Infographics 1 MIN READ Nov 2, 2016

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Written By Saurabh Monga

Image Source: www.tudatosvasarlo.hhu

NonSeasonal Fruits and Vegetables 

If you keep on wondering how nonseasonal fruits and veggies look surprisingly fresh and healthy throughout the year then it’s time for some reality check. Nonseasonal fruits and veggies are genetically engineered and artificially ripened to make them look fresh like a seasonal produce. It is wise and healthy to stick to seasonal options only no matter whether you like them or not. 

Microwavable Popcorn

Munching on popcorns while watching your favorite movie sounds like a great appetizing late night snack idea, but is it healthy? The microwavable popcorn that we heavily rely upon is genetically modified corn kernels processed with salts and preservatives. They might taste good but they contain a high level of sodium. A chemical called diacetyl found in microwavable popcorn is harmful to your well-being. Not to forget the harmful butter and other artificial ingredients added to them to enhance their flavor. 

Packed Fruit Juices 

All sorts of packaged fruit juices are high in added sugar and preservatives, which are used extensively to enhance its taste and shelf life. They are no good for your health and pocket as well. So, instead of sipping on juice laced with sugar, focus on wholesome fresh fruits. Their goodness is incomparable to any other variant of fruit substitute. This way you will get not only the flavor of juice but also other natural nutrients present in them.

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