Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 17, 2015

Manish wanted his friends to look upto him

28/30 89kg > 75kg 19% > 11%

Manish’s journey began when some his friends made fun of him. He decided that he would change the way people look at him. A couple of years later, people followed him.

Why you decided to Transform?

2012 new years; there was a party at my house where all my friends and family were present. Suddenly they started discussing fitness and I was made fun of. Everybody started commenting on how I had piled on weight within a matter of 6 months. While it was fun for them but I felt so hurt but I could not really share this emotion with anyone. So at that time I decided to transform myself. Today it is 2015. Now they follow me.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I became passionate towards fitness. I needed to transform myself at any cost so compromised with my junk food and start eating fat free high protein diet. This was the biggest change in my lifestyle.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

It’s been two years now and I have enough knowledge so I make my own workout plan and I change it every 6th week. Every morning my day starts with 45 minutes cross trainer workout and in evening I go to gym for 60-75 minutes purely for muscle building.

Monday: Back and Biceps

Warm up chin ups 3 X 15
Lat pull down 4 X 15
Seated rows 4 X 15
Bent row 4 X 15
Barbell curl 4 X 15
Dumbell curl 4 X 15
Preacher curl 4 X 15
Wrist Curl 4 X 15

Tuesday: Shoulder/ Legs

Squats 4 X 15
Half squats 4 X 15
Leg Press 4 X 15
Leg Extension 4 X 15
Seated military press 3 X 15
Dumbell press 3 X 15
Arnold raise 3 X 15
Shrugs 3 X 15

Wednesday:Chest/ Triceps

Flat bench press 4 X 15
Inclined bench press 3 X 15
Dumbell fly 3 X 15
Cable cross 3 X 15
EZ bar triceps 3 X 15
Triceps pull down 3 X 15
Dumbell kick back 3 X 15
Dumbel tricep extension 3 X 15

Thursday: Repeat of Monday

Friday: Repeat of Tuesday

Saturday: Repeat of Wednesday


First couple of months I had not taken any of the supplements as I did not have any knowledge, but then I consulted one of my friends who suggested me basic supplements. I started taking whey protein and glutamine only. After about a year I upgraded my stack. A year back I was taking below mention stack. Hydro whey protein Assault pre workout Glutamine Carnatine & CLA

Suggestion for future transformers

“Health is Wealth”, People should be concerned about their fitness and if they don’t then they might face consequences. Fitness is not about showing off muscles to people, it’s about getting disciplined, about increasing your confidence level. It changes the way you think.
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