Transformation 3 MIN READ Jun 1, 2016

My 66 Kg Weight Loss Journey

25/26 166kg > 100kg 25% > 20%
No Supplements except Whey Protein after 6 months of working out

This is a tale of my natural weight loss journey from 166 Kilos to 100 Kilos in a span of an year. No drugs/surgeries/therapies/powders/fat burners were used throughout the journey.

Why you decided to Transform?

I think its a phase in everyone's life (especially people extremely obese). Some choose to accept their situation and give up and some like me are willing to go to any extremes to achieve their goal. I was sick and tired being fat. Wherever I went, people would be staring at me, laughing at me, talking about how fat I am and some people would in fact come to me and give me advises and warnings telling I am very fat and that I would die young if I continue. Going out was a big problem considering the huge physique I had. Going to movies was a nightmare, sitting in tiny chairs was a torture and plastic chairs, the devil of all chairs, I think i have broken at least 1 or 2 chairs (because of my weight). In short, I hated myself. I didn't have a lot of friends, no one to hang out with and feeling alone all the time. I used to drink and smoke like there was no tomorrow mainly because I used to get attention from people and I used to think drinking that much and getting peoples attention made me cool. Then came a day when I realized how pathetic I was. I kept torturing myself mentally that I was good for nothing and that my very existence didn't matter to anybody nor would anybody miss me if I disappeared. I basically hit the biggest low of my life which was triggered by a woman. I mean growing up being obese, being friend zoned (actually, I was the King of Friend Zone) and getting rejected was a common occurrence and not a big deal but there was something this person said that made me rethink. I heard many excuses ranging from the usual friend zone excuses, not ready etc but this person had the audacity to tell me "Look at you and look at me" on my face and this was the icing which I needed. I was devastated after hearing this and I literally cried. I cried not because she rejected me but because I was FAT and I was not doing anything to fix it. I tried time and again to loose weight but always slipped, I had literally given up at that point and considered this was me for the rest of my life. I had sleepless nights for 3 days and the 3rd day I decided I am through making myself shitty and helpless. I stayed up till 7AM, joined a gym immediately on the Feb 16th (I know the dates a cliche but its not connected) and never looked back nor stopped after that. Initially it was about proving this girl wrong. I had told myself I would tell the same line to her without realizing how addicted I was getting addicted to the lifestyle. I started seeing results week after week. I quit drinking, I quit smoking, stopped wasting my time and literally brainwashed myself listening to 'N' number of motivational videos on youtube. I lost 55 kilos within a span of 5 months and the responses I got from people was the best feeling ever. Before any function or party I attended, I used to go and search for people to hang out with but now, people wanted to be with me. People started treating me like a celebrity and that respect was my addiction. The only time I looked back was to see how far I had come from my worst case. Today, it has been almost 16 months and I am still addicted to this high. Eating clean and working my butt off in the gym has become the most important thing. I followed a general bodybuilding routine but changed my reps and sets for each workout.

What challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge was staying on track with my diet. I used to and still love chocolates, pastries and all the junks. Keeping my mind disciplined from not eating them was the biggest challenge. Attending several birthday parties and functions and refraining from all the temptations was the biggest and still is the biggest challenge.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I looked back at those 3 sleepless and weepy nights and just asked myself if this craving was bigger then those 3 nights and the decision was simple. I did cheat and eat sometimes but it was occasionally (once in 3 months for special occasions like family functions or birthdays)

Suggestion for future transformers

Guys, everything happens slowly. Starting is not at all tough, continuing is the toughest. Take one day at a time. Set only achievable goals rather then illogical goals. Take one day at a time. Results are never ever over night. Give yourself a minimum time frame of 6 months to notice changes and then you will just get hooked. We are all on the same ship, makes sense to help each other and come up together rather then throwing other overboard.
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