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Are you looking for a supplement that is ideal for quick muscle recovery? Then you must try BCAA powders. BCAA protein supplements contain essential amino acids; isoleucine, valine and leucine. These amino acids help in stimulating more muscle protein synthesis than the normal protein supplement. After a rigorous workout, BCAA powder decreases muscle damage, and quickly heals muscle. Consuming BCAA supplements before a hard workout session can help in speedy recovery. Some of the best BCAA supplement and protein supplements brands are MuscleBlaze, Ultimate Nutrition, MusclePharm, Scivation Xtend, The Protein Zone, Optimum Nutrition, GNC, BPI and BSN. Visit HealthKart today and get the best offers on your favourite products.

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Amino Acids/BCAAs: Stay Fuelled Up and Energetic In The Gym

Amp up your workout routine with BCAAs. What they do is provide your muscles with ample nourishment, after a strenuous training session. This allows muscles to recover faster so that you can sustain intense training, recover for your next workout session, and also increase the intensity of training.

Along with a good Whey Protein such as MuscleBlaze Whey Protein, consuming Branched-Chain Amino Acid foods and amino acid supplements replenishes lost amino acid reserves instantly to help prevent any muscle loss or muscle fatigue.

What is Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)?

One must ensure enough consumption of essential amino acids in their  regular, day-today diet, as your body cannot manufacture them all. Of these, Branched-Chain Amino Acids are of utmost significance when it comes to bodybuilding. There are three Branched-Chain Amino Acids that are found in abundance in your muscles. This includes Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that form a majority of your muscle fibers.

Of the three, Leucine is higher in proportion which is why most of the BCAA supplements contain a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids are absorbed directly by the muscles, giving you an instant source of nourishment when you workout. This allows the depleted levels of BCAAs to be restored immediately to prevent any chances of muscle loss or muscle fatigue.

When combined with Whey Protein, BCAA supplements such as Ultimate Nutrition BCAA, ON BCAA, Aminoz BCAA and other brands, you get a complete amino acid profile that helps you reach your goals much faster. It can be said that BCAAs are specially formulated Amino acids supplement that ensure microscopic wear and tear to the muscle fibers are restored immediately, helping your muscles grow in volume and strength.

Benefits of Consuming (BCAA) Amino Acids:

If you are looking for some of the prominent bcaa uses and benefits. Read on the list below:

  • Muscle Growth: When it comes to muscle growth, BCAAs play a major role in your body. The essential amino acids (isoleucine, valine, and leucine) present in BCAAs stimulate muscle protein synthesis more than a normal protein.
  • Useful For Muscle Soreness: According to a research, BCAA powder decrease muscle damage, ultimately reducing the severity and length of muscle soreness (also called delayed onset muscle soreness) after work out. Taking BCAAs supplements before exercise can also speed up recovery time.
  • Decrease Exercise Fatigue: Everyone experiences exhaustion and fatigue from workout or exercise at some point. How quickly you get tired depends on various factors such as exercise duration, exercise intensity and nutrition. BCAAs is used by muscles during exercise which causes the decline of blood levels of BCAAs, this is why taking BCAAs supplements are the best way to make improvements in your exercise performance and avoid any exercise fatigue.
  • Prevent Muscle Breakdown: BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown and muscle wasting. According to several studies the intake of BCAAs supplements can prevent muscle protein breakdown. This may also improve health and quality of living of elderly people.
  • Anti-aging: As you age the body’s ability to produce collagen declines, so BCAAs supplements can be a great addition to fight the signs of aging.
  • Effective in weight loss: Taking BCAA supplement after a workout can help to compensate for lost nutrients, reduce cravings, stave off hunger and support weight loss.
  • Carb utilization and Hormone regulation: The more the quantity of BCAAs in the bloodstream the better is the ability to process carbs for fuel, ultimately helps in preserving lean muscle.
  • Cortisol Level: BCAAs are responsible to decrease the cortisol level in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that gets released when a person is under stress, leading to an increase in abdominal fat.
  • Work Out Hard with BCAAs : Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is a combination of 3 essential amino acids-Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. These amino acids are ideal for the individuals who spent hours and hours in the gym to achieve muscular physique. It improves protein synthesis, prevents fatigue, and maintains muscle mass and strength during intense training sessions.

How do BCAA Supplements work?

Do you know during a hard workout your body breaks down muscle tissues to repair and fuel damaged muscles? In this catabolic state, BCAA supplements create an anabolic state by providing essential amino acids to inhibit muscle loss.

Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine; these three essential amino acids present in  BCAAs supplements not only help in the maintenance of muscle tissue but also preserve muscle glycogen to inhibit protein breakdown during exercise. Moreover, this supplementation increases nitrogen retention and lowers the loss of muscle tissues. Other than this, one of its great benefits includes  fast recovery of fatigued and sore muscles.

Things you need to know about the amino acids present in BCAA Supplements:

The three amino acids present in BCAAs can be achieved through diet or supplementation. These three amino acids provide the following benefits:


  • Helps maintain the optimal energy level
  • Helps in muscle recovery after a hard workout
  • Helps to balance the nitrogen in the body


  • Maintains muscle mass
  • Prevents muscle protein breakdown
  • Helps in the fast recovery of muscles from injury


  • Increases muscular strength
  • Helps in muscle building

BCAA depletion can lead to catabolism and can hamper the health of those trying to build muscles. In order to increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown, choose BCAA/amino acid supplementation wisely. Both amino acids and BCAA supplements are available in powder and tablet forms, which you can avail as per your requirement. Bcaa price is extremely reasonable and affordable keeping in mind a great customer experience.

When To Take BCAAs?

The best time to consume BCAA supplements or BCAA powder is around the time of your workout. You can mix 5-10g with your pre-workout drink or any beverage of your choice. It is also a good idea to mix your BCAA supplement to any post workout meal or drink such as MuscleBlaze Whey Protein.

BCAAs may also be consumed in between your meals when you know that there is going to be a large gap in between two of them. This prevents any chances of catabolic muscle loss which may hinder your progress.

Do you take BCAA before or after workout?

Taking BCAA powder before and after workout provides your body with the essential amino acids and helps you achieve your desired body goals.

BCAA Brands Available at HealthKart and Their Specialty

Looking for the best BCAA supplements in India? You can buy BCAA supplements from some of the top brands in the market on HealthKart. You can get branded BCAA powder online at the lowest prices in India. Some of the options available are ON BCAA, Ultimate Nutrition BCAA, MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro or  BCAA Gold 8:1:1, MusclePharm BCAA, Domin8r Nutrition, NOW, SSN, HealthAid, BPI Sports, Scivation Xtend BCAA, Tara Nutricare, Protein Scoop, GNC, Muscle XP and Kaged Muscle.

Some special features of these BCAA supplements are:

  • Be it ON BCAA or MusclePharm, Dymatize BCAA or MuscleBlaze BCAA 6000 the ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine is maintained at 2:1:1 for best results.
  • You have specialized formula depending upon your level of training and the intensity of training.
  • Each product comes with an authentication code to prevent any duplication.
  • They are available in flavored and unflavored variety to make them more convenient to consume.

Apart from this Healthkart also provides the best  bcaa price in india. From best protein powder, l glutamine, creatine, pre workout supplement, protein supplements and other nutritional foods and supplements from the trusted brands.