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Raw Whey & Isolate

Raw Whey Protein Powder

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Raw Whey protein is an unsweetened, minimally processed supplement, delivering 80% protein to promote lean muscle growth without muscle loss. Ideal for muscle toning, it's rich in BCAA and Glutamine, fulfilling nutritional needs. As a prominent choice for raw protein in India, it offers a cost advantage over other proteins. If lactose-tolerant, it's wallet-friendly, making it an effective muscle-building choice.

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Complete Overview Of RAW Whey Protein Powder

There are several types of whey proteins that you can choose from depending upon the requirement of your body. Now, the most popular types of whey proteins are whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. Each one differs in the amount of processing that has taken place in order to create the product. Hydrolysate is the most processed form while concentrates are least processed.

However, there is yet another type of whey protein that is soon becoming very popular as it is more economical than the other options. This is called a raw whey protein. The best part about this type of protein is that it is closest to the natural form of whey proteins like unflavored whey protein that are commonly used. In addition to that, the results yielded by these proteins are just as good as other varieties.

Whey protein is derived in the form of liquid after milk is coagulated. When this liquid part just separates from the solid part, it is called raw whey. It is the most natural form of protein that is available and is completely unfiltered. It does not have any additives or flavors that are incorporated into it. However, it is important to note that the fat content in this type of protein is higher and the total protein concentration per scoop is lower in comparison to whey protein powder. It also contains lactose.

All the other types of whey protein are derived by further processing this raw whey protein. These methods usually involve the application of a lot of heat or chemicals that strip the whey protein of some vital nutrients. Raw whey protein is also free from any type of sugar that is commonly found in the other protein supplements. Besides the powdered form, you also have the option protein bars and other products made with raw whey to suit your requirements and fitness goals

Types of Raw Whey Protein Powder

Raw whey protein powder is a minimally processed, unsweetened supplement derived directly from whey, retaining its natural benefits. As a pure source of protein, it serves as an essential building block for muscle growth and repair, offering an unadulterated choice for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Raw Whey Protein Concentrate:

  1. Pure and unflavored form.
  2. Obtained with minimal processing.
  • Raw Whey Protein Isolate:

  1. Derived from further processing raw whey protein concentrate.
  2. Fats and lactose are removed to obtain this form

Composition of Whey Protein Raw

Raw Whey is enriched with nutrients in balanced proportions. Usually, composition of raw whey depends upon the type of cheese we are using to make the supplement. Check the composition of raw whey protein and then decide to buy.

  • 95% of the original water and the lactose
  • 20% of the milk protein as well as  traces of fat
  • Remaining milk solids

Important Benefits of Whey Raw Protein

Raw whey proteins offer several benefits especially aligned with your fitness goals. Here are some of the best ones to keep in mind if you are contemplating to start using the supplement:

  • For most athletes and bodybuilders, the fact that raw protein has ample fat content might seem contradictory to their fitness goals. After all, most individuals are looking at developing lean muscles and cutting down on fats with unflavored whey protein powder. That said, the fat content in these proteins is not very high in comparison to other forms of whey protein and can still give you the results that you want. In addition to that, the fact that it is not as heavily processed makes it a more reliable source of protein no matter what your bodybuilding goals are.
  • The presence of fat in this protein also makes it extremely rich in cysteine and glutamine that are essential nutrients for bodybuilding. Also, the fats that are found are similar to the ones you will find in seeds and nuts and is actually good for you in the long run.
  • While it is lower in its protein concentration, raw whey is rich in other amino acids such as branched chain amino acids. These BCAAs are extremely important for recovery of your muscles and can be very productive in terms of building more muscle and getting a more toned physique. It also has glutamine which is ideal for those who are looking for bigger muscle size and getting the muscles toned.
  • Since these amino acids aid faster recovery of the muscles, the result is that muscle synthesis is faster. Therefore, you are able to build on volume and are also able to increase the intensity of training with each session.

Raw Whey V/s Whey Proteins: Which One is Better

There are some significant differences between these two types of proteins that you should know about. That will help you make an informed decision when it comes to the right protein powder for your training goals. The difference is as follows:

  • The concentration of protein per scoop is lower in case of raw proteins. However this concentration is not too low. For instance, if you are able to get 25g of protein in 28g of whey isolate, you will be able to get 25g of protein in 32g of whey protein raw.
  • The calorie count in case of raw whey protein 2kg is higher as these proteins are not processed. As mentioned before, they have a certain amount of fat that is actually quite beneficial to you
  • Other forms of whey protein are filtered to break the protein down into smaller components that are easier for the body to absorb. Needless to say, these proteins are also a lot easier to digest. However, the protein in raw whey is made of larger components that are harder to digest. They take longer for the body to absorb them. The advantage of this is that you have a sustained supply of proteins with raw whey.
  • Whey proteins are more expensive than a raw whey protein powder because they are highly processed. For those who are looking for a more economical option, the latter is a better choice for you.
  • With other forms of whey proteins, you have several options when it comes to the flavor. However, with whey protein raw, they are usually unflavored.
  • For individuals who are lactose intolerant, other options like whey isolate and hydrolysate are recommended as they do not have any allergic reactions.

Top Raw Whey Protein Powder Brands

When it comes to raw protein in India, there are many brands that help in efficient muscle synthesis and enhanced endurance.

  • Healthkart: Healthkart tops the chart because of its top-notch quality and excellent results. HealthKart 100% Pure Whey Protein has witnessed amazing reviews and is considered a staple because of its nutritional content.
  • AS-IT-IS: AS-IT-IS  is another top brand for raw whey protein in India, whether the goal is bulking up, muscle building, or muscle recovery, it is perfect for an active lifestyle.
  • MuscleBlaze: MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein, unflavored and unsweetened, provides a good protein serving and can be added to many recipes like smoothies, cakes, pancakes, oatmeals, cookies,
  • Proquest: Proquest is another leading brand perfect for fitness enthusiasts that works for overall nourishment, decreasing muscle soreness after hard workouts.

Not just this, other brands like Activist, MuscleXP, Zeelab, INLIFE, with their ease of digestibility and absorbability, are also among the top brands for raw protein in India as excellent sources of whey protein raw.

Some of the Top Selling Whey Protein Raw

Most well-known supplement brands today have a line of raw protein powders that come with several added health benefits. Here is a list of some of the best raw whey protein supplements available today.

  • HealthKart 100% Pure Whey Protein

HealthKart 100% Pure Whey Protein Designed to suit fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and heavy weight trainers, Healthkart 100% Pure Whey Protein delivers 24g of protein, 5.29g of BCAA, 3.65g of SEAAs, and 11.28g of EAA that boost muscle recovery and aid effective muscle protein synthesis.

  1. The supplement is unflavoured and has great versatility in use. It can be added to smoothies, cakes, oatmeals, etc.
  2. It is generally used with water while preparing the pre or post-workout protein drink.
  3. It provides 4.21 g of Glutamic Acid in each serving to support endurance during tedious and long training sessions.
  4. It is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free.
  5. The supplement is safe to use as it does not contain any heavy metals.
  6. The timing of usage is also flexible. It can be used early in the morning, pre-workout, post-workout, in between meals, or before bedtime. It depends on your requirements and fitness goals.

Nutrition Facts:The nutrient chart is for a serving of 30g of protein

Nutrients Nutrition Value
Energy 117.90kcal
Protein 24g
Carbohydrates 2.1g
Fat 1.7g
  • MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein

The MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein powder is unflavoured and unsweetened. It can be consumed in many ways. Since it does not have a unique flavour it can be added to various recipes like smoothies, cakes, pancakes, oatmeals, cookies, etc. It can be savoured according to the individual palate.

  1. It is Labdoor tested for purity and claim accuracy.
  2. It is not heavily processed and so the vitamins and minerals in whey concentrate are preserved to enhance the benefits of the raw whey protein powder.
  3. The supplement provides 24g of protein, 5.2g of BCAA, 11.2g of EAA, and 4.2g of Glutamic acid for every 30g serving to aid muscle protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and endurance.
  4. It has 3rd party lab accreditation for purity of protein content. Every ingredient can be checked for authenticity and the reports can be accessed online as well.
  5. With all these added benefits you will be assured for an informed buy.

Nutrition Facts: The supplement offers the following nutrients in every serving:

Nutrients Nutrition Value
Energy 122kcal
Protein 24g
Carbohydrates 2.1g
Fat 1.95g
  • Big Muscles Raw and Real Whey

Whey protein isolate derived from grass-fed dairy is the primary source of protein in Big Muscles Raw and Real Whey.

  1. It is designed to foster muscle development and enhance muscle recovery.
  2. Every serving of 30g of the supplement provides 27g protein, 5.5g of BCAA and 4g Glutamine.
  3. It has no added flavours or sweeteners and is not limited to just consuming it with water or milk. It can form a part of the ingredients to various recipes like pancakes, oatmeal, cakes, smoothies, cookies, etc. It does not add to the taste but makes the recipe nutrient-dense.
  4. It is 100% natural, gluten-free, and soy-free. It is safe to consume.
  5. Ideal for vegetarians to up their protein intake.
  6. The supplement is a performance amplifier and can be used any time of the day depending on your convenience and requirement.

Nutrition Facts: Every serving of 30g of whey raw protein powder provides the following nutrients

Nutrients Nutrition Value
Energy 116kcal
Protein 27g
Carbohydrates 0g
Fat 1g
  • Six Pack Nutrition Raw Whey

  1. Six Pack Nutrition Raw Whey is derived from the highest quality ingredients from Glanbia Nutritionals.
  2. This supplement is protein content certified and ensures that you get 24g of good quality whey that is obtained from the milk of grass fed cows.
  3. To speed up the process of recovery, this supplement is rich in EAAs and BCAAs as well. You get 5.3g of BCAAs in each serving along with 10.6g of EAAs to ensure a great amino acid profile.
  4. This supplement is ideal even for professionals as it is free from any banned substances.
  5. You can build lean muscles easily with this raw protein powder because it does not have any added sugar or sweeteners.

Nutrition Facts: Every 30g serving of the supplement provides the following nutrients

Nutrients Nutrition Value
Energy 122kcal
Protein 24g
Carbohydrates 2g
Fat 2g
  • HealthXP Natures Raw Whey Protein

HealthXP Raw Whey Protein is not subject to high processing.  Whey protein derived from grass-fed dairy is preserved in its original form. All nutrients and minerals are preserved to foster better muscle development.

  1. The supplement has no fillers and preservatives and is safe to use.
  2. Every scoop of the raw protein powder provides 24g of protein, and 5.4 g BCAA to stimulate muscle growth and muscle recovery.
  3. If you are consciously controlling your sugar intake, then, HealthXP Nature's Raw Whey Protein is ideal for you as it has zero sugar.
  4. It is gluten-free and vegetarian.
  5. The raw whey protein supplement is fortified with 4.16g Glutamic Acid to support endurance and muscle recovery.
  6. It has added digestive enzymes  for faster absorption of protein.
  7. The formula does not contain banned substances and it is guaranteed for authenticity.
  8. The raw whey protein is instantized and very easy to consume.

Nutrition Facts: For every 30g grams of the raw whey protein supplement you will procure the following nutrients.

Nutrients Nutrition Value
Energy 125kcal
Protein 24g
Carbohydrates 3g
Fat 1.4g

How To Consume Whey Protein Raw

Consuming Whey Protein Raw can be great for muscle and strength gain, not just for athletes but anyone looking to build an active lifestyle. However, the right proportions are recommended. Here's how to consume Whey protein raw:

  • Add 30g (or 2 tablespoons) of Whey Protein supplement in 190-201ml of chilled water or skimmed milk.
  • Blend it into a thick shake for 45 to 60 seconds and consume.

Whey protein can be consumed early morning, post-workout, or at bedtime. It is advisable to consume as recommended by the nutritionist to build strength and muscle mass.

Why buy Raw Whey Protein Online from Healthkart?

The best range of raw whey protein India is available on HealthKart. This is India’s largest online portal for nutritional supplements, whey protein isolate giving you the most convenient option to purchase whatever you need for your supplementation strategy.

The advantage of ordering products online on HealthKart is that you can get exclusive offers and discounts on each purchase. This ensures that you get great value with the products that you buy.

HealthKart guarantees genuine products that are sourced from the manufacturer directly. This means that you do not have to worry about any tampering or adulteration. The labels that you get to read are also genuine, helping you pick the perfect product for yourself. HealthKart provides detailed information about all the products that are available to help customers make the right choice.

The easy delivery and easy return policy lets you make purchases without any hassle. In case you are dissatisfied with any product, you will be able to get a full refund or exchange.

FAQs Related to Raw Whey Protein Powder

Q1. Is raw whey protein safe or not?

Ans: Yes, if you are taking raw whey from premium sources where quality is not compromised, raw whey is safe. Make sure you have no medical condition that contradicts it.

Q2. Is whey protein raw good for professionals as well as beginners?

Ans: At every phase of bodybuilding, one needs different levels of nutrients to push their journey to the next level. Raw whey provides that push to every beginner and professional athlete.

Q3. Is raw whey protein powder hard to digest?

Ans: Raw whey protein owns digestive enzymes as it is typically processed from a pre existing form of digestible product, i.e milk.

Q4. Is unflavoured whey protein a vegetarian product?

Ans: Yes. Raw Whey protein is a vegetarian product.

Q5. How much is the Raw Whey Protein price in India for 1 kg?

Ans:The price of Raw Whey Protein in India for 1 kg varies from Rs. 1999/- to Rs. 2681/-. It depends on the brand.


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