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Biotin Tablets

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Biotin tablets are those vitamin supplements which not only help in enhancing your beauty but also help in boosting your overall health. Some of the best biotin tablets that you can consider buying are from brands like TrueBasics, HealthXP, Now, HealthVit, INLIFE and more. The vitamin B7 tablets present in HealthVit Biotino or any other biotin supplements helps in regulating your metabolism rate, improves memory functions, lowers bad cholesterol levels, protects your brain and fights against cognitive decline. The biotin capsules like INLIFE Advanced Hair Skin & Nails ,GNC Women's Ultra Nourish Hair Tab, TrueBasics Omega Beauty for Hair Skin & Nails, etc. helps in making your hair, skin and nails beautiful. These supplements also contain amino acids, which help in muscle strengthening and muscle repairing.

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Biotin Tablets: For Great Energy & Health of Hair, Skin and Nails

Biotin is a part of the vitamin B family and is a water soluble vitamin. Biotin is necessary for the body to provide great energy levels just like fish oil, omega 3 and is also necessary for the skin, nails and hair health. Low levels of biotin in your body can cause rashes on skin, hair thinning, tingling in the legs and arms, and depression. So, it is important that you include biotin rich foods such as egg yolks, legumes, seeds and nuts, liver, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, bananas, yeast, broccoli, and avocados in your diet to maintain your biotin levels.

In case of biotin deficiency you can opt for biotin tablets but make sure your includes biotin rich foods also. Biotin capsules are also used to prevent and treat issues related with pregnancy, malnutrition, long-term tube feeding, and quick weight loss. But make sure to invest in the best biotin supplement and consult a doctor before using it for better results.

Health Benefits Of Biotin Tablet

Take a look at the following benefits of taking the best biotin tablets & know why to consume biotin supplements in your daily life.

  • For Healthy Metabolism : Biotin tablets contain Vitamin B7 which is needed to convert the food you eat into energy that aids in the maintenance of a healthy metabolism. Without sufficient vitamin b7 tablets (biotin), present in the body, symptoms of a slow-moving metabolism may come into notice like fatigue, low energy level, digestive problems and more. Taking the best biotin capsules can help to maintain a healthy metabolism. Along with supporting a healthy metabolism, biotin tablets may help in weight loss. If your doctor recommends only then you can also try fish oil supplements for good metabolism.
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels : If you think maintaining good cholesterol levels is also possible with fish oil vitamins, or fish oil tablets, then it is not true as another benefit of biotin tablets is reducing bad cholesterol levels. People who have diabetes and those susceptible to heart disease may find biotin capsule intake helpful. If you are worried about biotin price or biotin capsules price, for affordable biotin tablets price, visit HealthKart.
  • Impact Glucose Intolerance: Biotin vitamins benefits to manage blood glucose levels and helps in decreasing the expression of enzyme, which stimulates glucose production by the liver.
  • Biotin Gives You Healthy Nails, Skin, and Hair : Biotin vitamin tablets help to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. When someone experiences a vitamin B7 deficiency, symptoms may appear in the form of thinning and brittle hair and irritated skin.
  • Protects Brain Function and Fights Cognitive Decline : You might have heard or read about people using biotin tablets for hair growth, skin, or nails health. Besides this, biotin tablets also help to maintain the health of the nervous system just like fish oil tablets. It influences memory function and helps to defend against age-related cognitive impairment. One of the benefits of biotin capsules is to keep up a positive mindset and increase concentration.
  • Supports Thyroid Function : Biotin supplement is essential for maintaining proper thyroid activity and regulating energy, hunger, sleep, and even pain. If you experience trouble sleeping, weight gain, or constant fatigue, regular intake of a biotin capsule can help with thyroid regulation.
  • Build and Repair Tissues and Muscles : Biotin supplements help in the growth and maintenance of tissues and also aid to build and repair muscles. When a muscle or tissue is broken, biotin helps to work in building the strength of muscle and tissue that can lead to growth. Whether you are taking biotin capsules for hair growth or for any other issue, make sure to get the best quality biotin tablets online at HealthKart without worrying about the biotin tablets price or biotin capsules price.
  • Boosts Energy and Mood : One of the main functions of biotin is to metabolise proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This vitamin also helps in synthesizing fatty acids and certain amino acids. Biotin tablets and other B vitamins play a significant role in converting nutrients into fuel that the body can access. Giving your body a constant supply of biotin can improve your mood. Infact, fish oil capsules and fish oil pills also help in improving mood and protein synthesis.

So, these were the benefits of biotin tablets. However, make sure to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Uses of Biotin Tablet

Some of the uses of biotin tablets are:

  • Taking biotin can help in treating low blood levels of biotin. It also prevents biotin blood levels from getting too low.
  • Because of the low biotin levels, thinning of the hair and rash around the nose, eyes and mouth. Biotin supplements are the perfect way to treat biotin deficiency symptoms.
  • Biotin tablets are also helpful in reducing inflammation, enhancing cognitive function, and maintaining blood sugar level in people with diabetes.
  • Biotin capsules are also used to increase good cholesterol levels and decrease bad cholesterol levels.

Best Biotin Capsules in India 2022

1.HealthAid Hair-Vit, 90 capsules, Unflavoured


  • Healthaid biotin with the name hair-vit, may support the nourishment of thicken hair, hair follicle, and shiny hair.
  • It is helpful in reducing hair loss due to anxiety, stress, and pollutants.
  • Nourish skin and nails.
  • HealthAid also offers other vitamin tablets such as vitamin C Tablet, vitamin D Tablet, vitamin B12.

2.Healthvit Biotino (5000 mcg), 60 tablet(s), Unflavoured


  • Healthvit biotino capsules are specially crafted with great affectivity to repair thin nails, dry skin, and damaged hair.
  • Also this supplement is soy free, gluten free, chemical free and preservative free.

3.Morpheme Remedies Hair Vital Glow Extract (500 mg), 60 veggie capsule(s), Unflavoured


  • It is made of the best natural hair ingredients, and offers unique combinations for all kinds of hair solutions.
  • It supports hair loss, promotes hair growth, prevents hair graying and dandruff.
  • It only contains pure ingredients, zero binders, zero fillers and zero artificial ingredients.

4.Power Gummies Hair Vitamins with Biotin, 60 gummies, Natural Fruity


  • Helps convert food into energy.
  • Maintains healthy nails, skin and hairs.
  • Helps in the regeneration of skin and hair cells.
  • They come in delicious flavours and are easy to consume.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

5.INLIFE Advanced Hair Skin & Nails, 60 capsules, Unflavoured


  • Inlife biotin capsules grape seed extract, amino acid, vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E, and herbal extracts such as bhringraj, brahmi and dry amalaki which is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • Inlife biotin capsules are the best vitamin tablets for men, and vitamin tablets for women.

6.Now Biotin (5000 mcg), 120 veggie capsule(s), Unflavoured


  • Helps in supporting amino acid metabolism.
  • Promotes good immune health.
  • Helps in energy production.
  • It is a vegan/vegetarian and Non-GMO supplement.

7.GNC Biotin 10000 mcg, 90 tablet(s), Unflavoured


  • If you are finding it challenging to maintain nourished skin and healthy hair in a polluted environment then it is better to opt for the GNC Biotin 10000 mcg tablet.
  • These tablets are specially formulated to provide protection against dry hair, baldness, hair breakage, and to promote shiny hair, stronger nails and glowing skin.

8.JustHer Biotin with Herbs, 125 g, Tangy Anardana


  • Each serving of biotin with herbs gives you 10,000 mcg of natural biotin and essential herbs including sesbania, ginseng, amla etc.
  • All the herbs in it are beneficial for hair health and skin health. This supplement does not contain any added sugar, preservatives and dairy free, gluten free and no artificial flavours.

9.TrueBasics Omega Beauty for Hair Skin & Nails, 30 capsules, Unflavoured


  • Biotin capsules is used for hair loss, skin problems and brittle nails.
  • Helps to thicken hair and helps people suffering from nutrient deficiency to improve their unhealthy hair loss and dry, brittle hair.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
  • Supports brain development.

10.HealthKart Biotin (10000 mcg), 90 tablet(s), Unflavoured


  • HealthKart Biotin 1000 mcg is rich in vitamin B7 and can help you maintain your hair, nails, and skin.
  • These supplements are specially formulated to improve the body's biotin level.

Biotin Capsule For Men

There’s a common misconception that biotin supplements only offer benefits to women, which is not true; this nutrient is essential for men’s health, too. Biotin is widely touted as benefitting nail and hair health, but its overall benefit on general health might surprise you! Take a look at all the benefits of biotin for men. Uses & Benefits

  • Used for biotin deficiency
  • May help in male pattern baldness
  • May improve skin and nails health
  • Can improve blood sugar levels

Biotin Dosage For Men

For adult men above 19 years of age, the average daily recommended amount is 30 mcgs. Make sure to talk to your doctor about your individual daily needs.

Biotin Capsule for Women

Doctors often point out that dry and scaly skin, dryness in the eyes, too much hair loss or cracking on the sides of the mouth can be due to biotin deficiency. Though it is very rare to have biotin deficiency, women who are dealing with liver disease, eat too much processed food or are pregnant, then the chances of biotin deficiency can increase. So, it becomes vital to have a proper diet along with biotin supplementation. Uses & Benefits

  • Useful in biotin deficiency
  • Strengthen nails and hairs
  • Repair muscles and tissues
  • Promotes better thyroid function
  • Maintains heart health

Biotin Dosage For Women

  • Adults, 19 years and over — 30 mcg
  • Breastfeeding women — 35 mcg

Biotin Capsule for Kids

Kids can easily receive biotin from their daily food but in some cases pediatricians can prescribe biotin supplements. Let’s know the benefits, uses, and dosage of biotin for kids. Uses & Benefits of Biotin

  • Used in biotin deficiency
  • Helps in energy production
  • Support hair, skin and nails health
  • Helps in good brain function
  • Reduces inflammation

Biotin Dosage For Kids

  • Infants, birth- 6 months — 5 mcg
  • Infants, 7-12 months — 6 mcg
  • Children, 1-3 years — 8 mcg
  • Children, 4-8 years — 12 mcg
  • Teens, 14-18 years — 25 mcg

Note: Before taking biotin tablets for hair, skin or anything be sure to consult with your doctor. They can guide you on how to safely increase the dosage to get maximum benefits.

Biotin Tablets Side Effects & Precautions

Biotin tablets in India are safe to use only when consumed in the recommended amount. Overdosing on biotin capsules cause side effects such as digestive upset, skin rashes, issues with insulin release and kidney issues. Biotin tablets are considered safe for pregnant women, children, nursing mothers and people with medical conditions or who are taking medications. But still don’t take the biotin capsules or biotin tablets without consulting a certified physician as everybody is different and has different requirements.

How Biotin Supplements Work?

Biotin deficiency is usually identified by its symptoms that include thinning of the hair and red scaly rash around the eyes, mouth and nose. Nervous system symptoms include exhaustion, hallucinations, depression, and tingling of the arms and legs. Biotin is an essential component of enzymes present in the body which helps to break down certain substances like fats, carbs and others to provide energy for the body and helps in carrying normal body functions. You can see the difference in a week or in a month.

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