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Ankit was determined to get big

20/22 47kg > 75kg 12% > 13%

Ankit always used to be in awe of the body building professionals. Even though he always of athletic built but never felt he had enough strength. That’s when he decide to take the path of bodybuilding and added some impressive muscle mass.

Why you decided to Transform?

It all started in my early teen years. I used to look up to the larger-than-life individuals with awe and wish that I could be in their shoes. Growing up, I was naturally very slim and moderately athletic. But I was never the strong one, and strength was something I admired.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

In the earlier months of weightlifting, sticking to my routine was more difficult than I expected. I hadn't yet found the dedication I have today. My first course of action was to buy a large container of protein, one that would last for a couple of months or so. This would be my initial incentive to keep progressing. Afterward, I started to devise some personal short-term and long-term goals such as gaining a certain amount of weight or adding inches to my arms or legs. This new mind set, along with the physical results that I achieved, made it easy for me to stay on track. But honestly, staying motivated and dedicated has been extremely easy, and I'm lucky to be able to say that and my friends were the main support towards this.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday: Thigh/ Hamstring/ Calves

Cardio 15 minutes
Leg Extension 4 X 20
Barbell Squat 5 X 12
Leg press 4 X 15
Barbell walking lunge 3 X 20
Seated lug curl 5 X 10
Smith machine calf raises 4 X 12

Tuesday: Biceps/ Triceps/ Forearms

Alternate hammer curl 4 X 10
Reverse EZ bar curl 4 X 10
Narrow grip EZ bar curl 3 X 12
Close grip tricep pull down 3 X 12
Dumbell overhead press 3 X 12
Cable rope overhead tricep extension 3 X 12

Wednesday: Chest/ Shoulder/ traps

Inclined dumbell press 4 X 10
Dumbell bench press 4 X 10
Inclined cable fly 3 X 12
Barbell bench press 3 X 12
Standing dumbell press 4 X 10
Alternate dumbell raise 4 X 10
Side lateral 4 X 10
Reverse fly 4 X 10

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Back/ Abs

Wide grip pull up 4 X 12
Seated rowing 4 X 12
Straight arm pull down 4 X 12
Bent over dumbell row 4 X 12
Wide grip lat pulldown 4 X 12
Weighted hanging leg raise 4 X 12
Weighted decline crunch 4 X 12
Decline oblique crunch 4 X 12



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Suggestion for future transformers

Just start without thinking much, one day you get the results for sure. Keep the things right, train hard, keep your diet and nutrition right. It will take some time, but trust me this journey is worth it.
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