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For your bodybuilding goals, you can completely rely on the whey protein. Whey protein provides all the necessary protein and nutrients and helps in improving great energy levels and allows you to achieve your bodybuilding goals safely and effectively. It also benefits the overall health of the body. At HealthKart, we have some of the trusted protein supplement brands such as DYMATIZE, MuscleBlaze, ON, MyProtein, Ultimate Nutrition, MuscleTech etc at a very affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Visit HealthKart and grab the best whey protein powder from the domestic and international brands and enjoy some amazing offers, deals, and discounts

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Whey Protein: Support Your Fitness Journey

Buying whey protein under the good surveillance of health experts as it has become an essential part of bodybuilding. So the chances of adulteration increase which can lead to health issues and side effects.

Whey Protein is the by-product (liquid part), we obtain during the manufacturing process of cheese. The whey protein powder comprises all nine essential amino acids. Regular consumption of protein supplements increases body strength, stamina, muscle gain process, and post-workout recovery. Whey protein powder supplements are easy to digest and can be readily absorbed by the body.

Whey protein supplements are easy to digest and can be readily absorbed by the body that comes in 3 different types mainly.

Different Types of Whey Protein:

As per nutrients requirement, Whey protein supplements are of three types:

Whey Isolate: Whey protein isolate consists of about 90% of protein.  With enough processing of whey, we make it free of lactose, carbs, and fats. Thus, we get the iso whey protein. Some of the best whey protein isolate supplements from brands like MuscleBlaze, Ultimate Nutrition, etc. provide all the essential nutrients required for the body. The best part about the Isolate supplement is that it is quickly absorbable in our body. The whey protein price in India 1kg is quite affordable and ranges between 1000 INR to 6000 INR, depending on the brands.

Whey Concentrate: The whey concentrate protein powder is a  type of protein powder supplement that contains about 70% to 80% protein. Whey concentrate also contains a good amount of lactose, carbs and fats. But it is not very costly. Infact, whey protein concentrate price comes under your monthly pocket budget.

Whey Hydrolysate:The hydrolyzed whey protein supplements are the purest form of whey protein and have the highest absorption rate. Hydrolysate whey protein contains about 90% proteins and zero percentage lactose. Some of the best hydro includes ON hydrolyzed whey protein and MuscleBlaze whey hydro protein powder. Usually, doctors recommend it to those who have digestive issues. Whey protein 1 kg price in India is nominal. So, need not to worry about cost, focus only on health.

Among these three types, you can choose any type according to your fitness goals to make a tasty and healthy whey protein shake.

Whey Protein Powder and Its Composition

Milk is a source of whey protein.  Cow’s milk contains two types of protein: one is casein which comprises about 80% and the other one is whey which is about 20%. Originally whey is in a liquid state, which consists of protein, vitamins and minerals, fat, carbohydrates and lactose. By filtering  and processing, we finally get it in powdered form. Now it contains a high amount of protein, vitamins and nutrients. Also low amounts of lactose, fat and carbs.

This protein present in whey is a mixture of bovine serum albumin (~8%) , alpha-lactalbumin (~25%), beta-lactoglobulin (~65%), and immunoglobulins.

Which Protein is Better? Whey Protein or Whey Isolate

Milk produces the whey protein concentrate then it is filtered and gets dried to make the whey protein powder. Once we get whey protein it is further filtered to whey protein isolate.

Usually, whey protein concentrate contains 80 percent protein, good amount of vitamins and minerals with very less amount of carbohydrates and fats. But in whey protein isolate, the nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals are removed that makes it a completely rich source of protein. So, if you are only looking for protein to healthy muscles or faster muscle recovery, whey isolate protein is a better option for you.

Whey protein takes time to get absorbed as it consists of a wide range of nutrients. In contrast whey isolate protein is easier to digest. Also due to its faster absorption ability, it is the best post workout supplement for faster muscle recovery and growth. So, you can take whey isolate protein if you have digestive problems.

As whey isolate protein consists of a low level of lactose, it is quite good for the people with lactose intolerance.

How Much Whey Protein Supplements Should Be Consumed

Kick start your fitness regime with two heaped scoops of whey supplement every day. This excellent protein supplement will help in keeping your muscles well nourished. To make protein shake, mix the protein rich whey powder with either water or skimmed milk. After that shake it well in a blender to avoid any lumps. You can also use almond milk to make a protein shake.

The amount of whey powder that you have to consume depends on your workout and protein goals:

  • Athlete or a highly active individual requires about 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
  • Bodybuilder requires about 1.4 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight
  • Regular gym-goer, who isn’t into hardcore weight lifting can consume 0.14–0.23 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

Gender Wise Whey Protein Dosage:

  • Male (Adult) might require about 1.5 to 1.7 g of protein per kilogram of body weight
  • Female (Adult) might require 1.2 to 1.4 g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Powder

  • Effect of whey protein on muscle growth: One can use whey for muscle building as it helps in building body mass and bulk up your muscles giving you a strong and muscular body. Optimum Nutrition whey protein and MuscleBlaze whey supplements are some of the best-known supplements for muscle building and strengthening.
  • Effect of whey protein on health: High-quality protein supplements from top brands like MuscleBlaze, ON, GNC, Dymatize or As-It-Is whey protein are a rich source of antioxidants. Therefore, it enhances your immunity and protects you from diseases and infections. Regular intake of protein benefits those suffering from obesity and associated problems.
  • Effect of whey protein on muscle recovery: Since these supplements ensure rapid repair of damaged muscles during workouts and strenuous exercises, one can choose whey supplements for muscle growth. Whey supplements like MuscleBlaze, ON, GNC, Dymatize, MuscleTech whey protein, etc. are ideal for athletes, sportspersons, and bodybuilders.
  • Effect of whey protein for lean body: Protein supplements can counter food cravings by keeping you full for longer. It also increases your metabolism rate so you can choose whey powders for weight loss.
  • Effect on immune health: Another benefit of whey protein is that it can help your body fight off infections by boosting immune health. The amino acids in it help boost the immune system, which is good for your overall health. When you eat enough protein, your body's immune system can work better and help fight off diseases, such as flu. It also gives you more energy and makes you look and feel younger.
  • Easily digestible: The great digestibility of whey protein contributes to its numerous health benefits. Whey is more easily digested by your digestive system than other proteins. It's the perfect pre- or post-workout snack because whey proteins digest so fast. A few minutes on the bike or in the swimming pool is all it takes to absorb them. They're great for shedding extra kilos and bulking up because they're low in fat and calories and therefore promote weight loss and muscle gain.

How to Consume Whey Protein:

You should first read the instructions mentioned on the pack of whey supplements, as different brands have different instruction sets. However, in general, you can take 1 to 2 scoops of protein powder and mix them well with a glass of water or skimmed milk to make a protein shake. You can have it after 30 mins of a strenuous workout session. If not a shake then you can use whey at home for making various delicious recipes like cookies, cakes and a lot more. 

Why Is Whey Protein Better than Other Proteins?

As whey protein is a byproduct of milk, it consists of all the nutrients and benefits that a whole milk has. Milk consists of two types of protein one is casein and another is whey protein. Casein also consists of all the nutrients that whey protein has but it is slow digesting protein. So, for fast absorption, you need to have whey protein. Whey Protein contains all the nutrients like amino acids, some vitamin B complex vitamins, and others what whey protein contains. So, almost in every manner, whey protein is better than other protein. 

Best Whey Proteins Brand of 2022:

  • MuscleBlaze: MuscleBlaze is a sports nutrition company, established in the year 2012. A renowned company for making some of the best quality and reasonable whey prices in India. MuscleBlaze is  one of the best whey protein brands manufacturing in India and are highly effective. The MuscleBlaze whey protein and MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey powders are the safest, most effective. With a thorough test, the sports nutritional supplement won the trust.
  • Optimum Nutrition (ON): Optimum Nutrition is an award-winning sports nutrition brand, established in the year 1986. The ON whey protein is one of the best selling protein powders in today’s health market. It offers the best tasting and most effective protein powders. Whether you are looking for whey protein for men or for women, Optimum Nutrition has it all covered for you. Optimum Nutrition(ON) Gold Standard Whey is the top selling protein supplement by ON.
  • Ultimate Nutrition: Ultimate Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand and came into existence in 1979. It manufactures a wide range of highest quality supplements in various product categories, like mass gainers, Ultimate Nutrition whey protein, creatine, weight gainers, and more. Ultimate Nutrition is famous for its powerful and best quality bodybuilding supplements. Ultimate Nutrition ProStar is one their best selling protein supplements.
  • MyProtein: Myprotein is a sports nutrition company based in the Cheshire United Kingdom and came into existence in 2004. The company offers the best quality sports nutrition products such as protein powders, protein bars, snacks, and vitamins. You can consume MyProtein Impact Whey supplements for building muscle and satiating your protein needs.
  • MuscleTech: MuscleTech, established in 1995. Since then it has become the number one supplement selling brand in America. Also the most preferred brand among professional bodybuilders and athletes. You can get MuscleTech whey protein online at a budgeted price from HealthKart and enjoy its benefits. Also, you can go for MuscleTech Nitrotech Performance Series, which is one of the most preferred protein powders of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • GNC: GNC inspires the world to live healthy with their best quality products made using cutting edge technology and high-quality ingredients. Brand has always been motivating people to live healthy lives by embracing the concept of good nutrition. The GNC Amp Gold Series 100% Whey Powder Protein Advance is one of the best selling and most effective products by the brand. Its excellent quality gluten-free and 100% pure GNC whey protein supplement, supports muscle recovery and a healthy metabolism.
  • Dymatize: A well-known brand which offers scientifically proven protein supplements to support elite athletes for world-class training facilities. Brand offers 100% whey protein supplements that are gluten-free, fast to digest and fast absorbing that allows you to meet your body goals efficiently. The Dymatize Elite 100% Whey is one of the best selling products by this brand.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Whey Protein Powder

Are you planning to buy whey protein?  These are some of the best protein brands  for enhancing stamina, muscle strength and fitness goals. Do not worry about the whey protein price, as you can get them from www.healthkart.com at discounted prices. Before purchasing the supplement, know if you need the supplement in real. Though anybody can take the whey protein as it is the best protein available in the market. But you need to take care of the intake as per your physical activity. Don’t take the whey protein if you are lactose intolerant. Keep these things in mind before purchasing your protein.

FAQs Related to Whey Protein Powder

Q1. What is the whey protein 1kg price in India?

Ans: Price range of 1kg whey protein falls between 1000 INR to 6000 INR depending on the brands.

Q2. What is the price of whey protein 500g in India?

Ans: Whey protein 500g price in India is between 500 INR to 1500 INR, that completely depends on brands.

Q3. Cheapest whey protein in India?

Ans: Some cheap whey protein supplements yet quality of whey protein in India are:

  • MuscleBlaze raw whey (with digestive enzymes
  • UltimateNutrition Prostar
  • Asitis whey protein
  • MuscleTech Performance series Nitrotech Whey

Q4. What is whey protein concentrate powder?

Ans: Whey protein concentrate powder is high in lactose but low fats and carbohydrates that are packed with biologically active components.

Q5. Which whey protein is the highest level of protein?

Ans: All types of whey protein are great sources of protein but Whey Isolate consists of the highest level of protein.

Q6. Which whey protein is best for muscle gain?

Ans: Some of the best whey protein for muscle gain in the market are: MuscleBlaze, Optimum Nutrition (ON), Ultimate Nutrition, MyProtein, MuscleTech, GNC, & Dymatize.

Q7. How to use whey protein for weight loss?

Ans: There are numerous whey protein supplements on the market. It is difficult to say which brand is the most effective for weight loss. The lower the fat and carbohydrate content, the higher the quality of the whey protein. Make sure you choose your protein wisely and understand the nutritional values of each protein. Check the calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and lactose content every time you purchase the whey protein.

Q8. What is whey protein made of?

Ans: Whey protein is mainly made of milk, which is the watery portion which we get while making cheese.

Q9. Which whey protein is best for muscle gain?

Ans: Whey protein isolate is generally used for getting high amounts of protein for better muscle growth.

Q10. How to use whey protein for weight loss?

Ans: People in weight loss regime need high quality of protein for faster muscle recovery that helps in losing fat without losing muscles. Make sure you are taking the unflavored supplement with water after your intense workout.