snack. For best results, however, it is recommended that you consume MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge:
  • After Workout: Your muscles will get an instant dose of 22g of proteins that ensure that there is no chance of muscle loss or degeneration. 
  • In Between Meals: Make sure that you keep all your hunger pangs at bay with one serving in between your meals. 

Where to Buy MuscleBlaze Protein Bar? 

Buying MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), Almond Fudge Online on HealthKart is undoubtedly one of the most convenient options. You can choose from a range of products, avail great discounts and also have products delivered to your doorstep. 


MuscleBlaze Protein Bar FAQs

Q. How does MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 1 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge support muscle gain?

A. With 22g of protein per serving, you can ensure that you get the necessary protein intake to promote better muscle growth and recovery. 

Q. Does it boost performance? 

A. 9.5g of carbs and 27 essential vitamins and minerals ensure that you stay energized through your workout sessions. 

Q. How does it aid weight management? 

A. You have the benefit of 5.5g of fiber that will keep you satiated for longer. This ensures that you are able to keep cravings for sugary and fatty foods at bay. 

Q. What are the other health benefits?

A. Omega 3 fatty acids, zero sugars, and no gluten ensure that your heart health and overall health is optimized. 

Q. Who can consume it? 

A. This protein bar is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level bodybuilders and athletes who need nutrition on the go. 

MuscleBlaze - From The Manufacturer

MuscleBlaze is known as one of India’s leading Sports Nutrition Company. Its prime focus is to offer the best bodybuilding supplements like Whey, Gainers, Weight Gainers, Pre-workout and more. 
Founded in 2012, MuscleBlaze has become synonymous with product quality, authenticity and cutting-edge performance at the best price. This is possible due to their stringent adherence to source the purest ingredients and uses quality processes –all this to guarantee authentic products, every time. 
They source raw material from genuine vendors and manufactures. The end product is made at FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure MuscleBlaze is the best sports supplement brand. 
The aim of MuscleBlaze is to bring forward international grade of fitness supplements in India. This focus and passion resulted in MuscleBlaze Whey Gold - one of India’s best protein supplement.
MuscleBlaze has many products in their range, including:
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Protein
  • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze BCAA and more…
To create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste, MuscleBlaze ensures to manufacture its products under the guidance of best pharmaceutical experts. It continues to delight their customers with great resulting supplements that are known for their best flavors. 

Customer Satisfaction

MuscleBlaze Protein supplements undergo strict quality checks before it reaches you. To provide more power and quality protein, MuscleBlaze not only takes purity seriously but also guarantees it. 
MuscleBlaze is your trusted fitness partner, as it takes a lot for a supplement to become a MuscleBlaze supplement. 

Product Authenticity

MuscleBlaze is the only brand that empowers fitness enthusiasts to verify the authenticity of their purchase via SMS. Every product has a unique, non-duplicable code. The consumer can simply punch their unique code at the authentication section and send it to themselves via SMS. 

Where To Find MuscleBlaze Products?

If you are looking for best Whey Protein, Weight Gainer, and Pre-workout supplements online, visit muscleblaze.com. Apart from it, healthkart.com also offers genuine MuscleBlaze Supplements
In order to ensure the product authenticity, you can also scan the QR Code of MuscleBlaze supplements purchased from HealthKart. Or you can visit the nearest HealthKart store to purchase the best Whey protein brands and other top supplement brands.

1. How is MuscleBlaze® Bar different from rest of the protein bars?
MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar is developed by the team of experts who are into developing our existing MuscleBlaze® Protein Supplements using the same sources of elite whey. The bar is being developed and manufactured in same facilities with utmost care. Our team of researchers have come up with best in line supplements and Being one of the leading sports nutrition brands we have the capability & reach to source and test critical raw materials meeting international standards.

2. What are the highlights of MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar?

  • High Protein Content: 22g of Protein per serving
  • More Fibre: 5.5g of Fibre
  • Low Calories: Only 230 Calories
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free

3. I am a vegetarian. Is this bar vegetarian?
MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar in Choco Delight flavor is a 100% vegetarian bar and is made using all vegetarian ingredients only.
4. Who can take protein bars?
Protein Bars are generic protein supplements packed with 22g of protein per serving. Recommended for only adults, including men and women, this protein bar is an ideal snack replacement that helps to stay away from unhealthy and untimely munching regardless of your fitness growth. MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar is suitable for Muscle Building, Weight Loss, and staying Fit.
5. I do not go to Gym. Can I use this protein bar?
Even an average person leading a sedentary lifestyle requires proteins for usual body maintenance. Regular Indian diet does not provide sufficient proteins for the body. So, it is advised to take protein rich foods or protein supplements irrespective of your lifestyle.
6. Why isn’t the Whey used as the primary protein source of the protein bar?
Whey is not usually the primary source for any protein bar as it leaves a strong bitterness behind. In the current protein bar, we have raised the whey content to the maximum level possible without spoiling the overall taste of the bar.

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Value for money
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  • 12 Piece(s)/Pack Choco Delight OLD

    great when traveling.... also for lunch.. kynki hamari bhookh alag hai??

    Was this review helpful? Yes 3
  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    12 Piece(s)/Pack Choco Delight OLD
    A complete bar !

    Was looking for something like this with moderate protein and a budget option. I use it often as a pre workout nutrition bar, 90 minutes before the workout. My only issue with everything from muscleblaze is lack of flavours, and sadly, thats still present here. Get us more flavours.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 2
  • 12 Piece(s)/Pack Choco Delight OLD

    Taste is Pretty Good

    Was this review helpful? Yes 2
  • 12 Piece(s)/Pack Choco Delight OLD
    best product of muscleblaze

    This product is realy best my favorite product you can eat in pre workout post workout

    Was this review helpful? Yes 2
  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    Not v tasty but healthy.

    Good buy

    Was this review helpful? Yes 1

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