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Weight Gainers are the quick, safe and healthy way to get that desired physique you have been dreaming of. HealthKart offers affordable and best quality weight gainers from reputed brands like GNC, Six Pack Nutrition, MuscleBlaze and Endura. We have varieties of weight gainers in different packaging and flavours that are formulated to meet every weight management need. All you have to do is visit HealthKart, and choose the one that meets your nutrition requirements and budgets. So, what are you waiting for? We are just a click away for pocket-friendly smart gainers. For more details and information, feel free to get in touch with us via email, or call. We are looking forward to serving you!

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Weight Gainer - Best Supplement to Gain Weight

A weight gainer supplement is an oral nutritional formula used to support weight gain. Gaining muscle, maintaining weight, or simply adding healthy calories is possible with a weight gainer protein powder. They are high in quality carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Weight-gaining supplements work by increasing your calorie intake. Weight gainers are best for underweight people who want to gain muscle and fat.
Weight gain powder is there if you are looking for a safe way to gain healthy weight and muscle.  Here are some reasons why you should go for a weight gain product.

  • Weight gainer supplements are a safe, easy and affordable solution for muscle bulking and clean weight gain. 
  • There are countless numbers of brands offering weight gainer/ herbal weight gainer with different types and ratios of ingredients. And almost everyone claims to provide the best weight gainer shakes in the market. 
  • It is obvious for anyone to get confused and make wrong choices. If you have not even a single clue about choosing the right weight gainer as per requirements, you need not to worry. 

Here we have mentioned all the information about weight gainers that will help you make the right choice.

What is a Weight Gainer?

The term weight gainer applies to a range of supplements that are meant to help you gain weight faster. Weight gainers usually used for a broader category of supplements. It also includes mass gainers or bulk gainers and other gaining products. Weight gainers are very high in calories, allowing you to meet the daily required calorie intake to put on weight faster.

Top 10 Weight Gainer Brands in India 2022

As there are many weight gainers available in the market. So, chances of getting deceived from these supplements may increase. To avoid the consequences, here is the list of leading brands available in the market.

  1. BigMuscle Nutrition: Bigmusle nutrition weight gainer is the safest and purest nutrition available for great energy required for hard training sessions. It contains a perfect blend of high-quality creatine, proteins and skimmed milk powder to improve your overall growth. It offers essential nutrients to sustain long training sessions. It also help to decreases muscle breakdown and enhances immunity.
  2. GNC: GNC weight gainer provides adequate calories easily. It increases the stamina and strength of the body and GNC weight gainer is a perfect source of essential amino acids and fiber.
  3. MuscleBlaze: MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer is an effective and simple weight gain supplement in India for both men and women and fitness enthusiasts. It contains a perfect blend of carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. This supplement improves the body's energy leve and it improve digestion and improve nutrients absorption, which helps in healthy weight gain.
  4. Endura Mass: Endura Mass Weight Gainer helps in weight management and also helps in achieving lean muscles. It also strengthens the immune system and rejuvenation of the cells.
  5. Myprotein: Myprotein Weight Gainer contains digested proteins, making it a perfect post-workout recovery. And will give you continuous delivery of nutrients throughout the day. It offers 50g of carbohydrates in a single serving, as well as fibre.  You can consume it first thing in the morning or directly pre/post-workout to get better results. Overall, it contributes to muscle growth and muscle mass maintenance.
  6. Six Pack Nutrition: Six Pack Nutrition Weight Gainer contains a triple muscle-building protein blend with quick-absorbing high-quality whey protein. This is a calorie-rich formula that speeds up the weight gain process with complex and simple carbohydrates. Vitamins in Six pack nutrition weight gainer help in fighting fatigue and improving energy.  It also contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and is perfect for consumption for all ages.
  7. Pro360: Pro360 Weight Gainer  is a perfect source of calories. And gives you an adequate amount of calories for weight gain. It can also help in bulking up and adding lean muscle. It also enhances stamina and bone strength, thus allowing you to regain right weight without compromising on health. It is fortified with essential proteins, lysine, carbohydrates, fibers and fat, to maintain your weight and improve immune system.
  8. Sinew Nutrition: Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer is helpful in enhancing muscle strength and recovery and improves performance during workout.
  9. Olympia: Olympia Weight Gainer helps to improves performance at the gym, speed up muscle growth, improves teeth and bones health and it also helps in reducing the pain after strenuous exercise.
  10. Proathlix Muscle Pump: Proathlix Muscle Pump Weight Gainer contains all the essential amino acids and ayurvedic extracts which enhances muscle growth and body strength. Digestive enzymes in it help in better nutrient absorption. It gives relief from gastrointestinal conditions such as cramps and bloating.

How To Make The Most Of Weight Gainers?

The ability to gain weight depends on several factors:

  • Your workout regime
  • Your diet 
  • Your body type

For those who have a body type named hard gainer or ectomorph, it is extremely difficult to gain weight. This is despite using several bodybuilding supplements including whey protein, whey protein isolates, casein proteins or soy protein.

For this body type getting only protein through protein shakes or whey protein isolates is not enough. They need to ensure that they consume a high amount of calories each day. This calorie intake must exceed the calories that they burn through their training and workout each day. 

To get this quick load of calories, using the best protein powder for weight gain is a must. As it is hassle-free and also provides extra nutrients that help reach your bodybuilding goals faster.

Composition of Weight Gainer

  • Mainly weight gainer powder contains:
  • carbohydrates,
  • proteins,
  • fats
  • vitamins

With the composition of  ingredients, weight gainers provide a large amount of calories from a range of sources including proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Some of the Important Health Benefits

  • Offers essential nutrients for long training sessions
  • Best for  great energy required for hard training sessions
  • Improve your overall growth
  • Improve digestion and improve nutrients absorption
  • Helps in healthy and safe bulk up
  • Offers strength of muscles
  • Enhances muscle strength and recovery

Difference Between Mass Gainers and Weight Gainers

For most people, it is hard to tell the difference between mass gainers and weight gainers. The difference lies in the composition and the function of the two supplements.

Mass Gainer

  • The primary goal of a mass gainer is to help gain mass while a weight gainer helps you gain weight faster. 
  • Weight gainer is recommended especially for hard gainers. 
  • On the other hand, a mass gainer is for bodybuilders as well along with Whey Protein, Whey Protein Isolate, Creatine and other body building or weight gain supplements.

Weight Gainer

  • The term weight gainer as mentioned above includes a wider spectrum of products along with mass gainers. 
  • Normally, the calories provided by weight gainers are higher. Which help improves the carbohydrate storage of the body for improved performance. 
  • Mass gainers on the other hand, help build lean muscles while allowing you to restrict calorie intake effectively.

Why to Choose Weight Gainer?

Well, having only a healthy, calorie-rich diet every day may not be enough to support strenuous exercise. it may help you in gaining weight, but you might end up having health problems due to the inclusion of excess fats. That is where weight gainer protein comes. It is formulated basis a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and fats to make you look lean while helping in the muscle-bulking process. Weight gaining supplement can be taken as per your requirements, be it before you begin your exercise schedule or after you are done.

How to Choose a Weight Gainer Wisely?

Looking for the right weight gain product for you? Check the pack if it consists of:

High-Calorie Content: Consuming calories in excess are essential to gain weight. But going overboard on high carb and fat foods mindlessly can increase your body fat percentage. So one may gain weight, but not in a healthy fashion. Weight gainer works on the basis that taking in more calories than needed adds to the weight, with other essential nutrients. They give you extra calories in each nutritious serving so that you can easily meet your daily calorie requirement.

Balanced Mix of Macronutrients: Weight gainer products contain a much-needed blend of macronutrients- proteins, carbohydrates and fats. All these nutrients are necessary for muscle growth and energy gain. This supplement is also beneficial in quick recovery of tired muscles after heavy workouts.

Creatine: Creatine is very helpful in a weight gainer. As it works effectively in the presence of a good amount of carbohydrates, a requirement that weight gainer fulfill. Creatine helps in preserving muscle mass. It provides strength and aids in the speedy recovery of muscles after intense workouts. 

Glutamine: Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown and increases protein synthesis.So, now that you are quite versed with weight gain powders and their benefits. So, it should be easy enough for you to make an informed choice on the best weight gainer and get benefitted.

Some of the Ways to Consume Weight Gainers?

The serving size depends upon the brand of weight gainer powder that you choose. 

  • With almost all Top Weight Gainer Brands, the serving size is 2-3 scoops. You can consume up to 3 times each day depending upon your goals.
  • You can mix one serving with cold water or skimmed milk. 
  • For best results, it is better that you consume your weight gainer with milk. 
  • Consume weight gainer first thing in the morning, in between your meals or just before you go to bed to optimize the results.

Can We Take Protein Shakes for Weight Gain: A Common Confusion

Protein powder gain weight may seem like a good option but they differ a great deal from weight gainers in terms of nutritional value. A protein shake usually offers 100-150 calories and 20-30 grams of protein per serving. On the other hand, a weight gain product may offer around 400 calories per serving. Options with different amounts of calorie intake of upto over 1000 calories are also available for those individuals who find it very hard to gain weight and want to fulfil the requirement of a calorie surplus diet. The presence of creatine in weight gainers is an added advantage that makes weight gainer supplements a better option than protein shakes for weight gain.

Some Precautions and Side Effects to be Aware About

The intake of weight gainers should always be in moderation based on your requirement and fitness goals.Not taking weight gainers protein in adequate amounts may result in the following:

  1. An excessive amount of intake may cause deposition of unhealthy fat, and even more so if the active routine is not matched with the same.
  2. Inadequate intake may also result in kidney stones or liver problems, therefore consulting a professional becomes important
  3. Stomach issues may also be caused because of improper intake
  4. Hence, it is best to consult your trainer or nutritionist for a customised consumption plan.

Why Choose HealthKart for Purchasing the Best Weight Gainers Online?

HealthKart is the best place if you are looking for the best weight gainer for skinny guys in India.  Whether you need quality weight gainer for women and men or weight gainer pills, the best place to buy weight gainer online is HealthKart.

Here you can choose from a wide range of top brands such as ON weight gainer, Impact weight gainer, GNC Weight gainer, Myprotein, Endura Mass Weight Gainer , Six Pack Nutrition Bulk, Sinew Nutrition (Weight Gainer pro with Digestive Enzymes), Olympia and BigMuscles. 

There is also option of buying several other products such as whey protein, whey protein isolates, soy protein supplements, creatine and a lot more to support your bodybuilding requirements.

With Top weight gainer products such as MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme, you can also enjoy low prices and exclusive discounts.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who Needs Additional Supplements With Weight Gainer?

Ans: It is necessary for some people to take additional supplements along with protein shakes or casein protein. Reason is their high metabolism which prevents them from gaining weight faster. Weight gain powder for women and men not only helps meet fitness goals faster but may also be necessary for some people to reach a healthy weight.

Q2. What should you take with a weight gainer?

Ans: Try to include natural sources of carbohydrates like potatoes, carrots, grains, and fruits for increasing the calorie intake. It would increase the calorie intake if you take the weight gainer with milk.

Q3. Do weight gainers have side effects?

Ans: Everything which is consumed in excessive amounts can have side effects. So it is better to consider the experts and stick to recommended dosages. Otherwise you can face side effects like kidney issues, breathing problems, muscle cramps, liver issues, nausea, unhealthy weight gain, and diarrhea.

Q4. Which fruits are the best for increasing weights?

Ans: Here are some of the best fruits for weight gains:

  • Bananas
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Avocados

Q5. Does weight gainer work for skinny guys?

Ans: A mass gainer can help skinny guys boost their calorie count to ensure they consume more calories than they are burning. Mass gainers are most effective when consumed between meals and immediately following strenuous exercise.

Q6. Should I drink weight gainer everyday?

Ans: A weight gain shake is an efficient way to provide your body with all of the nutrients it requires. Weight gain shakes work, but it is crucial to use them as a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise routine, instead of relying solely on them to gain weight. Also, you can drink them daily but make sure to have them in the recommended amount.

Q7. Can I take weight gainer without gym?

Ans: Drinking weight-gain shakes may help you put on weight, but you won't have much control over that weight, whether it's deposited as body fat or where it goes. Combining weight-gain shakes with strength-training exercises is a great way to gain weight and muscle mass.

Q8. Can I consume mass gainer on an empty stomach?

Ans: It is safe to consume mass gainer on an empty stomach, but it should be noted that it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.