Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 17, 2015

Dushyan’t journey from lean to bulk

26/28 64kg > 78kg 18% > 12%

Dushyan’t visit to the gym made him an addict. His obsession with fitness became so powerful that he literally changed the way he looked in a matter of 2 years.

Why you decided to Transform?

I went to gym with a few friends with the aim to look macho but later I realized, it is easier said than done. I got hooked to weight training within a few months. It gave me self-confidence and a feeling of earning something by my own sheer hard work and not anything that can be bought by throwing money.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I think dedication is the key. By being dedicated day in, day out I saw tremendous improvements. Staying strict about my diet plans. Challenging myself in the gym and going heavy in every workout than previous one ensuring proper form and interacting with people who are as passionate about fitness as me.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Every body type seeks different workout routine. I believe in enjoying my workouts. No matter what any book, muscle bible or internet says, try different routines for 10-12 weeks each and decide which one suits your body type best. No one except you can judge this.

Monday: Chest/Triceps

Inclined bench press 3 X 12
Barbell inclined dumbell fly 3 X 12
Barbell bench press 3 X 12
Cable crossover 3 X 12
Parallel bar dips 3 X 12
Narrow grip tricep 3 X 12
Machine tricpe extension 3 X 12
Close grip bench press 3 X 12
Tricep extension 3 X 12

Tuesday: Shoulder/Calves

Alternate dumbell press 3 X 12
Seated military press 3 X 12
Behind the neck press 3 X 12
Bent over lateral raise 3 X 12
Barbell front raise 3 X 12
Standing weight calf raise 3 X 12
Seated calf raise 3 X 12
Single leg calf raise 3 X 12
Sitting calf raise 3 X 12

Wednesday: Back/Biceps

Wide grip chin ups 3 X 12
Lat pull down 3 X 12
Seated rowing 3 X 12
Inclined dumbell pullover 3 X 12
Chin ups 3 X 12
Preacher curl 3 X 12
Dumbell curl 3 X 12
Single arm concentration 3 X 12

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Legs

Dumbell squats 3 X 12
Leg extension 3 X 12
Leg press 3 X 12
Leg  curl 3 X 12
Seated leg raise 3 X 12
Sitting calf raise 3 X 12
Seated barbell calf raise 3 X 12

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest



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Suggestion for future transformers

Dedication is the key. Slow growth is still growth.
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