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Are you looking for the best zinc supplements to boost your immune system? Then you should check out the top-selling Zinc products offered by the best-known brands in the world of fitness supplements. You can choose any of these zinc supplements which includes HealthVit Zinc Sulphate,   HealthXP Zinc Gluconate or HealthVit Zinc Gluconate for boosting your immune system. These supplements help in activating the defence mechanism of your body and that, in turn, helps your body to fight against viruses and other germs. Zinc supplements also help in speeding up the wound healing process as it is responsible for increasing collagen in the body. Regular consumption of zinc supplements is known to help in reducing muscular degeneration,  reducing inflammation and making your bones stronger. So what are you waiting for? Order a pack for yourself now!

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Zinc Supplements: The Ultimate Immunity Booster

Are you worried about your immunity and want to have supplements that can give a boost to your overall health? Then you should definitely start consuming supplements that contain good amounts of zinc. Supplements that are enriched with zinc are used for treating multiple ailments. 

Our body cannot produce zinc naturally and therefore we need to consume them in the form of food or supplements.

Some of the best zinc supplements available in the market are Healthvit Zinc Sulphate, HealthXP Zinc Gluconate and Healthvit Zinc Gluconate

The recommended dosage of zinc supplements:

  • zinc supplement for men: The daily recommended dosage is 11 mg/day
  • zinc supplement for women: The daily recommended dosage is 9 mg/ day
  • zinc supplement for kids: The daily recommended dosage is 3mg to 8 for children upto 13 years.

How does zinc help your body?

Here are some of the benefits of consuming zinc supplements:

  • Vitamin c and zinc tablets consumption help in boosting your immune system.
  • Zinc capsule consumption helps in speeding up the wound healing process as it is responsible for increasing collagen in the body.
  • Regular zinc tablets consumption of  help in reducing oxidative stress
  • zinc magnesium tablets help in reducing muscular degeneration
  • These supplements can also help in reducing acne. In fact, supplements that contain both zinc and selenium are great for maintaining the firmness of your skin.
  • Consumption multivitamin supplements that contain zinc can also reduce inflammation
  • Supplements that contain calcium, zinc  and magnesium help in making your bones stronger
  • Chromium and zinc multivitamins help in improving the insulin sensitivity of your body.

Should I take zinc?

Yes! You should consider consuming zinc supplements as it will help in boosting your immunity and enhance your overall health.

Is 50mg of zinc too much?

Anything in excess is never good for your health, not even vital minerals and vitamins. Your HDL level must be between 40 to 60mg/dL and more dosage of zinc will lower the good HDL levels and therefore do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of supplements.

What should you not take with zinc?

Zinc should never be consumed with milk, high fibre food, cheese and bread.

Is zinc or vitamin C better?

Both vitamin C and zinc supplements are good for improving your immune system and supplements that contain both are the best.

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