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7 Best Weight Gainers In India

Weight gain might not seem difficult. But healthy weight gain with good muscle mass is. So, using some of the best weight gainer in India, this task can be made simpler and effective.

Did you anytime come across some online advertisements that give you the option to buy Weight Gainers? Are you confused about how to buy weight gainers online?

The chances are that your answer is ‘Yes’. The reason is simple – It is not really easy to find, identify and buy best weight gainers in India just by having a look at a supplement jar online. Many people who buy weight gainers without understanding their usage & ingredients, may or may not get the desired results.

Then how to identify the best weight gainer?

Well, you need to understand the fact that It is not just about gaining weight. Because at the end of the day you want to gain weight from being skinny lean but not fat or overweight. A healthy weight gain along with strong muscle building is the ideal thing to achieve. So, the important thing to understand is to buy supplements after gaining some knowledge about its ingredients. And that is exactly what you are going to get via this blog.

Here’s a list of 7 Best Weight Gainers in India that you can easily buy online at some great price options.

                                       Best Weight Gainers in India 2020
Weight Gainers Supplement Information

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 

One Scoop gives you 50 grams of protein and 1250 calories

HealthKart Weight Gainer

100 Grams gives you 410 Calories, 75 grams Carbohydrates, 15 grams Protein and 27 Vitamins & Minerals

BSN True-Mass

This gives you 700 calories, 20 grams EAAs and 10 grams of BCAAs per serving

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer

100 Grams gives you 72.5 grams of Carbs, 15 grams Protein and 388.70 calories along with added Digezyme

Optimum Pro Complex Gainer

You get 650 Calories, 85 grams carbohydrates and 60 grams Protein per serving.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains

 You get 602 Calories, 54 Calories from fat and 53 grams protein per serving

MyProtein Hard Gainer Extreme

You get 446 Calories, 61 grams carbohydrates and 35 grams Protein per serving.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Supplement
If you want to gain weight and mass, then this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Supplement is going to be a great option. It’s an effective supplement to gain more weight in a short time period. One important point that you need to know about this weight gainer is it is going to increase the weight by inducing muscle mass and no fat at all. All the ingredients in this supplement are chosen with a lot of care. One scoop of this supplement is having 50 grams of protein and 1250 calories as well.
HealthKart Weight Gainer
The new and effective HealthKart Weight Gainer is an ideal way to supplement your way to a healthy weight gain. This weight gainer is not only powered with high-quality protein and carbohydrates but is also loaded with essential vitamins & minerals. The ease of digestion is aided by the presence of fiber in this extremely effective premium quality weight gainer.
BSN True-Mass
One of the best weight gainers available in India is BSN True-Mass. This supplement is quite rich in calories and nutrients that you will be able to use it for healthy weight gain. It all depends on how you want to use it. This supplement can be taken along with any drink of your choice, with water or milk as well. But milk is the most preferred option, as that will increase the calories and proteins further, so that you will be able to gain weight faster. It also helps in muscle repair and recovery.

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer

One of the best and most effective ways to gain weight is with the help of this MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer powder. This supplement is a unique blend of fats, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins in it. It works on muscle mass gaining and recovery, by easily getting absorbed into the body. 100 grams of this powder has 75 grams of carbohydrates in it.
Optimum Pro Complex Gainer
With a protein content in it, this Optimum Pro Complex Gainer is also a good option for gaining muscle mass. This supplement knows the difference between the gaining weight and gaining fat, and hence it only helps in gaining muscle mass and not fat. You have 85 grams of carbohydrates and 650 calories. You can mix it in a glass of milk or water and drink it.
Universal Nutrition Real Gains
This Universal Nutrition Real Gains supplement follows a simple formula and that is simple clean calories. This supplement helps in mass gain with the help of essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and rich proteins. This uses an effective formula for mass gain and that is by making the nutrients get absorbed into the body. This gives you effective weight gain and muscle building results
MyProtein Hard Gainer Extreme
Low in sugar and fat content, and high in proteins and carbohydrates, the MyProtein Hard Gainer Extreme is an excellent weight gain solution. L-Glutamine is also present in this weight gainer supplement and this is going to help in muscle repair and recovery. Each serving of this supplement has 446 calories, 35 grams of proteins and 61 grams of carbohydrates.
All these weight gainers and muscle mass building supplements are easily available for purchase at online stores. Also, you must remember to consult a health expert or certified nutritionist for a personalized weight gain plan. This will not just help you take the right dosage of weight gainers but also help you take the right kind of diet required for healthy weight gain.

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