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best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 2099.0
(Rs. 699.67/kg)
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best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 2769.0
(Rs. 923.0/kg)
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best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 6299.0
(Rs. 1259.8/kg)
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best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 1530.0
(Rs. 765.0/kg)
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(20 reviews)
best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 5849.0
(Rs. 2573.56/kg)
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Rs. 974.0
(Rs. 974.0/kg)
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(2 reviews)
Rs. 630.0
(Rs. 1260.0/kg)
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Rs. 1211.0
(Rs. 1211.0/kg)
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Rs. 750.0
(Rs. 750.0/kg)
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Rs. 807.0
(Rs. 807.0/kg)
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(2 reviews)
Rs. 675.0
(Rs. 675.0/kg)
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Get HK Cash Rs. 3
(3 reviews)
Rs. 600.0
(Rs. 1200.0/kg)
Get HK Cash Rs. 3
Rs. 1913.0
(Rs. 956.5/kg)
15.0% off (You Save:Rs. 337.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 10
(1 reviews)
Rs. 764.0
(Rs. 764.0/kg)
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FreebieOlympia Creatine Monohydrate, Unflavoured 0.22 lb
Rs. 1436.0
(Rs. 718.0/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 160.0)
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(1 reviews)
FreebieOlympia Creatine Monohydrate, Unflavoured 0.22 lb
Rs. 1673.0
(Rs. 836.5/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 186.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 8
Rs. 2474.0
(Rs. 824.67/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 275.0)
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best selling product in Weight Gainer
Rs. 1190.0
(Rs. 1309.0/kg)
15.0% off (You Save:Rs. 210.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 6
Rs. 3439.0
(Rs. 687.8/kg)
20.0% off (You Save:Rs. 860.0)
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FreebieOlympia Shaker, Black & White 600 ml
Rs. 1485.0
(Rs. 742.5/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 165.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 7
(4 reviews)
FreebieOlympia Creatine Monohydrate, Unflavoured 0.22 lb
Rs. 1701.0
(Rs. 850.5/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 189.0)
Get HK Cash Rs. 9
(3 reviews)
Rs. 1674.0
(Rs. 837.0/kg)
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Get HK Cash Rs. 8
(0 reviews)
FreebieOlympia Gym Bag, Black & Red Free
Rs. 1778.0
(Rs. 889.0/kg)
10.0% off (You Save:Rs. 197.0)
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Rs. 1734.0
(Rs. 867.0/kg)
15.0% off (You Save:Rs. 306.0)
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Weight Gainers

Looking for a way to gain weight and muscle? Looks like weight gainer supplements are just the solution you were searching for. Honestly speaking, with a number of brands of weight gainers offering different types of components and almost all claiming that their weight gainer products are the best, not only you but anyone starting out in gaining muscle can get confused and make a bad choice. You feel like you are falling down a rabbit hole and don’t know how to choose the right weight gainer for as per your requirements. So, here is some information that might be helpful for you.

Weight gainers are an easy way of increasing calorie intake in order to build lean muscle and gain weight. With a balanced blend of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals, this supplement helps you gain not only weight, but also lean muscle mass with adequate exercise.

This might make you think why someone would consume weight gainers, and not just have healthy and calorie-rich foods in order to gain muscle.

Why Weight Gainers?

Well, having only a healthy, calorie-rich diet everyday may not be enough to support strenuous exercise. It may help you in gaining weight, but you might end up having health problems due to inclusion of excess fats. That is where comes the use of weight gainers, which include a particular type of fat to make you look lean while helping in the muscle-building process. This supplement can be taken as per your requirements, be it before you begin your exercise schedule or after you are done. 

High Calorie Content

Getting calories in excess is essential to gain weight. Weight gainers work on the basic that taking in more calories than expanding them adds on to the weight. They give you extra calories in each nutritious serving so that you easily meet your daily calorie requirement.

Balanced Mix of Macronutrients

Weight gainer products contain a much-needed blend of macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which are required by the body for muscle growth and energy gain. This supplement is also beneficial in quick recovery of tired muscles after heavy workouts.

Extra Benefits of Creatine and Glutamine

Most weight gainers contain creatine and glutamine. Creatine is very helpful in a weight gainer as it works effectively in the presence of a good amount of carbohydrates, a requirement that weight gainers fulfill. Creatine helps in preserving muscle mass. It provides strength and aids in speedy recovery of muscles after intense workouts. Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown and increases protein synthesis. It also increases the growth of human growth hormone, which supports new muscle growth.

So now that you are quite versed with weight gain powders and their benefits, it should be easy enough for you to make an informed choice on the best weight gainer and get benefitted.