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MuscleBlaze Micronized Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch

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2 - MuscleBlaze Micronized Glutamine,  0.55 lb  Fruit Punch
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MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch

  •  This Product Helps in Muscle Recovery
  •  Generally Consumed With Water
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Product Details

  • MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine provides you with 5g of unadulterated L-Glutamine which improves the rate of absorption of this nutrient, thereby providing faster results
  • L-Glutamine prevents muscle starvation from lack of nutrients to delay muscle fatigue and muscle breakdown
  • Improved immunity with MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine helps you overcome low immune response due to added stress on the muscles to avoid any breaks in training
  • Better vasodilation improves blood and oxygen supply to your muscles to give you more stamina and improved muscle cell volume
  • There are no added sugars in MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine to ensure that you do not have any empty calorie consumption and are able to gain lean muscles only
Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by HealthKart.
Manufacturer: Tirupati Wellness, Tirupati Wellness, SurajPur, Nahan Road, Paonta Sahib, Sirmaur HP - 173001, Email: [email protected]

Product Info

General Traits
Weight 0.55 lb
Number of Servings 41
Serving Size 6 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Additional Information
Manufactured in India
Flavour Fruit Punch
Form Powder
Packaging Jar
Goal Muscle Recovery,Recovery from Injury
Other Traits
Product Code/UPC 8906067022424
Flavour Base Others
Nutritional info for Product
Carbs 0.35 g
Energy 1.40 kcal
L-Glutamine 5 g
Protein 0 g

MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch

Muscle fatigue and soreness are the primary obstacles in your journey towards a perfectly chiseled physique. With the right supplement strategy, you can provide your muscles with all the nutrients that they require to perform to their maximum capacity. 
One such nutrient that you require is L-Glutamine. While you can include several Glutamine rich foods such as meat, nuts, eggs, milk, beans and red cabbage in your diet, you need elaborate meal preparations to ensure that you get the required intake of glutamine every day. 
For hassle-free glutamine intake and improved uptake of this nutrient, you can choose from the best glutamine supplements such as MuscleBlaze for an easy and quick source of this nutrient. 

Benefits of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch

MuscleBlaze glutamine is highly recommended by several bodybuilders and athletes for quick results. This supplement maintains the highest standards in quality and safety and is also extremely affordable. 
There are several MuscleBlaze glutamine benefits as mentioned below, making it a great nutritional supplement for even professional athletes and bodybuilders. 
  • Enjoy Unadulterated L-Glutamine supply: MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch contains 5g of micro-ionized glutamine in every scoop. This unadulterated form of glutamine is very easy to absorb improving the glutamine uptake of your muscles. This allows faster results and improved gains. 
  • Ensures Optimal Performance: L-Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in your skeletal muscles. With this supplement, you get a steady supply of this important nutrient which is absorbed by the muscles readily after training. As a result, muscle soreness is prevented and recovery is enhanced, allowing you to perform to your best abilities even with the most intense training sessions. 
  • Provides Better Immunity: Most bodybuilders and athletes experience low immunity due to extreme stress on their muscles from intense training. L-Glutamine boosts immunity and prevents any infections and illnesses. 
  • Better Blood Flow: L-Glutamine is responsible for vasodilation. This allows better blood flow to your muscles and improves the oxygen supply. This function of glutamine also improves performance and stamina to help you get the most out of each training session. 


MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch has a refreshing fruity taste which makes it the perfect beverage to consume after a tiring workout. 


L-Glutamine, Papaya powder, Acidity Regulator (INS 330). Contains nature identical flavor substances and permitted color. Contains artificial sweetener (Acesulfame potassium (INS 950))

How to Consume MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine? 

Mix one level scoop of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch with 180-200ml of water or your favorite beverage. It is best to consume one serving of this supplement each day for best results. 

When to Consume MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine? 

You can consume this supplement as per your convenience. The best time to add a serving to your diet is: 
Early morning: Consume one serving with your favorite beverage. 
Post workout: Provide an instant boost of glutamine to muscles that are starved after your workout with one serving immediately after training. 

Where to Buy MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine? 

HealthKart provides the most competitive MuscleBlaze glutamine price. You can also compare and choose from a range of products available online. Purchasing your supplements online is also hassle-free as the products are delivered to your doorstep. 


MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine FAQs

Q. What is MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, 0.55 lb Fruit Punch? 

A. MuscleBlaze glutamine is a high-end nutritional supplement that provides your body with 5g of unadulterated glutamine in each serving. This amino acid is available in a micro-filtered form which improves uptake and absorption. 

Q. Why is a glutamine supplement necessary? 

A. Glutamine is produced in the body. However, in the case of intense training, your muscles become starved of amino acids. Since glutamine is a major amino acid in your skeletal muscles, it is necessary that you include foods that are rich in it or a good supplement like MuscleBlaze glutamine to prevent any muscle breakdown. 

Q. How does it support lean muscle gains? 

A. MuscleBlaze glutamine delays muscle fatigue which helps you lift explosively. It also provides your muscles with a steady supply of glutamine to repair wear and tear quickly and prevent the breakdown of muscles. As a result, you are able to gain lean muscle faster with this supplement. 

Q. Does it have any other benefits? 

A. Better blood flow through vasodilation is ensured with L-Glutamine supplementation. It also boosts immunity to help you overcome stress from intense training. 

Q. Who should consume this supplement? 

A. This supplement can be consumed by intermediate and advanced level athletes who are looking at increasing intensity of their training. It is particularly beneficial during the cutting cycle.


MuscleBlaze - From The Manufacturer

MuscleBlaze is known as one of India’s leading Sports Nutrition Company. Its prime focus is to offer the best bodybuilding supplements like Whey, Gainers, Weight Gainers, Pre-workout and more. 
Founded in 2012, MuscleBlaze has become synonymous with product quality, authenticity and cutting-edge performance at the best price. This is possible due to their stringent adherence to source the purest ingredients and uses quality processes –all this to guarantee authentic products, every time. 
They source raw material from genuine vendors and manufactures. The end product is made at FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure MuscleBlaze is the best sports supplement brand. 
The aim of MuscleBlaze is to bring forward international grade of fitness supplements in India. This focus and passion resulted in MuscleBlaze Whey Gold - one of India’s best protein supplement.
MuscleBlaze has many products in their range, including:
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Protein
  • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze BCAA and more…
To create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste, MuscleBlaze ensures to manufacture its products under the guidance of best pharmaceutical experts. It continues to delight their customers with great resulting supplements that are known for their best flavors. 

Customer Satisfaction

MuscleBlaze Protein supplements undergo strict quality checks before it reaches you. To provide more power and quality protein, MuscleBlaze not only takes purity seriously but also guarantees it. 
MuscleBlaze is your trusted fitness partner, as it takes a lot for a supplement to become a MuscleBlaze supplement. 

Product Authenticity

MuscleBlaze is the only brand that empowers fitness enthusiasts to verify the authenticity of their purchase via SMS. Every product has a unique, non-duplicable code. The consumer can simply punch their unique code at the authentication section and send it to themselves via SMS. 

Where To Find MuscleBlaze Products?

If you are looking for best Whey Protein, Weight Gainer, and Pre-workout supplements online, visit muscleblaze.com. Apart from it, healthkart.com also offers genuine MuscleBlaze Supplements Online
In order to ensure the product authenticity, you can also scan the QR Code of MuscleBlaze supplements purchased from HealthKart. Or you can visit the nearest HealthKart store to purchase the best Whey protein brands and other top supplement brands.


1.What is MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?
MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine serves in fruit punch flavour unadulterated L-Glutamine that gets absorbed quickly in the body. L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and the latest research studies have emphasized its role in improving recovery and building muscles.

2.What are the benefits of MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?
It gets absorbed quickly in the body and prevents breakdown of muscles. It is an active partner in lean muscle gains. MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine helps improve your post-exercise recovery, which has a positive effect on your athletic performance.

3.Which supplements you can stack with MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?
Along with MuscleBlaze Glutamine, you can have MuscleBlaze Whey Protein and MuscleBlaze BCAAs. These two will improve your rate of muscle recovery and allow you to work out for a longer duration.

4.How to take MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine?
You should mix MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine with your favourite beverage and drink it in the morning. Repeat after your workout.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Verified BuyersAll Reviews
  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Amazing product

    This is the second time i have ordered this product of muscleblaze. I must say muscleblaze is a great competitor for all the international brands in India. Regarding this product this is a amazing product. Gives you strength stamina and amazing pump and muscle development. Concentrate on diet and leave rest in the hands of this product. Taste 0/0 why zero because it is tasteless. Mixing ability 10/10. Effect 10/10. I recommend this product to all.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 14
  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Will recommend it to all....

    I was doing heavy workout because of which I was facing pain in my muscles...My trainer suggested me to go for Glutamine. I saw this product and compared it with other brands but this one was really good...This product gives you good results and price is economical and easily affordable....After taking this product my muscle pain reduced within one week ...I am happy to use such good product and will recommend it to all...

    Was this review helpful? Yes 10
  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    amazing product MB glutamine

    Its just a amazing product, daily twice I use MB glutamine along with MB whey protein and banana juice, the recovery is good, quality is good. price is also less compared to other products. And one more magic of this glutamine is that it does boost sexual life,I personally highly recommend this one

    Was this review helpful? Yes 10
  • Good Product

    I have used 3 muscle-blaze products (Whey protein, Creatine, Glutamine). I ordered 100grm of this product for a test and i am satisfied with the results and i will recommend this product to buyers, taste neutral mixing is good and results and good. People usually don't prefer Indian brand but muscle-blaze is a amazing in every product.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 6
  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Gives you good recovery and strength....

    I bought this product few weeks back, first of all thank you HealthKart for the speedy delivery.... This product is good and gives you good recovery and improve your strength and muscle fatigue...Mixibility is good and it dissolves fast without any lumps...Overall great product...

    Was this review helpful? Yes 5

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