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Minerals Supplements

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Minerals are an essential micronutrient for the body in addition to vitamins. The term micro implies that these are required by our body in comparatively small quantities. Nevertheless, they are essential for our body to function optimally. In case you are not able to ensure enough intake through dietary sources, you may want to rely on mineral supplements. HealthKart offers a variety of brands that offer mineral supplements at affordable prices.

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What are Mineral Supplements?

While everyone is quite aware of the macronutrients that the body needs such as proteins and carbohydrates, micronutrients are often neglected. Some of the most common health issues that are recorded globally each year are due to micronutrient deficiencies. This means that your body is unable to get as much vitamins and minerals as it needs on a daily basis.

The primary source of these micronutrients are fresh produce. Now, it is hard to consume as many fruits and vegetables as you need to get the natural minerals that you need. In addition to that, it is a known fact that most fresh produce today are chemically enhanced and do not deliver the amount of nutrients that they normally would.

This is when you need to make use of vitamin and mineral supplements. If you are an active individual, especially, your requirement is higher and it is a must for you to get the daily required intake. That is the best way to stay energetic and perform to your best abilities and to also properly absorb and assimilate all the nutrients that you carefully include in your diet each day.

The Role of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals are called micronutrients because you only require a small amount each day. However, this tiny amount is quite crucial because they have a big role to play in ensuring that your metabolic processes are normal and are carried on smoothly. Your body requires a larger variety of minerals in comparison to vitamins. Therefore, it is harder for individuals to ensure rich mineral nutrition each day. That said, even vitamins are usually very hard to obtain through a regular diet because they can be broken down easily by acid, heat or even air. That means, when you cook your foods, you are likely to lose a lot of vitamins. So supplementation may become necessary.

Before you choose any supplement for your routine, it is a good idea to understand what exactly vitamins and minerals do for your body and why these micronutrients are so important.

  • They are necessary for the formation of bones: You need important minerals like calcium and phosphorous for the bones to remain strong and for the bones to form. However, without the availability of vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin A, these minerals are not synthesized and used properly by the body, making their consumption almost useless. Therefore, striking the right balance is very important.
  • Necessary for nerve function: The signals from one nerve to another are transferred through mild electric waves. This is only possible when there are certain minerals available for these signals to be passed on. Minerals like calcium and magnesium, in particular, have a very important role to play in helping the nerves function correctly.
  • Help the body release energy: Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the body to be able to convert foods like carbohydrates into energy that can be used for various metabolic processes. These micronutrients also help the cells in the body produce energy that can be utilized. An added advantage of these micronutrients is that they help burn fat as well to provide an additional source of energy for the body.
  • They improve blood circulation: The right amount of vitamins and minerals are also necessary for proper blood circulation. They help maintain heart health and also help regulate blood pressure in order to allow proper flow of blood. Your blood cholesterol levels are also maintained with the help of vitamins like Vitamin B1 and the muscles of the heart become stronger as well. These functions are extremely vital to ensure that your heart is able to work to its best abilities.
  • They are necessary for the proper assimilation of other nutrients: Be it proteins, carbs or even fats, for any nutrient that you consume to be metabolized and used up by the body properly, you need micronutrients. For instance Vitamin B6 is vital for the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbs so that they can be used by the body efficiently. Digestive health is also maintained with some of these essential micronutrients giving you maximum benefits of a good diet.
  • They promote the production of enzymes in the body: Vitamins and minerals act as catalysts for the production of various enzymes in the body. Iodine, for example, which is a very commonly found mineral in food is necessary to maintain the health of your thyroid glands and to control their activity. In addition to actually initiating the production of certain enzymes, these micronutrients also keep your endocrine glands healthy and allow them to function to their full capacity.
  • They act as powerful antioxidants: Our body is constantly exposed to several toxins through the day. There are also various chemical processes that take place within the body. These processes lead to the production of free radicals that can cause some serious damage to your cells through oxidation. The micronutrients that you consume also act as powerful antioxidants that help nullify the effect of these free radicals. The result of this is that your skin health improves, your immune response becomes better and you are able to delay several health issues that are due to degeneration of cells and tissues with age. You can get maximum benefits when you combine them with supplements like omega-3 capsules.

Are Mineral Supplements Good For You?

Today, people across the globe depend upon mineral tablets to get their daily dose of minerals. Individuals who workout or lead a more active lifestyle, in particular, tend to rely on these supplements on a daily basis. However, are these supplements good for you? And, how should you consume mineral capsules to ensure that they are safe for you and that you are able to make the most of including them in your diet?

Mineral supplements are a good idea if you are unable to get them through your regular diet. They are also recommended for individuals who have issues with assimilating nutrients due to various digestive issues. In these cases, the body cannot break down the food that is consumed efficiently and therefore needs the minerals to be delivered directly to the body through supplementation.

As mentioned before, no matter what supplements you are consuming, be it magnesium supplements or zinc tablets, you need to make sure that you do not exceed the daily recommended intake as these nutrients are only required in small doses. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a few tips in mind before you choose a supplement:

  • Check your diet thoroughly: If you are consuming a well-balanced meal, you will not require any additional supplementation. So understand the foods that you are already including in your meals. Check vitamins and minerals that are already abundant in your diet. Then you will be able to use supplements that only bridge the nutritional gaps that are occurring in your regular diet.
  • Consult your dietician: Before you begin to take any supplements, make sure you check with your dietician or healthcare provider. That way, you can be sure about the right dosage that you should consume. You will also be able to find the right supplements that will help you make the most of the several uses of minerals.
  • Make sure that you do not take fiber supplements: It is never a good idea to use both vitamin and mineral supplements and fiber supplements. This is because the excess fiber that you consume will bind with the minerals that are derived from the supplements. This will render them useless for your body.
  • Check for underlying health issues: If you are required to take any medication or have some health issues due to overconsumption of certain minerals, taking additional supplements can cause more harm than good. So, consulting an expert is a must as you will be able to understand what your body exactly needs and then choose your supplements.

What Are The Best Vitamin And Mineral Supplements?

There are certain brands that are used world over by professional athletes and body builders because of their unique composition. These brands specialize in creating sports supplements that give your body a good balance of the nutrients that it needs. Some of these brands that you should consider are as follows:

#1. Healthkart

  • With HealthKart, you have the option of supplements like Calcium with Mag Zinc & Vit D3 and unflavored calcium supplements.
  • They are designed to give you a combination of nutrients that need to be consumed together in order to give you maximum health benefits.
  • These supplements are specially formulated to help improve bone strength.
  • The combination of nutrients in these supplements also help regulate several bodily functions such as wound healing and enzyme function.

#2. Myprotein

#3. Herbalife

  • Herbalife Calcium Tablets are fortified with magnesium and vitamin D3.
  • This combination allows maximum absorption of calcium to give you stronger bones and to prevent issues like fractures.

#4. Now

  • Now Zinc Picolinate, Now Tri-Chromium and Now Zinc Tablets are three mineral supplement variants that are available.
  • Chromium tablets provide you with this important trace mineral which can help regulate blood glucose levels.
  • The zinc tablets by Now are useful in improving the overall immune response and preventing unwanted health issues.

#5. Six pack Nutrition

  • Six Pack Nutrition Calcium Efferevescent tablets are very easy to digest and come with a unique rapid dissolve formula.
  • Available in a refreshing orange flavor, this supplement is very easy to consume. All you have to do is mix it in a glass of water and drink it for stronger bones and joints.

#6. Healthvit

  • With Healthvit you have a wide range of mineral supplements including Healthvit Fitness ZMA, selenium and vitamin E, calcium, iron and a lot more.
  • These tablets come with the right balance of minerals that help in better assimilation of each other so that you have maximum benefits. For instance, ZMA capsules give you a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 for faster recovery.

#7. Tara Nutricare

  • Tara Nutricare CMZ capsules come with the perfect blend of calcium, magnesium and zinc.
  • You also have the advantage of several other nutrients such as zinc sulphate, magnesium hydroxide and vitamin D3 that help improve overall bone health.

#8. Inlife

  • Inlife Calcium+VD3 and Inlife Hair, Skin and Nails are two types of mineral supplements available with these brands.
  • They contain a combination of vital nutrients that help improve bone health, give you healthy skin and nails and even improved immune response and better health.

#9. HealthAid

Where to Buy Minerals?

If best brands at the lowest prices is what you are looking for, then HealthKart is the perfect purchasing option for you. They guarantee lowest prices possible with exclusive discounts and value packs like Omega & Calcium combo. That way, you are also able to get several supplements at once at unbeatable prices.

With HealthKart authenticity is assured as these products are sourced from the manufacturers directly. Every product that you find on HealthKart also has to adhere to some strict quality and safety guidelines.

To ensure that you are able to get the best product to suit your body type and your needs, you can read about each product in detail on HealthKart before you buy. This makes it one of the most reliable options as well. You also have the convenience of home delivery of all purchased products with a hassle free return policy as well.

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