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To get the proper nutrition just eating the meals is not enough, your diet should also include the right snacks, not the sugar-loaded and fried one. Though they are smaller meals, they can completely sabotage your fitness game but getting the right snack like protein bars can help you reach your fitness goals faster. Protein bars are specially designed to give you a good amount of nutrients without the issue of unwanted calories. Protein bars can be consumed by both novices as well as professionals to ensure that their body gets all the required nutrients. Get the best protein bars from the brands like MuscleBlaze, RiteBite, Yoga Bars, MusclePharm, Feel Mighty etc. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the pocket-friendly protein bars and much more only at HealthKart.

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Protein Bars Are The Perfect Nutrition Partners for People Who are Always On the Go

Buy protein bars whether you are in weight loss regime or weight gain regime. If you are not any of them, you can still enjoy the taste and goodness of protein. As much as you focus on getting your meals right, you need to also ensure that you work on eating the right snacks. Even though they are smaller meals, they can be the source of a large amount of sugar and fat that may keep you from reaching your fitness goals faster. One of the best options for people on the go are protein bars that are specially made to give you all the nutrients that you need when you are following a strict diet plan. The nutrition bar is usually filled with taste. These protein bars are created with special recipes that give you the satisfaction of a tasty snack without the issue of any unwanted empty calories. A protein bar is used by both beginners as well as professional athletes as they save them a lot of time that would otherwise be spent preparing multiple meals to ensure that the body gets all the nutrients that it needs.

What is a Protein Bar?

A protein bar is a type of nutritional supplement just like protein shakes or protein cookies. These bars are specially formulated to give your body the extra dose of protein that it requires in order to help you sustain a physically demanding training routine. 

Most protein bars that you can find are low in carbs and are loaded with proteins. There are also sugar free variants that you can consider if you need to keep your calorie count at a minimal level. With protein bars, you also have the option of meal replacement bars that can be used once in a while when you are really short of time or are on the go. There are several protein bar recipes that are available to you to make this snack at home. 

Protein bar chocolate, fruits and nuts, whey , and many more are some of the examples. These are cheap protein bars but don’t compromise with quality if the leading brands are associated with them. However, you can also choose from some of the leading nutritional supplement brands that are known for several other products like protein cereals and other foods that are designed for active individuals. Protein bar chocolate with these brands ensure that every bite of a protein bar must offer you a great source of instant energy and a healthy snacking option. 

Choosing the right protein bar is extremely important to ensure that you are able to enjoy the benefits of this rather handy supplement. If you are up to buy protein bars but confused which one to choose, always go for no sugar protein bars which are the best ways to look for the right options. Personally, I go with protein chocolate bars just because I am in love with them. 

Types of Protein Bar

Meal Replacement:

Protein chocolate bars have sufficient calories from carbs, protein, fats, and other nutrients. If you're substituting a protein bar for breakfast or lunch, search for one that contains the following:

  • 250-400 calories
  • 20-30g protein
  • Carbohydrates: 30-45g
  • 7-17g fat
  • 3g or more fiber

Snack Bar:

Pre-workout snacks, as well as times when you know it will be a while before your next meal (long flights, road trips, etc.), can be found in protein snack bars, which are convenient and shelf-stable alternatives. These are the low calorie protein bars. Here's what you should be looking for if you are upto protein snack bars:

  • Calories range between 100 and 250
  • 5-15 g of protein
  • Carbohydrates: 15-30 g
  • 5-15 g of fat
  • 2 g or more of fiber

Recovery Bar:

It's critical to refill your energy after a strenuous workout. A protein bar nutrition can be a practical approach to accomplish this goal from time to time. Find a bar with a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 within an hour of your workout and have it immediately after. This will aid in the replacement of energy stored in your muscles as well as the enhancement of muscle growth. Always go for low carb protein bars if you want faster muscle recovery. Here's an example of what that should look like:

  • Calories range from 200 and 400.
  • 6-10 g of protein
  • Carbohydrates: 24-40 g

What Do Protein Bars Do to Your Body?

Protein is one of the main food groups that you should include in your diet. There are several natural protein foods that you can choose from. You also have the option of supplements like protein cereals and shakes that you can use to fulfill the daily required protein intake. Now, protein bars are an important supplement that make the perfect snack for individuals who lead an active lifestyle. While it is true that everyone needs a rich protein diet, individuals who are more active need a slightly higher amount of this nutrient. It is the main component of the muscles and is used to fuel every activity that takes place through the day. When you are training hard or lifting heavy, you need to ensure that you are able to get enough protein through your diet so that the proteins in your muscles are not used up. Protein bars play a very important role, especially in between your meals, when you are not able to get enough nourishment because of long gaps. When you use a protein bar in between your meals, you get an instant source of proteins and amino acids and the necessary amount of calories. Especially when you choose protein chocolate bars you are choosing the goodness of high protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Protein chocolate bars give your body the fuel that it requires to function better. A nutrition bar chocolate is one of the best tasty protein bars that are also good in nourishment. In addition to that, you also have the advantage of a great protein source that allows your muscles to repair themselves and recover from a very intense or strenuous training session. This means that your body is in a constant state of rebuilding and growth, or in an anabolic state. As a result, protein bars ensure that you do not have any muscle loss that may slow down your results. The best protein bars also come with important nutrients like vitamin D and Vitamin B that are necessary for overall health and development.

What are the Best Protein Bars?

Looking for the protein bars online but unable to get which are the best protein bars ? This is a confusion zone many people face. When you are choosing a protein bar online as a healthy snack option, don’t just go after the protein bar price. You also need to make sure that you are choosing the right option for yourself. 

There are several options available if you want to buy protein bars online.  But you need to check the nutritional information of these bars thoroughly to ensure that they are safe for you to use. Some factors that you need to consider are:

  • The protein content: Look for snack and energy bars that have at least 20g of protein in them. If you are choosing a protein bar for meal replacement, you need to make sure that you are getting at least 30g of protein. In one sitting, your body can make use of between 20-40g of protein effectively and will need this amount to give you the results that you desire.
  • The type of protein used: There are several types of proteins that are included in these bars. Like protein chocolate bars are good to offer high calories. Make sure that you are not allergic to the type of protein that is included in these bars. The different protein sources include soy proteins, milk proteins, peas, eggs and even hemp. You may also prefer vegetarian options which will require you to check the label carefully before buying.
  • The amount of calories: For protein bars that you want to consume in between your meals, the calorie count should be between 220 to 250 calories. This is ideal for you to ensure that there are not unwanted fat deposits. If you are looking for a meal replacement protein bar, then you can choose one with a higher calorie count at about 300-350 calories.
  • The fat content: The most important factor when you choose a protein bar is the fat content. You should stay away from unhealthy fats such as hydrogenated oils. The protein bar can contain between 10-15 grams of fat totally. You should not have more than 2g of saturated fats. This is the ideal amount to ensure that you are not loading up on empty calories through fats.
  • Fiber: One of the key ingredients in protein bars is the fiber. The more the amount of fiber in the protein bar, the fuller you are going to feel. This will help keep you satiated until the next meal. As a result, you can stay away from unwanted hunger pangs. You should not have less than 3-5g of fiber in the protein bar that you choose. Protein chocolate bars offer the greatest amount of fiber that you can’t deny.
  • Sugar: There are several brands of protein bars that are almost like candy bars in terms of the sugar content. This is certainly not a healthy choice. The protein bar that you select should not have over 5g of sugar. Look for artificial sweeteners as they can cause several health issues like gas and bloating. Always choose a protein bar without sugar if you want to see the results faster.

Benefits of Protein Bars

Protein bars, when chosen correctly, can be a great supplement to your meal plan. There are various health benefits of choosing to include protein bars in your diet. Some of the Protein bar benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Helps you get added proteins: Protein bars provide you with between 20-40 g of protein in every serving. This helps you get your daily dose of protein very easily and fulfill the requirements of your body. This is the perfect option for those who are unable to prepare as many meals as necessary to consume throughout the day.
  2. Keeps hunger pangs at bay: These protein bars contain a good amount of carbohydrates and fiber. These nutrients are very useful in keeping you fuller for longer. As a result, cravings and hunger pangs are kept at bay. You also have the advantage of some great flavors that will not leave you craving for sweet foods.
  3. Provides you with added benefits: In addition to giving you a great source of protein, you also have the advantage of several nutrients like vitamin D, E and A that help improve your health overall.
  4. Convenient source of nutrition: If you are someone who is always on the go, then protein bars are the perfect source of nutrition for you. They are convenient to carry around with you and can be eaten whenever you need. You also have the option of meal replacement bars that are ideal for days that are extremely packed and busy.
  5. Improves digestion: As mentioned before, these bars are rich in fiber. This makes them very beneficial in improving your digestion. This fiber provides you with the roughage that you need for better digestion. In addition to that, there are added vitamins and minerals that help produce important digestive enzymes.

When to Eat a Protein Bars

Protein bars are easy to carry. You can have them anytime and anywhere. So that you can fill your protein requirements anytime anywhere. So, no matter how busy you are, you can take care of your protein easily.

Best Protein Bars Brands in India

There are some protein bars that are designed specifically for athletic individuals and those who are physically active. With these brands you get the best protein bar price. Some of the best protein bars in India are as follows:


  • MuscleBlaze Hi Protein Bar, Protein Bar and Mini-Protein Bar are the three variants that are available. They contain 30, 22 and 10g per serving respectively.
  • These protein bars come in some exciting flavors like almond fudge and chocolate that will keep your hunger pangs at bay and prevent cravings.
  • In order to aid recovery, these protein bars also come with amino acids such as EAAs and BCAAs along with 27 essential vitamins and minerals.


  • RiteBite Max Protein Bar gives you 20g of protein in each serving and is a high fiber supplement that keeps you fuller for longer, allowing you to keep your diet plan on track.
  • Designed for professionals, the Max Protein Professional bar by Rite Bite provides close to 30g of proteins in each serving.
  • These protein bars are also useful in helping your body recover faster with several beneficial nutrients like BCAAs, EAAs and Glutamine.
  • To help with lean muscle development, these bars ensure that there are no added sugars.
  • Max protein meal replacement bar is the perfect nutritional support for you when you do not have the time to prepare the meals that you need.


  • Yogabar is the perfect option for those who are looking for a vegetarian protein option. Each bar gives you 20g of high quality proteins that are derived from lentil proteins, almonds and whey proteins.
  • These protein bars are 100% natural and do not contain any sugar alcohol or soy proteins.
  • With Yogabars protein bar you have a low sodium and gluten free option that is also extremely safe to consume.


  • You have options like Lean Sugar Free Protein Bar which is designed to give you a great supplement source with zero added sugars.
  • Enjoy great flavors like chocolate espresso, berry burst, coconut almond and oat and peanut brownie.


  • Musclepharm Combat Crunch is one of the best protein bars for muscle building. You can get 20g of high quality proteins with each serving.
  • It is specifically designed to give you all the nutrients that you need for faster recovery, muscle growth and development.
  • This is one of the safest supplement options available as it is 100% gluten free as well.

Feel Mighty

  • Feel Mighty Low Carb brownies are a guilt free dessert option that will keep every craving away.
  • It has almost zero sugar and is also designed to give you the fiber that you need to improve digestion.
  • Get 10g of protein with each serving of this healthy and tasty dessert option.


  • One of the best Protein chocolate bars for vegetarians to boost their energy levels
  • Get 18 gram of protein, 730 mg of BCAAs, and 5.5 g fiber.
  • Improves overall health

The Whole Truth

  • Enjoy the 12-15 g protein with each bar
  • A pack with six bars including 2 Peanut Cocoa Bars, 2 Double Cocoa Bars, and 2 Peanut Butter Bars
  • Heavy punch of peanuts to boost the energy level

. Proathlix

  • Enjoy the instant energy
  • 15 gram protein, 4 gram fiber, and 1630 mg BCAAs
  • Whey protein concentrate, cocoa powder, multigrain, Casein protein, and Whey protein isolate

Why Buy Protein Bars Online from Healthkart?

If you are looking for all the best brands under one portal, then Healthkart is the perfect option available to you. Here you get the best protein bar chocolate price. All the protein bars that you need are available at the best and lowest protein bar price possible. You also have the advantage of combo packs and value packs that give you great value for money. With Healthkart, you have the most convenient buying option. Select from a range of products, compare the nutritional value of these products and then make an informed decision. If you do not like any product that you have purchased or are dissatisfied, you also have a hassle-free return policy within 14 days of purchase.

FAQs related to Protein Bars

Q1. When Should I Eat a Protein Bar?

Ans: While it is true that a protein bar can be a substitute for a meal and as such be eaten anytime during the day, there are certain times when it proves to be more useful. This is just before or after a workout as that is the time when your body craves for and requires protein the most and you can derive the maximum nutrients from the bar. If you eat a protein bar more than an hour after your workout, it will be considerably less effective and you will end up wasting a lot of the effort you put in at the gym.

Q2. What Flavors are Available for Protein Bar?

Ans: Nowadays protein bars come in a variety of flavors. At HealthKart, they comes in variety of delicious flavors such as rich chocolate, choco fudge, honey lemon, plum spice, fruit and nut, choco berry, cranberry and much more.

Q3. Do Protein Bars Make you Put on Weight?

Ans: Protein bars can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a healthy meal or snack to avoid overeating and weight loss, or they can be included in a weight gain diet to offer extra calories.

Q4. What are the Best Sugar Free Protein Bars?

Ans: Some of the best sugar free protein bars options are:

  1. MuscleBlaze Mini Protein Bar
  2. Yogabar Breakfast Protein
  3. RiteBite Max Protein Daily
  4. The Whole Truth Protein Bars
  5. HYP Lean Sugar Free Protein Bar

Q5. Do protein bars make you skinny?

Ans: You can lose weight by eating a bar of a specific type of food if you keep track of how many calories you consume on a daily basis.

Q6. Do Protein Bars Make You Lose Weight?

Protein bars are a good source of nutrients like protein, potassium, vitamin B, calcium, fiber, and iron. Also some of the protein bars are having the goodness of nutrients. They are quite helpful in gaining muscle mass and also can promote weight loss.

Q7. Can Protein Bar Make You Fat?

No, a quality protein bar only provides the nutrients that lead to healthy weight management. But if you are having protein bars with high levels of calories, you can end up gaining weight.

Q8. Do Protein Bars Help You Gain Muscle?

Protein bars are filled with the goodness of nuts, seeds, whey protein, and others that are a great source of a wide range of nutrients including calcium, fiber, protein, vitamin B, potassium, and iron. So, gaining muscle mass becomes so simple with them.

Q9. Are Protein Bars Good After Workout?

No, in fact having protein bars after workout can fill the energy gap that you have lost after workout. Protein, carbs, and other nutrients help you in faster muscle recovery and development along with providing the ceaseless supply of energy.