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Protein Blend

Protein Blends

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Get the Protein Blends from the leading brands like BSN, MuscleBlaze, MuscleTech, and others here. BSN Syntha-6, MuscleTech Performance Series NitroTech Power, RONNIE COLEMAN Pro Antium are not only the Protein Supplements but also a great blend of various types of proteins that include whey protein, egg white protein, casein, and many others. Now you will have many protein sources in one supplement to complement your fitness journey. The protein bends have fast and slow both kinds of protein and other nutrients which help your muscles to get recovered early or for a longer period of time. For better absorption, the supplement contains the dietary fibers that also maintain the health of skin, hair, and nails. So enhance your athletic performance, rebuild the muscles, and improve your strength with protein blends under these leading brands.

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Sustained Nutrition for Maximum Muscle Gain

Besides providing an immediate source of nutrition for your muscles, it is also necessary to ensure that they have sustained nutrition supply to combat one of the primary issues with muscle gain which is catabolic muscle loss. There are long gaps between meals that can result in the breakdown of structural proteins in the muscles. Even with regular meals, you need to ensure that you are able to load your body with both slow and fast acting proteins for faster results. This is why it is recommended that you include supplements that contain a protein blend from various sources in your daily routine.

What is a Protein Blend?

A blend protein powder is highly recommended for those who have an intense training routine that may result in wear and tear to the muscles. There are two kinds of proteins that are available to us, namely fast acting proteins and slow acting proteins. Fast acting proteins are those which are readily absorbed by the muscles. Slow acting proteins are those that take longer to digest.

The advantage of a whey blend is that it includes different sources of proteins that give you both kinds of proteins mentioned above. Be it a blend of whey isolates and concentrates or even whey and casein, you can prevent any chances of muscle loss to enjoy added health benefits.

Advantages of Protein Blend Supplements

The best protein blend supplements ensure that you have sustained nutrient supply to help muscles repair themselves through the day. The advantage of using these supplements is as follows:

  • They help in immediate recovery of muscles: With supplements that blend protein sources, you have the advantage of a good amount of fast acting proteins. These proteins are micro-filtered or predigested to ensure that you are able to digest them faster. They are also readily absorbed by your muscles. Using a protein blend after your workout gives your tired muscles and instant source of proteins which can make up for protein loss when you are working out. Since the structural proteins are used up by your muscles when you workout, it is necessary for you to replace them quickly to help muscles recover faster. Faster recovery means that you do not have to worry about muscle soreness and fatigue. It is also essential in preventing any chance of muscle breakdown or damage.
  • Catabolic muscle loss is controlled: Catabolic muscle loss is one factor that can stand in your way of achieving your dream physique. When there are any gaps in between your meals, you are not able to provide the adequate amount of proteins to the muscles to continue repairing themselves and growing. As a result, the structural proteins are used up to aid the process and to enable any physical movement during this period. The result of this is that there is a reduction in the rate of recovery. You are also not able to produce new muscle fibers faster. Therefore, results are slowed down and you may even feel more muscle soreness and fatigue. Time release proteins that are present in these protein blends give your muscles a sustained supply of nutrients to keep them going. They also enable continuous repair of your muscles through the day and in case of long gaps in between your two consecutive meals.
  • They aid lean muscle development: With blend protein power supplements, you do not have to worry about unwanted calorie consumption as they are usually low in fats and sugar. These supplements are geared towards helping you achieve leaner muscles. With enhanced muscle growth, you will also be able to see more definition in your physique over a period of time.
  • Performance improves: Your muscles will have a continuous supply of fuel with blend whey This helps you endure longer hours of training without any hassles. In addition to that, they are able to prevent any soreness in your muscles that may hamper your overall performance during your training sessions. One of the most important benefits of these protein supplements is that they help in the formation of new muscle fibers. This results in a noticeable improvement in strength as well. With this, you are able to improve the intensity of your training sessions in order to enable faster results and more pump.
  • They give you a better amino acid profile: The human body requires 20 amino acids overall in order to perform to its best abilities. Out of these 9 of them are essential amino acids. This means that they are vital for the muscles and the body to function but cannot be produced by the body. They need to be consumed through a healthy diet. Having just one source of protein in your supplements means that you are able to get only a limited amount of amino acids. With protein blends, you are able to get a better amino acid profile that usually includes all the 9 essential amino acids.
  • Additional health benefits: Most of these nutritional supplements come with added nutrients like vitamins and minerals and even digestive enzymes. This improves the overall function of your body and gives you added health benefits like improved immune response. They also enable your body to absorb the nutrients that you consume through the day a lot better. This helps you get faster results, improves metabolic activities and allows you to reach your fitness goals much faster. When choosing the best protein supplement for yourself, it is a good idea to read the label thoroughly and understand the nutritional value of the supplement that you are using.

Top Protein Blend Supplements

There are several bodybuilding supplements available for us to choose from today. Of these, some of them have been continuously engaged in research and development to give you the best products with a high nutritional value. Some of the most recommended protein blend supplements are:

BSN Syntha 6

  • This protein powder by BSN gives you the advantage of ultra-premium proteins that help you get faster results.
  • With BSN Syntha 6, you get 22g of protein in each serving which includes various sources like whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, egg albumen, glutamine peptides and milk protein isolates.
  • You get 10g of essential amino acids in each serving for enhanced results.
  • This supplement is ideal for consumption during the day or even at night because of its unique blend of proteins.
  • You also have the added advantage of essential minerals that improve the results provided by this supplement.

MusclePharm Combat Powder

  • This is the best protein powder for those who are looking for a superior and more effective protein supplement.
  • You have the advantage of 25g of high end proteins in each serving to help increase the development of lean muscle development.
  • MusclePharm Combat Powder has been fortified with the best protein blends including whey protein concentrates, whey protein isolates, whey protein hydrolysate, egg albumin and micellar casein to give you sustained protein supply.
  • These protein sources used in this MusclePharm supplement have also been fine-tuned and precision engineered to help you get the best nutrient utilization possible.
  • This award winning supplement is ideal for consumption at any time of the day.

MuscleTech Performance Series NitroTech Power

  • This supplement by MuscleTech gives you 30g of protein in each serving which includes a blend of whey peptides and whey protein isolates.
  • MuscleTech Performance Series NitroTech Powder also helps you recover a lot faster with 14.8g of BCAAs in every serving which are absorbed easily by your body.
  • 6g of creatine in every serving also improves the production of energy in the body.
  • The added advantage of this supplement is that the production of testosterone is boosted to give you more energy and strength.
  • 480mg of tart cherry in every 2 servings also helps your muscles recover faster and prevents any soreness.

JYM Supplement Science Protein Powder Blend

  • This is the best protein supplement by JYM which gives you 24g of the best quality proteins in each serving.
  • The protein blends in this supplement make use of best-in-class ingredients and include milk protein isolates, whey protein isolates, egg white protein and micellar casein.
  • You get a great blend of slow and fast acting proteins which give you sustained nutrient supply all day.
  • JYM Supplement Science Protein Powder Blend not only improves muscle building and muscle development but also aids in faster recovery to help you achieve maximum performance.
  • There are no filler nutrients in this supplement to make sure that you do not consume unwanted calories.

Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged

  • This is a unique anabolic protein fuel that is developed by Kaged Muscle to give you a reliable source of proteins and amino acids.
  • Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged contains whey protein isolates as well as EAAs, BCAAs, CAAs and NAAs. This helps you with maximum post workout recovery.
  • This protein supplement is specially designed to give you maximum bulk and strength.
  • You also have the advantage of BetaPowder and Creatine HCL which helps your body produce more energy units in order to improve performance and endurance as well.
  • This is a neutral tasting supplement which makes it versatile to use.

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340

  • This is a nutrient dense supplement which not only helps you build more muscle but also allows you to effectively increase mass the healthy way.
  • You get 1340 calories with this GNC supplement which is derived from some of the most nutrient dense sources.
  • With each serving you get 50g of proteins which provide you with a blend of protein sources that include fast and slow acting proteins for sustained nutrient supply.
  • 10g of glutamine in every serving gives you one of the most important amino acids for improved muscle function as well as immune response.
  • This supplement is ideal for both novices as well as advanced level bodybuilders as it is completely free from any banned substances.
  • GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 also includes creatine to improve production of energy and to help you endure longer hours of training easily.

Rule One R1 Whey Blend

  • Rule One R1 Whey Blend derives proteins from three different sources to give you a blend of fast and slow acting proteins.
  • The protein blends includes hydrolysates, isolates and concentrates derived from 100% whey.
  • 24g of protein in each serving comes with instantized protein sources that mix easily and make the smoothest drinks for you.
  • Naturally occurring BCAAs in this Rule One supplement are absorbed faster and help you recover much faster.
  • You also have the advantage of added glutamine which not only aids muscle recovery but also helps you improve your overall immune response.


  • To aid enhanced recovery, this is a specialized formula created by bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman with some of the most vital nutrients that your muscles need post workout.
  • To begin with you get 30g of multifaceted proteins that are derived from multiple sources to give you the advantage of fast and slow acting proteins that aid recovery.
  • With each serving, you get 3.5g of BCAAs that are naturally occurring and are absorbed readily by your muscles after training.
  • RONNIE COLEMAN Pro Antium include whey protein concentrates, milk protein isolates, calcium caseinate, micellar casein and egg white albumin which are ideal for beginners and elite bodybuilders.

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