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Best Mass Gainers In India

Best Mass Gainers In India

Mass Gainers are one of the most bought supplements used by people who want to gain good muscle mass the healthy way. This list of best mass gainers includes reputed brands like ON, MuscleBlaze and BSN known for their premium quality mass gainers.

What Are Mass Gainers

Mass Gainers are a rich source of high calories ranging anywhere from 350 calories to 1250 calories. Some mass gainers provide even more calories than that. They are also a good source of complex carbohydrates and decent amount protein as well. The aim of a good mass gainer is to help build effective muscle mass and provide nutrition essential for a healthy gain. When taken under the supervision of a health expert and in a combination of a balanced diet and regular workout, mass gainers can work wonders for skinny guys looking to build good muscle mass.

Top Benefits Of Mass Gainers

  • Help in muscle recovery and growth
  • Rich source of complex carbs, essential vitamins, and minerals
  • Help with energy boost required for an intense workout
  • Fiber-rich mass gainers help improve digestion and achieve fitness without contributing to body bloating
  • Aid in bodybuilding as mass gainers contain high-quality whey protein

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List of Best Mass Gainers In India

In no specific order, here’s the list of best mass gainers in India available for purchase at various online and offline platforms.

MuscleBlaze XXL

Want to grow big and muscular? Then MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer can help you with it. An effective blend of high protein and complex carbs makes MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer a high-quality supplement to go for. It is also a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for a lean, fit, and muscular body.

Important Nutritional InformationClick To Buy

Calories – 283.50
Proteins – 15.75 grams
Carbohydrates – 52.5 grams
Essential Vitamins and Minerals – 27                            


ON Serious Mass

ON (Optimum Nutrition) is one of the most trusted and famous brand for various fitness and bdybuilding supplements. ON Serious Mass is a popular Mass Gainer that can not only help you gain lean muscular mass and healthy weight but also can effectively meet your daily protein requirements. It is a premium product that is enriched with 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Important Nutritional InformationClick To Buy

Calories – 1250
Proteins – 50 grams
Minerals and Vitamins – 25
Carbohydrates – 250 grams


ON Pro Gainer

This is another great product from the ON family that provides you with a high amount of calories for effective enhancement of your muscle and body mass. It is a rich mix of dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, MCTs, minerals and vitamins that are essential for overall fitness and muscle development.

Important Nutritional Information

Calories – 650
Proteins – 60 grams
Carbohydrates – 85 grams


BSN True Mass

A caloric-rich supplement for lean body mass, BSN True Mass is an excellent supplement for a fit and athletic body. Along with the blend of carbohydrates, this mass gainer contains essential protein building blocks that provide the desired support for training and muscle development. In addition to this, True Mass gives you the energy for pre-and-post-workout sessions and beats the fatigue. 

Important Nutritional Information

Calories – 710
Proteins – 50 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Carbohydrates – 90 grams


CytoSport Monster Mass

With an excellent blend ratio of 1.5:1 of Carbs and Protein, Monster Mass is powerful Mass Gainer for required muscle growth and lean mass gain. It is an easily digestible supplement that contains an additional amount of L – Leucine for post workout muscle recovery and growth. 

Important Nutritional Information

Calories – 560
Proteins – 54 grams
Carbohydrates – 74 grams
Creatine – 3 grams


MuscleTech Mass Tech

MuscleTech is a very well-known brand in the fitness industry. Mass Tech is an amazing supplement, from the MuscleTech family, which is specially designed for advanced mass gain requirements. It is a high-caloric mass gainer with a multi-blend protein system and a rich source of complex carbohydrates.  

Important Nutritional Information

Calories – 1170
Proteins – 80 grams
BCCAs – 13 grams
Creatine – 10 grams


Universal Nutrition Real Gains

Integrated with insulin and enriched with complex carbs, Universal Nutrition Real Gains is a high-quality mass gainer which helps in building a great toned body and provides essential energy required for intense workouts. It comprises of whey protein, amino acids, micellar casein and other nutrients that aid in building lean muscle mass and help achieving fitness goals with overall health.

Important Nutritional Information

Calories – 610
Proteins – 53 grams
Carbohydrates – 87 grams
Dietary Fiber – 5 grams


Apart from the mass gainers listed above, there are other good brands in the market too that provide good quality mass gainer supplements. But, whether it is a product listed above or any other in the market, the important point to understand is that these supplements should be used as per individual’s mass gaining requirements. So you must consult a fitness trainer or a certified nutritionist and health expert for proper dosage as per your mass gaining needs.  

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